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If I started offering paid story commissions, would anyone be interested this time?


At eight o'clock, there was a knock on Mark and Maria's door. Mark called for the person to enter, discovering that it was Diane, letting them know that the meet and greet was starting. The twins shared a quick glance. They had already finished any work assigned to them in class and were ready to spend the rest of the night, meeting their potential roommates. Neither had said it aloud, but both twins had been doing their work, mainly aiming to keep their potential loss of living space out of their minds.

Maria swung her legs over the edge of her bed and held out a hand with a nervous smile. Mark reciprocated the smile and took her hand as the two stood up and followed Diane. She had explained earlier that they would be staying out of the living area at first to allow Iris to bring the topic up without the immediate confusion surrounding Mark's presence.

The twins sat in the dorm kitchen area, just off the main living area as they waited for Iris to get to her point. She opened by introducing herself and her husband once the five dorm mates were seated on beanbags around them.

"Before we move into introductions, there is a certain matter that needs to be addressed," she said, wasting no time getting right into the issue. "For this semester, this dormitory will be conducting a little experiment. In recent years, newer dormitories in other colleges around the country have begun cropping up that are unisex. I feel it only right that this campus join in on this progressive move by introducing a few unisex dorms of our own. But, obviously, such a change must be gradual. As you know, Rose Hall was founded as a dorm for girls only. But I would like this dorm to be the first to attempt unisex housing on this campus. As such..."

Iris motioned for Denise to bring the twins out, which she did. All eyes were on the three as they entered and crossed the room towards Iris and Randal.

"This is Mark," Randal explained to the inquisitive looks the various girls were giving them. "With him is his twin sister, Maria." The twins gave feeble waves while the girls muttered greetings. "Since all the dorms around campus are gender-specific, you can understand how this causes a problem for a pair of twins of different genders." The dorm mates seemed to sympathise.

"As such," Iris continued, "we felt it best to have the twins stay here in this dorm. Now, we understand if some of you might feel uncomfortable with a handsome young man around, which is why we leave the final decision to all of you. If you don't feel comfortable with the situation, other arrangements will be made and we can try again next semester. If you agree... well, I guess the discussion ends there and we can move on."

The five girls looked the twins over intently. The twins kept their eyes averted the entire time so as not to get on anyone's bad side. One of the girls raised her hand.

"Yes?" Iris asked.

"Is he a perv?" she asked bluntly, though there didn't seem to be any malice in her tone.

Both twins made eye contact with the girl instantly. She had rather short jet black hair, and purple eyes that stared right back into theirs. "N-No. No, I'm not."

The girl seemed to be observing Mark's body language as he spoke, her eyes squinting somewhat before widening as she flashed an inviting smile. "Good enough for me. Welcome to the dorm."

Mark, Maria and the three present Roses all felt incredibly elated.

"You can't be serious," one of the other girls said in utter disbelief. She had dark blue hair, kept in a ponytail to her left. Her lips and nails were painted red and she has a pair of sunglasses kept on her head, along with a golden earring with a red jewel of some kind worn in her left ear, giving off the impression of a rather well-bred young woman. Her sky blue eyes fixed Mark with a cautious stare. "We don't know the first thing about him, he could be lying."

"So, we give him a trial run and if he causes trouble, he's gone," the other girl replied calmly and quickly.

"I… guess that would work," the second girl conceded.

"I'm glad you agree," Iris smiled. "Is everyone else okay with this?"

The other three girls agreed quietly.

"Very good. Though I must insist that everyone change clothes behind closed doors so as not to end up in a situation where Mark might accidentally catch sight of it and cause a misunderstanding. Or someone else see him."

This seemed to be acceptable to the assembled girls.

"Good. Now that that's settled, would you two like to take a seat while we begin the introductions?" Iris indicated to a pair of unreserved bean bags and they took their seats. "I'll go first to give you an idea, then we'll go around, say... counter-clockwise. Sound good? Okay. Well, my name is Iris Rose. I am originally from France and I used to be the dean of this college. Rose Hall was named in my honour once I retired to pursue my scientific research. And this is my husband, Randal."

"Thank you, my dear," her husband said before introducing himself. "I'm Randal Rose and I teach mathematics at the college and I am originally from England. I'm sure you'll all enjoy your time here. And if you have any trouble, I'm sure you can see Diane over here about your problems."

