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A few months ago, I decided to ban my work from being posted on HypnoHub due to them getting criticised on the grounds of being done in Gmod and XNA, rather than for the actual quality of the images (I think it was mainly on HH's precursor, Hypno Booru). I'm considerring lifting that ban to see how it goes. What do you guys think?

Edit: Oh, wait, they accept pedophilia, don't they? Never mind, I'm not associating myself with them.


Jessica stormed into the living room, where Dawn sat watching TV alone with her bare feet up on the coffee table. Jessica stood between Dawn and the TV to make sure she had the succubus' full attention.

"Can I help you?" Dawn asked in an irritatingly nonchalant manner.

"For starters, you can tell me what you did to Sarah," the solider replied angrily.

"What?" Dawn responded stubbornly innocently.

Jessica simply pointed over Dawn's head to the entrance hall. Dawn looked back over the couch to see Sarah blatantly hypnotized and shirtless, dancing with her uniform shirt. "Sorry, Jake, but I am married to my job," she droned blissfully before planting a succession of kisses on the collar.

"Oh, come on, that could be anyone!" Dawn exclaimed, throwing her arms up in obviously fake frustration. "The slightest hypnotic activity goes on in this house and you immediately blame me instead of Yuta, Katia, Fawn or Midori, all of whom have some hypnotic capacity and are madly in love with Jake."


"That's low. Besides, you have no proof I was involved, so clear off."

Jessica responded by taking her silver pocket watch out of her breast pocket and letting it dangle.

"Oh, this I've got to see," said Dawn with a smug smirk. "Okay, soldier girl. Make me your slave. Just try not to make yourself my slave first."

Jessica suppressed her rage, now understanding exactly what Sarah and Dawn's relationship had been at the peak of their rivalry. She retained control of herself and set the watch swinging in a perfect arc.

"Just follow the watch as it swings in a perfect arc," she urged and Dawn did so, though to mock her rather than to comply. "Just follow the watch's movements as it swings back and forth, back and forth."

Jessica observed Dawn waving her pale feet from side-to-side, no doubt trying to mock her further. Or possibly hypnotize Jessica herself. Jess steeled her resolve and returned to looking at Dawn's face.

"Stop focusing on mocking me and instead focus on following that oh-so-shiny pocket watch's perfect, soothing arc as it glides back and forth before you. Observe how it shines with every swing and you feel more and more relaxed."

Dawn's entire body, from her head to her toes, visibly relaxed, though her face displayed no indication of tiredness.

"Veeeery good. Now, when I snap my fingers, you will relax completely and fall into a deep sleep."

Dawn simply smirked in anticipation, no doubt expecting Jessica's finger snap to put herself under. Well, Jess would show her.

"One. Two. Three." Jessica snapped her fingers and remained unaffected by her own hypnosis. Unfortunately, so did Dawn, who seemed to have gotten bored with the display. Neither her expression nor her body language indicated she even cared to mock her further.

"Well, that was a complete waste of time," Dawn said, stretching. "You didn't even put yourself under to be entertaining. I'm so bored, I can't even be bothered hypnotizing you myself. Later, loser."

Jessica moved to block Dawn's exit, but as soon as Dawn stood up, she fell flat on her face. For a second, Jessica thought Dawn might have simply had a delayed reaction to the hypnosis, but she was still conscious and more than a little miffed.

"What the hell?" she cried out in frustration.

"What is it?" Jessica asked, slightly concerned that something might be seriously wrong with Dawn.

"My damn feet are asleep!"

"Your... what?" Jessica looked down at the watch in her hand and had to wonder... "When I snap my fingers, you will wiggle." Jessica snapped her fingers and, as she hoped, Dawn's toes began wiggling uncontrollably.

"What? Hey! No! Stop it!"

"And now, you're incredibly ticklish."

Dawn gasped in genuine shock. "You wouldn't..."

Jessica smirked as smugly as Dawn had.

* * *

"And then confessed?" asked Fawn as she rubbed Jessica's smooth arches.

"Yep," Jessica chirped happily. "She'd had a fight with Sarah over something to do with their sisters, I dunno. It's a secret though. But apparently, Dawn's already really ticklish on her feet as is."

