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What would you guys say are my strengths and weaknesses as a writer? It's helpful to know these things so I know where I need to improve.


The infamous pirate Risky Boots brought the long looking glass to her eye, as her Tinkerbats awaited her orders. The other ship appeared adrift and abandoned. Her instinct said to press on and ignore the hulking vessel. She wanted to get to Scuttle Town as soon as possible. Her spies had reported that a horrible storm had come destroying the town's food supply and damaging its defenses. The "Queen of the Seven Seas" wanted to get there and plunder the town before her nemesis Shantae came up with some sort of solution to the storm damage. But every time she looked at the abandoned ship, all she could imagine was a hold brimming with shiny gold and jewels. This compulsion outweighed her common sense and she ordered 8 Tinkerbats to board and inspect the drifting ship.

30 minutes later, the search party returned with one Tinkerbat holding a wooden jewelry box about 2 feet in length. Risky Boots went into a rage. She had delayed her mission of plunder for one small box? Unfairly, she blamed the Tinkerbats for the misadventure. After cursing up a storm and kicking a few unfortunates close to her, she ordered the box taken to her cabin.

Risky Boots had been so angry, she never noticed that 9 Tinkerbats had returned to her ship.

The additional Tinkerbat entered Risky Boots' day cabin. After closing the door, the creature began to dance in a swaying motion. There was a puff a smoke, and the Tinkerbat disappeared, replaced by our favorite half-genie. Shantae knew she had to act quickly if her plan was going to work. She was nervous because the next stage of her plan involved a type of magic she had never used before.

Remembering the directions, she kicked off her slippers, revealing her slim bare feet. With her prehensile hair, she hid the slippers in a sea chest. Now she began a new dance... one that took all of her concentration. At first, nothing happened. Shantae feared that it wouldn't work. But after a minute or two, she began to vaporize until she was fully in gaseous form. The cloud that was Shantae then disappeared through the keyhole on the small wooden box.

She was just in time. Just as the last trace of vapor went into the box. the cabin door flung open with a crash. Risky Boots stormed into the cabin and picked up the wooden box. Scrutinizing the lid, she saw it was engraved with the picture of a bare female sole. The box was locked, but there was no lock created yet that could keep Risky Boots from a shiny thing. She took it over to her work bench and got her tools. The pirate then sat and began to work. After a few moments, she was able to pick the lock and open the box. She looked into it, and her mood immediately improved. Two rings with large fiery red gems set in their faces sat shimmering in the box. She picked up one for inspection.

Shantae, now in the form of the rings, began sending waves of thoughts to the pirate with all of her strength. "PUUUUUTTTT MEEEEE ONNNNNN!" she transmitted.

Risky Boots stared at the ring. It was dazzling, and when you held it just right, it almost looked as if an oddly familiar face stared back from the depths of the fiery gem. Risky Boots was a sucker for gems in general, so she had no defense against these magical stones. She began to fit it on her left ring finger.

Shantae almost screamed in frustration. Gathering herself, she mentally pushed again: "NOOOOOOO... ONNNNNNN... TOOOOOOOOES!!"

Risky Boots hesitated, and then took it off her finger. It didn't fit there anyway. She found herself looking at the lid's engraving. Sure enough, the foot was wearing a ring. This caused a moment of doubt for the pirate queen. The girls of her people spent their lives barefoot, and her choice of the "Risky Boots" persona had been a rejection of that life. The truth was her feet never felt comfortable in any shoes, let alone the heavy sea boots she had chosen. Sometimes, late at night, she walked the deck barefoot when she thought the Tinkerbats would not see her. These covert jaunts were thrilling to her, and were among the few reminders of her girlish youth. She allowed herself this reward rarely as it would not do for the crew to see her so vulnerable and feminine.

Shantae was mustering the strength for one last ditch telepathic message when Risky Boots began pulling the boots off of her own volition. She did not wear socks. The pirate lady's blue feet were actually quite beautiful. Tapered with long toes and a medium arch, the boys of her youth all said she had the prettiest feet. Of course, her response had been to beat them. She put the rings on the second toes of her feet. Initially, they felt loose, but then they somehow magically sized themselves to tightly, but comfortably fit her toes.

Shantae was ready. Once she was in place on both toes, she said an incantation. The gems began to glow even brighter. Risky Boots was startled and stared at them. She bent down to look closer and was shocked to see her mortal enemy's face staring back at her from the gems. "SHANTAE!" Realizing something was amiss she tried to take the rings off her feet when...