"Well, it is my job, after all," Diane smiled, picking up on her father's segue. "I'm Diane Rose and those two are my parents. I'm the college councillor so, like my dad said, come see me if you have any problems, I'm happy to help. So, next would be you there."

Diane pointed to a bunny girl, or leporid as Denise had explained. The girl practically jumped out of her seat at being called upon. She had a pair of floppy white rabbit ears sticking out of her short blonde hair, which seemed to be trying to hide her green right eye under its fringe. Her feet were very long, roughly the length of her forearms, housed inside a pair of fitting white sneakers. She straightened her red blouse and spoke up.

"M-My name is Emily Fox and I'm taking astronomy because I like stargazing."

After taking a moment to make sure the girl was done, Iris said, "Well, nice to meet you, Emily." She indicated with her hands for the others to do the same. Emily seemed embarrassed by the mass greeting. "Okay, next is… you."

Iris pointed at a girl sat near Emily with a pair of reddish-brown animal ears sticking out from under her shoulder-length black hair. They were similar to mauman ears, but different, meaning she must be a kitsune. She brushed a few strands of hair out of her violet eyes and sat up with her chest out confidently.

"I'm Piper Cotton and I'm taking a mythology class, since I've always loved reading about mythologies of various cultures. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better in the coming semester."

"Same to you, Dear," Iris smiled. "Honey, would you like to choose next?"

"Sure," Randal replied, looking around. "Eve, would you like to go next?" Maria reacted with mild shock upon hearing this and she’d been too busy worrying to even noticed Eve.

"Huh? Oh, okay." Eve sat up in hear seat, fidgeting. "Um, I'm Eve. Eve Descalzo. I'm taking art and… my hobby is photography. My mom is the campus nurse…" Mark and Maria exchanged a glance at this revelation, "…and we've lived in this town all my life."

"It's good to have you here, Eve," said Randal. "Okay, that just leaves you four. Then I choose... you there." Randal indicated to the girl that had spoken up on the twins' behalf earlier.

"Alright, my name is Debra Pearlman and I'm taking a teaching course here to follow on from the childcare course I did in high school. I enjoy looking after children since I used to babysit my sister's kids."

Iris nodded. "An admirable goal, Dear. I used to teach kindergarten when I first started teaching so I know what you'll be in for. If you ever need any advice, I'm here for you."

"Thanks, Professor," Debra replied with a smile. "And you, Miss?"

The blue-haired girl from earlier was the only one left, aside from the twins. "I'm Vanessa. Vanessa Chapman. I'm taking Drama because I've always had an interest in acting. When I was a kid, I was in a few ads and school plays and realised as I got older, that I could pursue a real career in acting."

"Oh? Very nice," Diane commented. "Who are your inspirations?"

"Grace Summers and Monica Mewes mainly," Vanessa replied. "Especially Monica in 'The Riptide of Fate'."

"Ah, good film. Anything else?"

"Nothing comes to mind, no." Vanessa shook her head.

"Okay, your turn then, guys." The twins were up. Mark decided to speak up for the pair.

"Hi, I'm Mark Williams. Thank you for letting us stay here. I'm taking Psychology. I'm still not completely sure what I want to actually do with the qualification, but I'm sure I can use it to help people in some way." Mark nudged Maria to let her know it was her turn to speak.

"H…Hello. I-I'm Maria and I'm taking Art. I like drawing and want… to draw a comic one day. A-And Mark is my twin brother too…"

"Hey, can I ask a question?" Piper asked. Mark nodded. "If you two are twins, why are your accents so different?"

Mark considered how much to tell, before responding with, "Well, our mom is English and our dad is American. We just take after different parents, is all."

"Shall we move on to the next part of the get together?" Iris stepped in, most likely hoping to avoid the twins being exposed by further questions, though doing a great job at not being too obvious. "What I like to do after the introductions is to allow those who want to leave do so, be it to study or work on assignments or just to get some rest. You can stay, of course, and get to know each other more if that's what you'd like. Though, I would advise you all to strive to strike a balance between studying and socialising if you want to have a truly enjoyable and productive college experience."