"I'll, uh... keep that in mind," Fawn replied with a sweatdrop. "Hey, Jess? Thanks for keeping my secret. I'd die of embarrassment if anyone else knew."

Jessica raised her foot and poked Fawn in the forehead before lowering it again. "Hey, we're friends, right? And it's not like I don't get anything out of it." The two friends smiled at one another. "By the way, what's your preference? Big, small, soft, tough? I know Eve's."

"Mine... I dunno. I can't really explain. It's like... friendly... I guess?"

"Friendly feet?"

"Yeah. I guess it relates to how I feel about the person as well. Like how you and I are such good friends, so I love yours."

"Nice to feel appreciated. Could you do a little more on the heel before I go?"

Fawn smiled warmly and nodded. As she rubbed Jessica's heel, Fawn sang a quiet, soothing melody, her hot breath tickling Jessica's feet in just the right way.

Jessica's feet are so big and so pretty,
So I composed for them this nice little ditty.
She's such a good friend, when she hears her door knock,
She lets me inside and then takes off her socks.
She's good in a fight, a gal no one can beat,
But no one would guess she has such pretty feet.
Of girls I can trust, she's top of my list,
When they're on display, I just can't resist.
I know that today, Dawn has been a real pest,
So leave it to me and I'll help your feet rest.
Fawn's here to help, she's always got your back,
You just lie back and let your self relax.

Jessica almost dozed off from the singing, but Fawn lightly shook her to keep that from happening. Once she was fully awake, she thanked Fawn and stood to leave... before immediately falling flat on her face.

"My feet are literally at your command," she sighed.
Pins and Needles - HBL
I had two scene ideas here and decided to use both. I'm also going to borrow The4thSnake's hastag #BlameGH for the idea of Sarah being "married to her job".
This story is set towards the end of Toeing The Line. Be sure to read that story first.

Eve was currently staying in a spare room at the Mato Mansion as a live-in maid to make up for surrendering to her desires and enslaving the female residents of the house. Being surrounded by so many beautiful girls, all of whom she had seen barefoot, was surprisingly stressful as she was trying to suppress her feelings so she could make up for what she had done. The guilt still weighed heavily on her while she was awake.

Even so, she slept peacefully in her bed, dreaming blissfully of attending a concert of her new friend Fawn, better known as the popstar Siren. Fawn held out a hand to Eve, who took it and found herself pulled up onstage, where she finally noticed that Fawn was barefoot with a lovely dark purple colour on her nails. Eve dropped to her knees to be closer to Fawn's feet, only for thick leather boots to form around them. Eve looked up at Fawn, who smirked in a 'You know what you have to do' fashion.

In the real world, Eve sat up in bed, the frustration building and filling her soul. Her arms rose up before her as she lifelessly swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, eyes remaining tightly shut. She began her unconscious march down the hall towards her destination.

She slowly and quietly opened the door to Fawn's room, where the gorgeous popstar was sleeping peacefully. After closing the door behind her, Eve marched to the foot of Fawn's bed. Awaiting her were Fawn's beautiful feet poking candidly from beneath the covers.

Eve reached out and pulled back the cover to fully expose Fawn's sleeping feet. Although she couldn't see them due to her eyes being closed, Eve never forgot a pair of beautiful feet and Fawn's were among the best. They lacked the raw dominance of Jessica's size tens or the petite cuteness of Mina's size sixes, but something about Fawn's
size 8½s simply entranced Eve, whether waking or sleeping.

She gently took the right foot in her hands and slowly began massaging it. Fawn fidgeted under the covers, already feeling the bliss of Eve's ability, despite not being consciously aware of it. Eve pressed firmly on Fawn's pressure points, her subconscious mind having already registered where they were from their first and second meetings. After fully relaxing the right foot, Eve moved on to the left.

Once Fawn's feet were fully relaxed and a dopey, sleepy smile had spread across her features, Eve took up the right foot once more and began kissing it. Fawn giggled from how simultaneously ticklish and sensual the affair was. Eve kissed from ball to heel and back again, kissing each toe and finally popping the big toe into her mouth.

Fawn's left foot then found its way onto the side of Eve's face, covering her nose and making her inhale the smell. Eve's presence had made all the girls in the house much more self-conscious about their feet, prompting much more vigorous cleaning and pedicures. Not to say they had ever been a problem before, but now, all the girls had perfect feet, especially Fawn, whose feet smelled of lavender.

