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Quantum Doubt - HBL
"Beloved?" Katia called out as she knocked on Jake's door.
"Come in!" he called back.
Katia entered to find Jake and Yuta playing video games. Yuta was in her underwear and blatantly hypnotized. Katia wasn't really sure if she wasn't angry because there was clearly nothing funny going on, or if it was because she expected something like this and had just accepted it.
"What's up?" Jake asked without looking up from his game.
"I thought you only used your power to punish... Wait, is this related to why I have no recollection of the last ten minutes?"
That gave Jake, and his game, pause. "I was hoping you wouldn't notice and just live in ignorance."
"Then, the toaster was abusing her power first?"
"She said the two of you were arguing about something and she snapped at you with her powers."
"We were? Hmm... Ah, yes, I remember now. We were debating which of our two daughters you would produce in our timeline."
"Arilyn and Seven, huh?"
"Yes, I... I was thinking about Arilyn today." Katia m
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HypnoBishoujoLand: Year 2 by VG-MC HypnoBishoujoLand: Year 2 :iconvg-mc:VG-MC 6 2
Video Game Mind Control
Ever wonder where my original username came from? My old YouTube channel, where I was posting video clips of hypnosis, mind control, corruption and possession in games and game-based media. This is an updated version with an improved layout and the fanart separated to allow this document to be stored in my Gallery.
This does not include body control. The focus is on femsub as I hate malesub, but I'll put some up if I happen to have the clips and include it in the list at the bottom.If you know any more of these, please let me know.
Please beware of spoilers. Please refrain from commenting brand new instances until at least a few months after release.
Alan Wake
Alan Wake
Rose Marigold is controlled by the Dark Presence to lure Alan to her home and drug him. - English - ItalianAlan is later revealed t
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 39 21
All My Stories
Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive Hypno Story 11: Lei Fang's Fun Time by VG-MCDead or Alive Hypno Story 12: ''Sexy Feet'' by VG-MCDead or Alive Hypno Story 13: Alpha's Revenge by VG-MCDead or Alive Hypno Story 14: Serving The Mistress by VG-MCDead or Alive Hypno Story 15: Dreams Come True by VG-MCDead or Alive Hypno Story 17: The Coming Storm by VG-MCDead or Alive Hypno Story 18: Liberation by VG-MCDead or Alive Hypno Story 19: Epilogue by VG-MC
DeviantArt Heroines
Amazon Arrow: The Woman of Wonder by VG-MCCouples Therapy by VG-MCToothache by VG-MCSuper Heroine Game Night by VG-MCMemetic Onpyh by VG-MCThe Girl of Uber by VG-MCAmazon Arrowverse: ''Invasion'' Promo by VG-MCThe Gift Exchange by VG-MC
Dynasty Warriors
Dancing Dynasty - 01 - Noble Woman of the Yuans by VG-MCDancing Dynasty - 02 - The Poet's Distress by VG-MCDancing Dynasty - 03 - Captives in Body and Mind by VG-MC
Final Fantasy
FFVII: No More Stealing by VG-MCFFVII + FFX: Roster Slot Thief by VG-MCFFXIII: Vanille's Discovery by VG-MCFFXIII: Double The Fun by VG-MCFFXIII: Vanille's Discovery Alternate Ending by VG-MC
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 29 5
Super Hero Mind Control
DC Comics
Arrowverse (Arrow, Constantine, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl)

Constantine S1E1: Non Est Asylum - A woman is possessed by Constantine's dead friend, Jasper, to warn him that the latter's daughter is in danger.
Arrow S3E9: The Climb - Malcolm is revealed to have used Votura to place Thea under mind control to murder Sara.
Flash S1E21: Grodd Lives - Gorilla Grodd uses his telepathic powers to control General Wade Eiling like a puppet. He remains under Grodd's control until Flash forces Grodd to retreat.
Arrow S4E7: Brotherhood - H.I.V.E. is revealed to be using a special pill to ensure compliance in its recruits, including Andy Diggle.
Flash S2E7: Gorilla Warfare - Grodd controls a scientist to steal chemicals before murdering him. He later controls Caitlin Snow to punch Cisco and come to his lair to help him create more super gorillas. When she tries to run, he uses his power to immobilise her until
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 28 12
What Goes Unseen by AAGGRESSS
Jake stretched his arms and mused about the cheesy effects of the movies, before turning to see all the girls standing in the entryway in their pajamas. He looked puzzled for a second before asking, “Did I miss anything important?” causing the girls to all fall flat on their faces.