With that, small conversations were struck up amongst the new dorm mates before Piper and Emily departed for their room, as did Vanessa after saying goodbye to Debra. Vanessa seemed not to be letting Debra challenging her earlier get to her.

"Sorry about earlier," Debra said as she turned to the twins. "Vanessa's an old friend of mine, so I know she's not a bad person. Just concerned or protective, I'd say."

"It's fine," Mark assured her. "I can understand where she's coming from, honestly. But I'm serious when-"

"I know, I know. You won't try anything. I'll trust you on that."

"You seem really chill about all this."

"Well, I don't really get all that embarrassed when a man sees my body. I know what I've got going on and I've got no reason to be embarrassed about it. That's not an invitation to peep, by the way."

"I-I was just gonna say..."

"Still, funny situation we're in, huh? It's like one of those, uh ... harem anime, I think it's called? One guy, a bunch of attractive girls, in a female-only environment..."

"Hilarity ensues."


"I didn't know you were staying here, Eve," said Maria as she approached her new friend.

"Same for you," Eve replied, smiling. “My mom wanted me to stay in a dorm. She thinks it'll be good for me."

"You said your mum's the school nurse, right? Anna?"

"That's right. You know her?"

"Yeah, Mark and I had a check-up with her not long after we arrived."

"Cool. Small world, huh?"


"Mark, this is Eve," Maria explained. "She's in my Art class."

"Hi, nice to meet you," Mark greeted, holding out a hand.

"Y-Yeah. Same." Eve took his hand and shook it.

"Hi, I'm Debra, Eve's roommate." Debra extended her own hand to Maria.

"Hello," Maria replied meekly, taking Debra's hand in return.

"So, how was everyone's first class?" Debra asked the other three.

"Good so far," Mark replied.

"Same here," said Maria.

"Yeah," Eve added.

"Quite the descriptive answers there," said Debra sardonically. "Me personally, I've not had any of mine yet and you guys are just filling me to the brim with confidence. I'm kidding," she added after a brief, awkward silence.

After spending some time getting to know their new friends better, Eve and Debra headed for their room. Mark and Maria instead chose to linger just a little longer.

"Thanks, Iris."

"Don't worry about it, Mark. It's the least I could do after getting you both trapped here."

"It really isn't your-"

"Regardless of whose fault it is," Diane interrupted, "the important thing is that it all turned out okay and Mark can stay as long as he behaves. Let's focus on the positives, okay?"

"Okay," the others agreed.

"Oh, and regarding showers and baths," Iris spoke up. "There is a pair of bathrooms for the students, but Mark will have to use our private bathroom for that unless we arrange a timetable."

"Okay, that makes sense," Mark noted.

"Maria is free to use it too if she's more comfortable with that."

"Thanks," the other twin replied.

"You two should head off to your room," Diane chimed in. "I'm sure you've got some studying or sleep to catch up on."

"Okay," Mark replied. "See you guys tomorrow then."

"Good night." The three Roses waved goodbye as the twins left for their shared room.

"So, how did you like today?" Mark asked once the two were settled.

"It was fun," Maria positively beamed. I got to try a new subject I never knew existed before, I had fun drawing in Art and I made two new friends."

Mark smiled and ruffled her hair. "Good to hear, Sis."

"What about you?" Maria asked excitedly.

"Me? Oh, yeah, I enjoyed it too."

"I see what Debra meant before," Maria replied after realising Mark had no plans to expand on his statement.

Mark went to reply but realised he had nothing. He simply sighed and sat back on his bed. "Yep."

* * *

Dawn of the second day.

Maria knocked on the door to Eve and Debra's room before heading to the kitchen for breakfast. The door opened to reveal Eve, dressed in a maroon tank top and matching pyjama bottoms.

"Morning, Eve," Maria greeted.

"H-Hi, Maria," Eve stuttered in surprise. "Why are you here so early?"

"Well, my brother and I are going to this family restaurant after classes today and we were wondering if you'd like to come with us."

"Oh, uh… sure. I'll go. Who else is going?"

"We're not sure yet. Mark's going to ask a couple girls from our Demonology class. Debra can come too if she'd like."

"I'd love to," Debra replied as she appeared behind Eve, causing her to jump.

"Great. What time do you two finish class?"

"I've got my teaching course from ten to one," Debra said as she checked her timetable. "Any time after that's good for me."