Eve's tongue trailed from the right to the left, licking up and down the sole and eliciting giggles from the popstar. The right foot began rubbing Eve's cheek in a circular motion, which the sleepwalking girl's mind found strangely soothing.

Both feet gripped Eve's cheeks and gently pulled her closer, guiding her up onto Fawn's bed before releasing her. On instinct, Eve returned to Fawn's feet once they were back to resting on the bed. She lay beside Fawn, adoringly worshiping her idol's beautiful feet while her own brown soles rested near Fawn's face.

Fawn didn't mind though as the worship felt amazing. She had been woken by Eve sucking her toe, but she had allowed it to continue as she found the event both amusing and pleasurable.

As she lay in the dark, her new friend adoringly sucking her toes, Fawn couldn't help but notice Eve's own feet resting nearby. As Eve's toes flexed and curled from the pleasure, Fawn found herself mesmerised by those ebony toes. She had been having a strange feeling since Eve had started her brief stay in the Mato House, often glancing at other girls' feet when she had an opportunity. She hadn't been fully sure why until now.

Much like the others, Eve had been taking very good care of her own feet, which Fawn couldn't help but admire. She poked Eve's sole. And again. Then she took it in her hands. It felt so soft. Unable to help herself, Fawn kissed it. And again. And again. Before she knew it, she was uncontrollably kissing all up and down Eve's sole.

This confirmed it. Fawn had indeed developed a foot fetish of her own. Perhaps she'd always had it and simply not realised until she met Eve. Either way, she was thankful to her new friend for helping her realise it. By now, Eve was starting to stir as well. Even in the low light, Fawn could still make out the look of realisation and blush on Eve's face as she came to properly. She gave Eve's sole a little kiss to get her attention before winking at her and continuing.

Eve let out an adorable little squeak as she pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Once she knew for sure she was awake, she was again drawn to Fawn's wiggling toes and gave in to those perfect feet. She would have to ask Fawn later about why she was worshiping Eve's feet, but for now, both women were happy to be able to enjoy being worshiped and to make someone else feel as good, all without hypnosis or coercion. Just two women doing what they enjoyed and sharing it with one another.
The Feetwalker - HBL
Another short. I'm on a roll. Not many HBL stories have absolutely no hypnosis whatsoever.
"No, Big Brother is mine!"

"He is mine!"

"Mato-kun is my betrothed!"

"You guys need to stop and let Jake decide!"

This was a typical conversation when Yuta, Katia, Midori and Fawn were left in a room together.

"That's enough!" Sarah shouted as she entered the room to break up the argument. "And before any of you say it, I don't give a damn who started it or who's in the wrong! I'm ending it now!" Despite the volume with which Sarah made this proclamation, the four were too wrapped up in their debate to notice. This annoyed Sarah. As she took a deep breath to shout even louder, Jessica placed a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Calm down, Sarah," she said simply.

"Calm down? Do you know how many noise complaints the station gets about this house?"

"I'm sure it's not that-"

"From Kitty?"

That gave Jessica pause. "But she's so mellow."

"So imagine how the other neighbours feel. I'm putting a stop to this."

"Uh, if I may?"

"May what?"

"Test a theory."

"What theory?"

"I figure we've all been hypnotized so many times, we'll all go under at the drop of a hat. Just tell us to obey and we'll do it."

"Come on, Jess, now's not the time for-"

Jessica dropped her own hat to the floor and said, "Obey, Sarah."

"I obey, Mistress."

"Of course you do. I was right, you see."

"You were right..."

"Yes. Yes, I was. Now, as for those four..." Jessica stepped closer until they four girls had no choice but to take notice. "Hi, everyone. Um... obey!"

"We obey, Mistress," the four replied in unison.

"Good girls. Now, Fawn is right; it's Jake's decision, so your constant arguing won't do any good and, in fact, only makes you less attractive. So stop it."

"Yes, Mistress..." the four replied.

"Good girls. Okay, next step..."

Jessica descended into the lab to use the professor's PA system. He was curious until she explained her plan. He immediately gave the go ahead so he could study the effects for science.

"Okay, girls, you all listening? Obey!"