The scene played back on a floating orb, glowing with magic as it relayed the images. Sitting and watching it, a young woman looked on unphased as the images reflected in her eyes.
“Play it again,” she spoke in a cold voice.
“As you wish,” came another voice behind her. Stepping out into the room's blue light was the tall man who had given Dawn her new-found powers. Waving his hand over the orb, it began to play back the events for the fourth time. The orb was capable of showing what he had seen, as well as what his minions had seen. As he observed the woman watching the events through the succubus' eyes, he noticed she was practically transfixed on the final scene
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Darkest Before the... Sarah? by AAGGRESSS
Dawn crept into the last untouched bedroom, that of Fawn. With her powers strained right now, Dawn would have to take a different approach to capture the idol singer. Luckily for her, Fawn had fallen asleep listening to a sample CD of her own latest album. Dawn chuckled to herself quietly, thinking how self-indulgent the hypnotic singer would look if Jake ever found out.
The thought of Fawn’s hypnotic voice gave Dawn an idea. She held a hand over the CD player, being careful not to make any noise that might wake Fawn, and with a small flex of her new power, cast a demonic hex on the CD contained within. The player’s usual lights changed from their usual greenish yellow to a hellish blood-red, as the song it played softly to Fawn’s sleeping form became more sultry and dark. Dawn’s demon magic had turned the CD into a self hypnosis CD, slowly feeding thoughts of obedience and devotion to her soon-to-be slave.
… … … …
In her dreams, Fawn had
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 6 0
A Fairly Twisted Tale by AAGGRESSS
Katia was a princess, the most beautiful in the land. It was no surprise when a noble prince was offered her hand. The gorgeous elf girl was beloved by all. ‘Twas love at first sight when she met Prince Jake at the royal ball, but a story is not a story without a tragic conflict; in the dead of night, from her room she was plucked. The dread dragon Yuta stole her away, determined to take the prince for her own. But in her heart, Katia knew that soon would be the day that Prince Jake, to her rescue would come.
As Katia sat weeping in her cell, deep in the dragons cave, her beautiful elven ears picked up a sound most peculiar; the sound of fluttering wings and crackling fire, but not the dread wings of the dragon returning.
Suddenly, and to Katia’s surprise, what appeared to be a multicolored orb flew in through one of the high, barred windows and hovered into the center of the room, glowing and pulsing with color. Katia was fascinated by it, like a beautiful, almost hypnotic
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 14 12
Dance of the Demon by AAGGRESSS
Jessica panicked. She wrestled with the controls of her mecha, the Lucky Lady, but nothing responded. It was only seconds ago that the mecha was fully operational, then it suddenly went on its own way, as if it had developed a mind of its own. Jessica was scared; she had become so comfortable in the giant machine that it was like a part of her. Losing control like this felt like being a prisoner in her own body. Like a runaway train, the mecha charged through the streets, moving faster and faster as it began to exceed its stress limitations. Jessica could see on the display that a cliff was coming up. She battered the controls, trying to make the machine obey her, but to no avail. The mecha reached the edge of the cliff and just kept running; Jessica could see the water rushing at her…
Jessica fell out of her bed with a dull crash. She didn’t look much like a dignified soldier, her pajamas soaked with sweat and her sheets wrapped around her, not that she felt very dignified
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 7 0
The Dream Thief by AAGGRESSS