"I've got Journalism at six," Eve replied. "I finish at seven."

"Alright, seven it is then. I'll go let Mark know. See you later."

The other two said goodbye as Maria skipped off back to her room to inform Mark."

"Nice girl," Debra noted before heading back inside, leaving Eve to wonder exactly what she meant by that.

* * *

Since it was a nice day, the twins decided to sit on the campus lawn to eat and talk while they waited for Demonology at two. They discussed their other classes and their new friends before the topic changed.

"You think we'll even be able to go home?" Maria asked suddenly.

Mark took a moment to think of what to say to reassure his sister before responding. "I'm not gonna lie to you, Sis. I don't know. But, whatever happens, I'll be here for you. And Iris and Diane and the others'll help us out too. So don't worry about it, huh?"

"Alright, I'll try," Maria replied uneasily.

"Here, cake," Mark said, picking up a small piece of cake he had bought earlier and shoved it into her mouth, taking her by surprise. She tried to voice her protests, but was muffled by the cake. Mark burst out laughing as his sister took a bottle of water to wash the cake down, then proceeding to squeeze the bottle and spray Mark's face with water. Mark's laughter stopped as he was doused with water, allowing his sister to begin laughing in his place.

"Okay, I deserve that," he said as he dried himself off with a dry patch of his shirt. His sister merely stuck her tongue out at him. Despite being soaked, Mark smiled inwardly, knowing he had cheered her up.

* * *

On the way to Demonology later on, the twins bumped into Will from Mark's Psychology class. Mark decided to invite him along to the gathering later on.

"You sure? I mean, no offense, but we don't really know each other..."

"Then what better chance is there than now? Besides, everyone else is a girl. I need another guy there for support. Will you be a bro and back me up?"

"Uh... sure?"

"Great. We're meeting at... Actually, what's the place called again?" Mark turned to Maria, who merely shrugged. "Hmm... Well, it's that family restaurant-"

"Oh, yeah, I know that place."

"You... You do?"

"Yeah. Cute waitress with a ponytail? I've been there before."

"Oh, good. We're meeting up there tonight at seven. See you there."

"Uh, yeah. See you there."

As Will walked off, Maria turned to Mark. "That couldn't have been much more awkward, could it?"

"Well, I could have got you to ask him..."


They arrived for class soon after and met up with Rebecca and Kat just outside. As they entered the room, Rebecca asked a question. "Hey, you guys hear about that vampire rumour going around?"

The twins shared an incredulous look.

"Guess not, huh? Well, as you can probably guess, there's a rumour that there's a vampire on campus somewhere that's attacked a couple people."

"Come on, that's ridiculous," Mark replied, waving it off. "A vampire attacking a college is pretty farfetched."

"How is that farfetched?" asked Kat. "Vampires do attack people in real life."

Thinking fast to cover up his lack of knowledge on the subject, Mark responded, "Y-Yeah, but why would a vampire come here to this college to attack people instead of raiding a blood bank or something."

"Well... I suppose you've got a point," Rebecca acquiesced, clearing Mark of suspicion.

Ms. Denvers entered the room and, once class started, she opened with an oddly specific topic.

"I'm sure you've all heard this rumour about a vampire stalking the campus ground, looking to students to attack. But if it'll make you all feel safer, we'll be moving through the vampire topic of the course a little faster to make sure you're all ready."

The air of the room had become a little more tense with mention of the vampire rumours, but did calm back down once the teacher finished.

"Okay then. Let's get started with vampire biology." Ms. Denvers tapped a switch that lowered the lights around the room and activated a projector to show a picture of two x-rays. "On the left, you can see the skeletal structure of an average human male. On the right is an average male vampire. As you can see, the two are nearly identical, though there are some notable differences. First is, of course, a large pair of wings on their back. As far as researchers can tell, wing colour has a direct correlation with the vampire's hair colour. The males' wings average at about four feet from wingtip to wingtip, while the female…" Ms. Denvers pressed a button to switch to a slide of female x-rays, "averages at a mere two feet. This difference in size has been compared to differences in hand and foot size between the genders of many different races. Are there any questions before we move on from the subject of wings?"

One student raised their hand and was called upon. "How do vampires with big wings get through doors?" The other students found this question amusing.