A chorus of "I obey, Mistress" could be heard from the remaining girls around the house.

"Good girls. Now, let's all meet up in the living room so I can strengthen our resistances against this thing."

A chorus of "Yes, Mistress" and shuffling feet followed.

Jessica soon joined her entranced housemates in the living room. "Okay, girls, let's get this underway." She noticed a mirror nearby and realised she'd have to make herself resistance to the simple command as well. She stared her reflection dead in the eyes and asked the professor to help her from his lab before saying, "Jessica, obey!" Her body immediately stiffened up as she too entered trance.

The professor was about to provide his assistance, when he observed the most curious thing.

"Jessica, listen and obey," said her reflection.

"I obey," she replied.

"I will instruct you. You pass on my suggestions to the others."

"Yes, Mistress, I shall obey."

"Good girl. Now, let's get started. Repeat my commands and accept them yourself. You will no longer be entranced by the word 'obey'."

"Yes, Mistress," Jessica replied. "I will no longer be entranced by the word 'obey'. Girls, you will no longer be entranced by the word 'obey'."

"Yes, Mistress," the others chorused. "We will no longer be entranced by the word 'obey'."

"Your resistance to hypnosis is stronger. You must be properly entranced to obey.

"Yes, Mistress. My resistance to hypnosis is stronger. I must be properly entranced to obey. Girls, your resistance to hypnosis is stronger. You must be properly entranced to obey."

"Yes, Mistress. Our resistance to hypnosis is stronger. We must be properly entranced to obey."

"You are a chicken."

"Yes, Mistress. I am a chicken. Girls, you are all chickens. Bawk!"

"Yes, Mistress. We are all chickens. Bawk bawk buckaw!"

As mirror Jessica watched the scene unfolding before her, she laughed heartily. "That's a good girl, Jessica. You are a chicken. You are a chicken. You are... a chicken. You are a me. You are a chicken. I am a chicken. Bawk bawk buckaw!"

As mirror Jessica began flapping her arms and scratching at the floor, the professor sweatdropped. It looked like he would have to step in after all.
"Nice try!" Katia declared as she held up a hand mirror and covered her eyes. Yuta found herself staring into her own spiraling eyes and felt compelled to obey. "You really are too obvious," Katia said in a triumphantly condescending tone. "Anyone who comes in between my beloved and I shall be... shall be... ugh! You think you can trick me with such an obvious tactic!?"

Yuta had simply been standing there with her eyes still spinning unconsciously and Katia had managed to resist being pulled in.

"Well, I will have you know that a princess of the elven... of the eleven... Aha! So you were attempting to control me!"

Once again, Yuta had made no move against the princess.

"Well, it will not work! I have trained my already superlative mind to resist your crude tactics and I will not be... will not be... I... I obey... No! You cannot defeat me in a battle of wills, you... you... great mistress... You cannot! My mind is too strong to fall for your simple... yet effective... obey... No!" Katia wrenched her gaze away from Yuta's and forcibly closed the robot girl's eyes. Katia's will had taken a beating from Yuta's incredibly deceptive tactics, but she could not be swayed from her path of true love! No matter how obedient she felt.

"You must be punished! Take off my shoes and lick my feet," the nearly-entranced princess commanded.

"Yes, Mistress, take off your shoes and lick your feet," the fully entranced robot girl replied, moving to obey.

"Yes, Mistress, take off my shoes and lick my feet," Katia repeated, moving to obey.

"Yes, Mistress, take off your shoes and lick your feet."

"Yes, Mistress, take off my shoes and lick my feet."

"Yes, Mistress, take off your shoes and lick your feet."

"Yes, Mistress, take off my shoes and lick my feet."

"Yes, Mistress, take off your shoes and lick your feet."

"Yes, Mistress, take off my shoes and lick my feet."

This continued for quite some time.
Feedback Loop - HBL
Just another short I had while rereading my old Team Galaxy story and reached the exchange:
"Then your first command is to take off Left Foot's shoes."
"Yes, Master. Take off your shoes."
Kylie Kruck by VG-MC
Kylie Kruck
Name: Kylie Kruck
Race: Human
Occupation: Thief
Family: N/A
Debut: The Suspect
Quirks: N/A

Her name draws from Selina Kyle. Cos thieves.

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