A shadow passed along Yutas bed as she lay asleep, causing her to stir. The living android opened one eye to see her housemate, Dawn standing over her. Dawn was outlined by the moon, none of her features visible aside from her red eyes, giving off a red, flaming aura, and her massive, sharp toothed, predatory grin. As Yuta looked up and down, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, she noticed just out of the corner of her eyes that Dawns clothing began to transform, wisping away as black smoke and leaving the Demon girl in a much more revealing black Lingerie, making her look closer to a dominatrix. Something about the demon girl was unnaturally alluring this night, not that poor, oblivious Yuta would notice.
Ever cheerful to the point of naivety, Yuta was excited to see the demon girl in her room. Yuta propped herself up one arm and smiled back at the predatory demon and said with a cheerful tone “Hi Dawn, What are you doing here? Do you want to play?”
Dawns gaze never broke
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 10 0
The Demon and the Maiden by AAGGRESSS
It was past midnight when Dawn arrived at the Mato house. She crept inside, hoping to catch someone by surprise for a prank.
Once inside, she appraised the state of her housemates. Most of the other girls were still in bed, and the professor was no-doubt in his lab. Jake was still glued to the TV, watching a week long marathon of all matter of horror movies. Apparently the nudity and gore of slasher films appealed to his fragile teenage mind.
As Dawn quietly climbed the stairs, she came face to face with The only other girl in the house who was up at the time, Lucia. The ever innocent angel had just finished with a bath and was heading back to her room warring only a towel. It was at this point that Dawn began to realize the extent of these alien feelings she had been having. Her powers seemed to flare up, as if commanding her from within, guiding her on what to do. Strange thoughts filled her head, thoughts that were strangest, perhaps because they were not completely unknown.
Dawn su
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 7 0
Devil's Dream by AAGGRESSS
Early afternoon drifted over the city, the sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky. Lying atop a building's roof was a familiar figure of Dawn, a demon girl and resident of the Mato house, epicenter of much of the cities craziness.
Dawn reclined on the top of a building, bored out of her skull. Dawn had considered causing some mischief around the house, but Jakes attention had been caught by a TV marathon, and Sarah was out on an errand. Without the 2 to stop her fun she decided to hit the town, but quickly lost interest in crime without Sarah to play with. she had nothing to do but buzz around town and hope to find a cute girl to drain in privet. Dawn let out a sigh and began to doze off in the afternoon sun, hoping that something interesting would happen around nightfall.
Suddenly, Dawn was stirred by the noise of footsteps approaching behind her. She sprang up, spinning around into a defensive pose, ready to fight the newcomer, only to find standing before her was a thin man dre
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 2 0
Mezmerland by AAGGRESSS
It was a day like any other around the Mato house...with the exception of a distinct lack of explosians.
Jake had just woken up at the crack of noon, obviously enjoying the newfound freedom his break from school granted him, but all at once, her realised something was amiss. Noone had barged in and desturbed him, and the PProfessors experiments had not wrecked havoc, for anyone else, this would be a great relief, but it just filled Jake with dread.
Jake: O great. What are they up to now?
Without a second thought, Jake slipped huridly into his day cloths and dashed downstairs, there, he saw the entire female population of the house, sitting (or floating in Dawns case) infront of the T.V. as it spouted a strange add.
T.V.: ...Come on down to Mezmerland, where your fantasys come true!
Like a chorus of zombies, the girls said in unisen "Mezmerland, where your fantasys come true..." Then, all at once, they got up and walked out the door, moving like zombies. Jake took a long look at the T.V
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 5 0
The Gift Exchange
This story takes place during We Wish you a Merry Wispmas.