Ms. Denvers sighed. "Most adult vampires can shrink their wings down and no, they cannot make them grow beyond their natural size. Next?"

"Do they require special shirts for their wings?" asked Kat, likely curious from her own experience with leg and headwear.

"Vampires have been found to generally prefer clothing that leaves the top of their backs exposed, and some prefer going topless."

"Even the women?" asked Rebecca of all people.

Ms. Denvers seemed a little surprised to be asked this follow-up by a girl, but answered regardless. "Modesty is approached differently by the majority of demons. Just wait until we reach succubi and incubi."

A number of students seemed strangely interested in what those two entailed. Mark raised his hand and asked his own question.

"How do they maintain flight? Do they have hollow bones like some birds do? Or do they just have really strong wings?"

Ms. Denvers seemed grateful for a sensible and uncommon question. "That's a good question, Mark. Unfortunately, no one is really sure how. Some theorise that vampires possess innate magical energy, which they use to reduce their weight during flight, though no one knows for sure. Thank you for that question Mark."

"Uh, n-no problem," Mark replied, a little embarrassed by Ms. Denvers' smile. He turned to Maria and whispered, "Magic?" Maria shrugged.

"Okay," Ms. Denvers pressed on and changed the slide to a close-up of the male vampire's skull. "As you can see here, vampires have very long canines or fangs. Everyone knows they have those. but what not everyone knows is that right here, inside the cheekbones, are special glands that produce a special 'venom' they can inject through the puncture wounds they cause through biting. This venom is one of a vampire's most effective tools. I'm sure most of you are aware that vampires have the ability to 'hypnotize' or 'glamour' through eye contact."

The class voiced a majority affirmation.

"Well, this... fixation, I refuse to call it hypnosis, requires eye contact to be maintained with only rudimentary commands able to be planted into the victim's mind. But this venom makes up for that. Once injected, the victim's mind becomes much more compliant and open to suggestion by altering their brain chemistry and bringing out the more submissive side of their personality, turning them into a 'thrall' to the vampire's will. However, all major races are known to have immune systems that are able to fight off the venom, given time. As such, a person cannot be kept under a vampire's control permanently unless the venom is injected regularly. Yes, Rebecca?"

Rebecca, who had her hand raised, lowered it and spoke up. "Is it true that vampires can turn other people into vampires?"

Ms. Denvers rubbed the bridge of her nose. This was clearly another question she got a lot. "There have been claims that such a thing is possible, but it has never been proven to be true. There have also been a number of unsubstantiated claims that they can transform into bats. This has never actually been proven, however. Anyone else?"

Maria shakily raised her hand.

Ms. Denvers smiled. "Yes? Maria."

"But… surely not all vampires are completely… evil. Couldn't someone just ask one about these things?"

Ms. Denvers' smile grew more melancholic as she replied. "Well, unfortunately, vampires are among the demon races that have the hardest time finding acceptance in this world. Most people are still very superstitious around them, probably because of the numerous vampire attacks across Europe in the fifteenth century and the centuries of folklore and religious dogma that followed. Few, if any, would be willing to sit down and talk with a native of this world because they are genuinely just as scared of us as we are of them."

After a moment of silence, Ms. Denvers adjusted her glasses and cleared her throat. "Sorry for getting so serious on you there all of a sudden. Anyway, that was a very good question, Maria. Well done."

The remainder of the questions were basic and unremarkable.

Once class was over, Mark asked Rebecca and Kat if they were interested in going to the restaurant in the evening. Rebecca looked to Kat, seemingly unsure.

"I had Accounting this morning and I've got Economics at four," Kat explained in response to the puzzled expressions of the twins. "I'm kinda tired now as is."

"Oh, I see," Mark replied sympathetically. "Well, we could rearrange-"

Kat shook her head and smiled. "Thanks for thinking of me, but it's okay. I don't mind if I miss out this time. But I'll take a power nap before class, see how I feel then. Maybe another after class…"

"Alright, cool."

"Yep. Becky?"

"Of course I'll go."

* * *

After Kat left to get some rest and Rebecca returned to her dorm to work on her Creative Writing assignment, the twins decided to return to their own dorm to relax and get some studying in. Maria decided to start work on a drawing unrelated to her class, though she refused to tell Mark what it was until it was finished. Mark simply smiled and shook his head before looking over the textbook he'd gotten in Psyche to compare with his old course.

