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There was an old video I recall seeing a few years ago on YouTube that seems to have disappeared completely and I was hoping someone could help.

It was on one of those channels with loads of clips and was called "Hypno 01". It depicted a woman in her 30s or so with tanned skin and blonde hair (kinda looked like Mihoshi). She wears black leather pants and a white shirt and gets "hypnotized" and strips to her undies and I think acts like a cat. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Katherine 'Kat' Kyle by VG-MC
Katherine 'Kat' Kyle
Name: Katherine 'Kat' Kyle
Race: Catgirl
Debut: Twins' Tale Episode 2

I originally made Kat for a HBL story but decided to alter her a bit and reuse her in Twins' Tale as a recurring character.
"Follow the watch with your eyes, only your eyes," Jessica intoned as her watch swung before her subject's eyes.

Her plan was to put her subject into a nice, relaxing trance before playing a recorded message of herself giving her subject instructions to help her with her problems. The professor was working on something in the lab, but it would be okay as long as he didn't declare himself a genius at the top of his voice.

"That's it, such a good girl." Jessica smiled along with her subject. "Don't focus on me, only the watch. All you see is the watch. Just the shiny... pretty... pocket watch."

Her subject's eyes moved back from Jessica to the watch, obediently following it along its smooth axis.

"Okay, you're doing very well. Your eyelids are growing heavy, so very heavy, you can barely keep your eyes open. But you must. You must keep them open for just a while longer."

Her subject's eyes fluttered furiously, her struggle to keep them open evident, even with Jessica's own fluttering eyelids attempting to block her view.

"In a moment, I will snap my fingers and when I do, you will sleep. Once you are asleep, you will press play on the tape recorder in your hand and you will listen and obey. Listen and... obey... That's right. Once this session is over, you will no longer hypnotize yourself by accident. No longer by... accident... Very good. Now... Three. Two. One." Snap.

As she watched her reflection in the mirror, Jessica smiled as she saw her head slump as she relaxed deeply in her chair. Then she realised, how could she see her reflection if her head had slumped. She stood and watched in amazement as her reflection remained sitting. And then she realised that she was not asleep; only her reflection was.

"What the hell is going on?" she asked aloud as she stared at the surreality of her own hypnotized self. "This is too weird." She walked towards the door to get someone to help and had just gripped the doorknob when she stopped and turned back. "I wonder... Jessica? Can you hear me?"

"Yes, I can hear you," came the stereo response from across the room. Looking back, Jessica realised that, not only had her reflection remained sitting, but so had her shadow cast across the inside wall. She looked down at her own feet to see that her shadow was no longer connected to her.

"I didn't think I could be so bad at hypnosis that I'd defy the laws of physics," Jessica muttered in an attempted jovial tone to make herself feel less scared of what darker, more sinister force may be behind this.

"We await your command," her other selves droned mindlessly in their seats, snapping Jessica back to reality. Somehow, she found herself compelled to test this bizarre event since it would likely never happen again.

"Okay, uh... Mirror Jess and... Shadow Jess... stand and walk over to me." She realised immediately how dumb that command was since the two were confined to the mirror and the wall respectively.

"We obey," the two murmured as they defied all rationality once more by  stepping forth from their two dimensional planes and assumed fully three dimensional forms as they march with arms outstretched towards their true self.

"This is... Holy cow." Jessica paced around the two, taking in the bizarre sight. Shadow Jess was as one would expect of a shadow, looking exactly like Jessica if she was covered from head to toe in black body paint. Mirror Jess meanwhile, was an exact mirror image of herself, silver pocket watch dangling from her left hand.

Jessica's mind defaulted to the usual hypnosis test. "You are both chickens." On cue, her two counterparts began flapping their arms and clucking like chickens. Seeing herself doing so, she thought, That's both funny and adorable. No wonder Lilith couldn't resist.

Seeing Mirror Jess' watch in her 'wing' gave Jessica an idea. She commanded the two to stand at attention and they obeyed.

"When I clap my hands, the two of you will hypnotize me and recite the words from the tape I recorded, then you will return to your rightful places and become one with me again. Do you understand?"

"Yes, we understand," the duo replied before Jessica clapped her hands.

As instructed, Mirror Jess held the pocket watch before Jessica's eyes as the latter sat on her bed, Shadow Jess behind her, rubbing her shoulders to relax her. Mirror Jess used Jessica's exact induction from earlier and it worked like a charm. Before long, Jessica was responding "Yes, I can hear you" to her mirror self's question.

With confirmation that Jessica was under, Mirror Jess proceeded to repeat the recorded message word-for-word from memory. She instructed Jessica to not focus on her induction tool when using it, to focus on her subject and nothing else, and to be the best hypnotist in the entire house.

"I obey," Jessica uttered, confirming her acceptance of her commands.

With that, her shadow and mirror selves laid her in her bed and tucked her in before fulfilling their final instruction to become one with her. Shadow Jess returned to the wall and lay on her shadow bed while Mirror Jess stepped back into the mirror and lay down on the bed's reflection exactly as her real self was.

Jessica awoke, in a cold sweat. She sat up and thought about what had just happened. She looked over to her mirror and saw her reflection looking back at her, no signs of hypnosis to be seen. She then looked to her side to see her shadow exactly where it should be. Wiping her brow and unsure if what had just occurred was real, Jess decided to just ignore it and take a cold shower, which she hoped ehr other selves would join her for.
HypnoBishoujoLand: An Unusual Session
The idea for this short came from this:…
I'm not sure how I feel about it overall, but hopefully you guys will enjoy it.
Need a bit more help. In trying to plan out all of the main cast's timetables, we've hit a snag as some classes overlap and neither of us have been to college. I assume it's like high school with multiple teachers teaching the same subject at different times, but I don't know for sure. And how would a student get a class if they have another one that overlaps?. Can anyone help?

I'm starting work on Twins' Tale Episode 4, but I need some information about college classes. Like how long they are and how many per day there are on average. Can anyone help?
There was an old video I recall seeing a few years ago on YouTube that seems to have disappeared completely and I was hoping someone could help.

It was on one of those channels with loads of clips and was called "Hypno 01". It depicted a woman in her 30s or so with tanned skin and blonde hair (kinda looked like Mihoshi). She wears black leather pants and a white shirt and gets "hypnotized" and strips to her undies and I think acts like a cat. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Does anyone here remember one bobbyskaggs? He's an art thief who recoloured (poorly) and uploaded a number of pictures, mostly from jimryu and MegatronMan. He was reported a number of times, but still continues his practices at bobbyetolen. Not only that, he's taken to doing the same with stories on…

He's already stolen my Hypno Teacher story as well as stories from a few others such as :devspltra84:'s The Red Materia. He needs to be stopped and made an example of to show him and others like him that this will not be tolerated.

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