December 20XX
Jessica Winchester was incredibly nervous. She was, perhaps, more nervous than she'd ever been. And that was saying something, considering she fought supervillains regularly. Really, though, she shouldn't be this nervous right now. All she was doing was giving a holiday gift to her friend and idol, Svetta Kistrun, A.K.A. Ubergirl.
"Yeah," she said to herself for reassurance. "It's jsut a gift. Just a gift. Just a... Oh, my..." She was getting strangely flustered and even a little light-headed. Was it because this was a gift for her idol, because it was the firt such gift she was giving to her new friend, or because she had only recently learned that Svetta was Jewish, leaving he
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 6 5
Amazon Arrowverse: ''Invasion'' Promo

Watch the above video before reading

Rush (Lily Lyon): Hey, Ubergirl!
Ubergirl turns towards Rush.
Rush: Let's finally see who's faster!
The two race off.
Voice Over: Tomorrow... The superhero crossover event heats up!
Pyrrah fires an arrow as Golden Phoenix launches fire and Chryses throws his shield.
Alpha-Hydrans loom over a prone Rush.
Arrows fly from Amazon Arrow (Chryseis)'s bow and explode.
More Alpha-Hydrans run past Rush.
Chryseis: (Holding a blurry photo) "We're going up against a bunch of aliens."
Close-up on an Alpha-Hydran standing above the heroes. It fires a disintegrating laser at the president.
Ubergirl hovers over the others, burning her logo into the ground with an alien laser weapon.
An Alpha Hydran activates a device that emits a strange red energy.
Amazon Arrow carries Rush out of an exploding corridor.
Chryseis and Lily are in Denise's apartment with Denise and Aella.
Denise: (Somewhat con
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 10 36
The Girl of Uber
"You wanted to see me, Alicia?" Svetta asked as she entered the officer of her leash, Alicia Masters, in full costume.
"Hi, Svetta," the other woman replied, smiling. "Please, have a seat."
Svetta did so and Alicia continued. "I've been asked to inform you about an exciting new acquisition Onpyh Corp has amde this morning."
"Yep. We just bought Uber!" she exclaimed excitedly. "Isn't that great?" she asked after a brief pause to make Svetta reply.
"Uh, yeah. Awesome."
"Oh, right, the jokes. Sorry."
"It's fine as long as they don't expect me to ferry people around or anything."
"Eheh, yeah... about that..."
* * *
"I hate her sometimes," Svetta grumbled as she came to a landing across town.
It turned out that, yes, she was expected to fly people around town, but only for the first week acquisition celebration for those who paid the premium rate. Svetta would have refused, were she able to disobey Alicia.
"Hello!?" she called out. "I'm looking for a Mister... Jim?"
"Over here,
:iconvg-mc:VG-MC 17 12


Jasmines Hypnotized Foot Slave - Ariel by dirtydisneykink
Mature content
Jasmines Hypnotized Foot Slave - Ariel :icondirtydisneykink:dirtydisneykink 49 4
Grunt Work by scamwich Grunt Work :iconscamwich:scamwich 512 13 How I Met (Jason's) Mother ft. Snow Daze's Noelle by StepfordCrimson
Mature content
How I Met (Jason's) Mother ft. Snow Daze's Noelle :iconstepfordcrimson:StepfordCrimson 77 2
Milk Maid Modeling Mother ft. Snow Daze's Noelle by StepfordCrimson
Mature content
Milk Maid Modeling Mother ft. Snow Daze's Noelle :iconstepfordcrimson:StepfordCrimson 112 8
Hypnotized Rouge (Ver. 1) by BellyHypno27 Hypnotized Rouge (Ver. 1) :iconbellyhypno27:BellyHypno27 33 23 B/W Mom feet by gp-gal B/W Mom feet :icongp-gal:gp-gal 36 6 KimOHNO by LakeHylia
Mature content
KimOHNO :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 434 2
Empowered 2 by lostonezero Empowered 2 :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 315 14 Supergirl in distress variant 3 by lostonezero Supergirl in distress variant 3 :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 218 14 officer jenny  Commission by Zentagas-red-king
Mature content
officer jenny Commission :iconzentagas-red-king:Zentagas-red-king 235 23
Valentine's Day by scamwich Valentine's Day :iconscamwich:scamwich 658 38 Stinky Spells for Milfs (Commission) by LazzyLad
Mature content
Stinky Spells for Milfs (Commission) :iconlazzylad:LazzyLad 318 21
old Commission By Vg Mc by LAventanadelchivo old Commission By Vg Mc :iconlaventanadelchivo:LAventanadelchivo 9 10 Experiment 23: Control Helmet by brothersdude Experiment 23: Control Helmet :iconbrothersdude:brothersdude 30 7 AT Siti Catgirl Hypnotized by sav8197 AT Siti Catgirl Hypnotized :iconsav8197:sav8197 48 9 Stare into the Light by AlucardsSpirit Stare into the Light :iconalucardsspirit:AlucardsSpirit 197 25
I'm sure many of you are aware of the recent drama on dA over reported artwork and stories. I won't name names, but I will say that nobody involved has handled this in a way I could consider acceptable. The person doing the reporting, naturally, has been causing problems and a few of us are trying to help them through their issues calmly.