The twins were heading out with Debra at around 6:40. The plan was for the twins to meet up with Rebecca and possibly Kat, while Debra waited for Eve, assuring the twins that she did know which restaurant it was despite them not knowing its name yet. As they headed out, Vanessa was on her way back inside. She warily avoided the three as they passed each other, clearly still unsure about Mark. Deciding to not let it bother him, Mark stepped in Vanessa's direction, stopping her in her tracks.

"Hey, I'm Mark. My sister and a few friends of ours are going to a family restaurant to eat. You wanna join us?"

Vanessa looked at him incredulously, then at his two companions before looking back to him. "N-No thanks. I already ate."

"Okay then. Maybe some other time?"

"Y-Yeah. Sure…" Vanessa continued on, confused, while Mark headed out, leaving Maria and Debra just as baffled.

After splitting up, the twins found Rebecca at the designated meeting spot with Kat in tow. Kat seemed like her usual self, suggesting that her nap (or two) had helped. They arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by Jodie before heading over to a corner booth, where there would be more room. Not too long after, Will arrived, followed closely by Debra and Eve. Mark and Maria sat in the corner with Will, Rebecca and Kat beside Mark, and Eve and Debra next to Maria.

After giving them a chance to exchange brief introductions, Mark asked them to give a proper introduction to the group, starting with himself and Maria.

Rebecca, ever cheerful, was the next to introduce herself. "I'm Rebecca McKnight and I want to write about demon culture since there's not a lot of info on the subject right now."

"I'm Katherine Kyle and I'm studying to handle the finances for the magic show my and Becky's moms perform."

"I'm Will. I'm aiming to go into law like my dad."

"My name's Debra Pearlman and I'm going into teaching."

"I'm… Eve D-Descalzo. My hobby is taking photos."

With introductions out of the way, Mark called over a waitress, though Jodie seemed to be in the back as another waitress came over instead. She wore the same uniform as Jodie, though with fishnet stockings and boots instead of bare legs and high heels. Her skin was pale and her makeup was dark with purple lipstick, short hair wavy and purple, along with equally purple eyes. Written on her nametag was 'Lydia'.

"Hi, you ready to order?" Lydia asked as she brandished a notebook and pencil.

"I'd like two beef burgers please," Will spoke up. "Lots of ketchup too."

"I'll have the soup of the day," said Rebecca. "Kat, fish?"

"No, kipper."


"I like fish too," Debra chimed in. "I'll have the same."

"I'll have a foot long hot dog please," said Eve. "I-I haven't eaten since lunch," she added, as if feeling that her choice of food might be viewed as too much.

"I'll take three pork chops," said Mark.

"And I'll have… two jacket potatoes please," Maria concluded.

"So that's burgers, soup, two kipper, foot long, pork chops and jacket potatoes," Lydia summarised. "Alright, the food will be with you shortly." Lydia curtseyed and headed off to the kitchen.

"Hey, you guys all heard that vampire rumour going around?" Rebecca asked as Lydia left. Kat shook her head in dismay while some of the others responded, "No."

"Well, someone's been going around and saying that there's an unregistered vampire on campus. Apparently, this person saw a couple of bite marks on Mrs. Summers' neck that matched up perfectly with a vampire bite."

"Mrs. Summers? Like, Jodie Summers' mom?" Debra asked.


Everyone looked over towards the bar area, where Jodie's mother was serving drinks. Her uniform was similar to the waitresses, but in blue instead of red, nylon stockings covering her legs, and a sleeveless black turtleneck was worn under her shirt. Her black hair was kept in a bob cut and her blue eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.

As Jodie passed to take someone else's order, Debra called her over. "What's up?"

"That turtle neck your mom's wearing..."

Jodie sighed. "No, it's not a normal part of her uniform, she just got bitten by a couple of bugs and doesn't like showing the marks off."

"Oh, okay." As Jodie left, everyone's gaze turned to Rebecca.

"W-What? I never said it was definitely true, just that someone was saying it."

"Here's your order," Lydia said as she returned with a plate in each hand and one on each forearm before heading off to get the rest, which she brought one in each hand and one on her head.

"You're just showing off now," Jodie muttered as she passed with another customer's food.

"That vampire thing's a load of baloney, by the way. Just holler if you need anything else, 'kay?" said Lydia after delivering the group's drinks.

As everyone ate and had quiet conversations amongst themselves, one particular question earned a lot of attention from the entire table.

"You two are twins, right?" Will asked between mouthfuls of burger. "So then, why are your accents so different?" The other conversations died down, suggesting that Will was not the only one wondering about this discrepancy.

After exchanging a glace with his sister, Mark decided to just explain, which Maria seemed to agree with. "Well, our mom is English and our dad is American. We all lived together in Claremont until Maria and I were six and our parents got divorced. They had a big fight about… God only knows, and Mom took Maria back to England with her while I stayed with Dad in Claremont. We were only able to stay in contact through e-mail since Mom and Dad really hate each other. Too much to see each other, or even to let us two see each other. When we turned eighteen recently, Mom finally let Maria catch a plane back to America on her own. We had to save up all our money to afford Maria's tickets ourselves though…"

To Mark and Maria, this story was simply life, but to the others, it was something quite different.

"That's disgusting," Kat spat. "Letting their own selfishness affect their kids like that."

Rebecca reached over and put a hand on Mark's, as Debra did for Maria.

Will was speechless. "W-Wow… That's…

"Ah, don't worry about it," Mark replied, pulling his hand back.

"None of that matters anymore," Maria added, surprising everyone. "We managed to see each other again and our parents can't dictate what we can and can't do anymore."

After getting over his surprise, Mark smiled and ruffled Maria's hair.

* * *

At around ten, the group said their goodbyes and thanked the twins for introducing them all. They then went their separate ways. The Rose Hall four headed one way, while Rebecca and Kat walked with Will towards their own residences.

"It was fun tonight," Debra said as she put an arm around each twin's shoulder. "We should do it again some time. You think so too, right, Eve?"

The three looked over their shoulders to Eve, who was walking behind them. "Y-Yes. It was fun."

"Sure, we can do it again," Mark replied happily. Maria had to smile at the thought too.

Upon arriving, the four split up to head off to bed. After entering their room and getting changed, both twins flopped down onto their beds, embracing the warm comfort they offered.

"I'm tired," Maria muttered as she removed her glasses and left them on the nightstand.

A smirk formed on Mark's face. "So what you're saying is... You are getting veeeery sleepy?"

Maria stared at him incredulously before she mirrored his smile. "Oh, of course, 'Master'. I must obey or whatever."

Mark snickered in response. "Don't worry, Sis. One day you will."

Maria giggled. "I'm looking forward to it. But obviously, no weird stuff, right?"

"Oh, of course. That'd be really creepy."

"Yep. Good night, Mark."

As Maria closed her eyes, Mark decided to make one last joke. "When I snap my fiiingers, you will gooo to sleeeeeep woooooo…"

Maria just stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes. "You're silly." Mark snapped his fingers and, as if trying to humour him, Maria found herself falling asleep.
Twins' Tale - Episode 5 - The Meet Up
The Twins meet their dormmates and learn more about demons and their classmates.

Once again, this one took ages from writers' block, working on other projects away from here and some slight changes in the plans for future episodes.

As always, thanks to godzillahomer for help with the planning and proofing, naming the episode and the Kat fish pun that gave me the idea for the joke.

Also, I need help with the tags for the series.

You can find the full series here:…
Devilishly Sexy by VG-MC
Devilishly Sexy
This picture took so long to make. I really struggled on how best to go with it. The original idea was to have Lady hypnotized into worshiping Trish's feet (with Dante reading a magazine in the background). That idea seemed a little generic for me, so then I thought about having Dante giving Trish a massage. Since I view the two as being like a brother and sister, I thought this might be too sensual for that. Then I thought about seeing Trish in first person from below and decided to put Lady in there as well.
Spooning Fantasy by VG-MC
Spooning Fantasy
No, this has nothing to do with Spoony and his various Final Fantasy reviews. This was actually part of an art trade with an anonymous individual. He wanted Yuffie spooning Tifa, but since Yuffie wasn't available nude, he allowed me to use another FF character, and the best nude FF model I could find was this one of Lightning.

And while working on the credits here, I just now realised that both models were made by the same person, MsLawlipop. Weird.

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