The response by the so-called "victims" has also been unacceptable. Calling the person out publicly and getting their fans and friends to abuse them is disgusting and reductive. You have to either go through official channels to have the offender disciplined, or you can try to seek a peaceful resolution. Escalating the situation will not help anyone. If you have posted journals encouraging abuse, I urge you to redact them. Spite is a powerful motivator and further demonising a person can incite them to dig in their heels and double down on their decisions.

I understand you're angry, and rightfully so, but please lay off this person so we can help them get better to prevent this from happening again. I encourage you to show this to the people involved and spread the word to help us resolve this peacefully. Thank you.


"Beloved?" Katia called out as she knocked on Jake's door.

"Come in!" he called back.

Katia entered to find Jake and Yuta playing video games. Yuta was in her underwear and blatantly hypnotized. Katia wasn't really sure if she wasn't angry because there was clearly nothing funny going on, or if it was because she expected something like this and had just accepted it.

"What's up?" Jake asked without looking up from his game.

"I thought you only used your power to punish... Wait, is this related to why I have no recollection of the last ten minutes?"

That gave Jake, and his game, pause. "I was hoping you wouldn't notice and just live in ignorance."

"Then, the toaster was abusing her power first?"

"She said the two of you were arguing about something and she snapped at you with her powers."

"We were? Hmm... Ah, yes, I remember now. We were debating which of our two daughters you would produce in our timeline."

"Arilyn and Seven, huh?"

"Yes, I... I was thinking about Arilyn today." Katia moved around Jake and sat down beside him, trembling a little. "Even aside from her being a living representation of our love winning out in the end... I love her so much, Beloved. I... I want her to exist. I have no desire to deprive the other girls of their own existence, but she is our daughter! I..."

Jake placed an arm around Katia's shoulder and puled her in close. She looked up at him, a grateful surprise reflected in her teary eyes. "Katia, I don't know how all those quantum mechanics work, exactly. But no matter what, Arilyn will always exist, even if this version of us doesn't have her."

"How did it feel for you, Beloved? To learn you potentially had a daughter with me?"

"I was... well, it was weird. Honestly, I'd never actually considered us working out back then."

"I... I see..."

"I mean, back then, you were super pushy and it was really off-putting."


"But seeing you with Arilyn, seeing you be a mother to this girl... I guess I saw your potential for self-improvement. It's kinda funny, I guess; Arilyn showing up helped inspire the feelings that could lead to her existence in the first-"

Jake was cut off by Katia kissing him on the lips. After a brief moment of shock, he placed his other arm around her and pulled her closer. They kissed for a solid minute before Katia gently pulled back and averted her gaze.

"I... I apologise, Beloved. That was too... forward of me, considering-" It was Jake's turn to interrupt, placing a finger on her lips.

"No, Katia. I understand. You've been in love with me since the beginning. While it took me a lot longer, I have to admit that since you started to mature, there's definitely something there."

Katia looked up into his eyes, her own wide with shock. "You mean you..."

"I have some feelings for you, Katia, yes. No more than for the other girls, just to be clear. But, it's there. I don't know how our timeline's going to turn out, but I think if you and I ended up together... I could be happy with that."

Katia hugged Jake tightly, crying tears of joy onto his shoulder.

"I love you, Beloved."

"I love you too, Katia."
Quantum Doubt - HBL
Believe it or not, this was conceived as an excuse to reveal my names for the daughters of the girls who never got them originally, but it really seemed out-of-place with the emotion of this scene, so look out for that idea in a separate short coming soon (hopefully).


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