Risky Boots suddenly straightened herself and threw her head back. Her eyes slammed shut and she took a sharp intake of breath. Waves of mystical enchantment emanated from the rings, onto and into her feet. It was a thousand tongues simultaneously probing the nerve endings of her soles and roles. It was a foot massage by a skilled angel. It was simultaneously tickling and erotic worship. It was paradise.

Slowly, her eyes opened and a smile formed on her lips as she exhaled. Her toes began a slow wiggle. She whispered:

"mmmmmmm... (giggle)...... mmmmm... yes... yessssss... sooooo goooood... (giggle)... mmmmmm."

Shantae was relieved. The spell was working. If Uncle Mimic was right, she now had complete hypnotic control over the villainess. She reached out with her thoughts:

"Risky Boots, can you hear me?" asked the half genie.

The pirate queen sat docile with her eyes staring vacantly in an upward direction. She immediately responded:

"mmmmm... Yesss, Mistressssss... I hear you... (giggle)."

Mistress?????? Shantae realized that Mimic had indeed been right about the rings and the incantation. She decided to try a simple command.

"Risky Boots... stand up."

"mmmmmm... (giggle)...... Stand up for Missssstresssss... (giggle)... Yesssss..." Upon saying this in a very feminine voice, the pirate stood with her bare feet flat on floor. Even standing, however, she continued to move her toes as if they were being licked and tickled.

"Stand on one foot."

"(giggle)... One... silly... pretty... bare... footsie... mmmmmm..." She complied.

Shantae left her in that position for a while as she pondered her next command. She needed a test that would push her slave's obedience closer to the limit. Then it came to her, causing the heroine to laugh.

"Risky Boots... isn't it better going barefoot than wearing those horrid sea boots?"

"mmmmmm... (lick)...... (giggle). mmmmmmmuch betteeeer barefoot, MMMMMistresssssss."

"Good now listen closely... I'm going to tell you what you must do to keep feeling so good..."


Four Tinkerbats were on a sling suspended over the side of the ship painting and repairing the hull near the Captain's cabin in the stern. They were very busy, moving in perfect unison despite the fact they never talked to one another. Their work was interrupted when a cabin porthole slammed open. As they starred, the slender, light blue arm of the queen extended out, holding a pair of the Captain's famous boots. They looked at each other in confusion, then suddenly back again as the Captain dropped her boots into the roiling waves below, where they quickly disappeared in the ship's foamy wake. Concerned about their queen, the Tinkerbats raised themselves to the deck and headed for the Captain's cabin. By the time they reached the door, about 30 had joined them. One of them knocked on the door. There was no response at first, but just as the crew considered breaking the door down, it opened. Risky Boots emerged from the cabin. She began to speak:

"mmmmm...(giggle) Crew... I have a new dastardly plan for the fools of Scuttle Town. First we... mmmmmmm... must make way for Koogle Island. (giggle) Please set that course and let me know when... mmmmmm... we have arrived." With that, the Captain reentered her cabin, locking the door behind her.

The crew look in astonishment. They knew she liked to go barefoot when she didn't think they were watching, but they had never seen her so blatantly unshoed. She seemed physically unhurt and not in any discomfort, yet she looked oddly distracted. Worst of all.....she never said please or thank you. But it was definitely her, and their iron discipline held. They obeyed her orders.


The trip to Koogle Island took the better part of a day, and Shantae was bored.  Eventually, she could not resist the urge to have fun with her new toy.  She would periodically have her slave assemble the crew.  First she had the sing a song:

"I'm a pretty girl, barefoot for two... Dancing in my pretty dress... Barefoot for you."

The crew silently watched, occasionally looking at each other in confusion.  Next, their Captain did a juggling act.  Then she taught them a dance.  

But still, they did not rebel.


Mimic stood on the wharf with the terrified townspeople as the heavy laden pirate ship docked. Each man, woman, and child carried a basket. It had taken all of his influence, prestige, and eloquence to convince these people not to either attack or run from the pirates. A gangway was erected, an audible gasp rose from the crowd as Risky Boots appeared. She came down the gangway and they saw that she was barefoot and therefore under the ancient spell Mimic had told them about. Their cause for celebration was confirmed when the Tinkerbat crew began winching down nets filled with Koogle Melons, the most nutritious food in the world. The townspeople rushed to fill their baskets and many began eating the sweet melons. On the ship, the Tinkerbats, not occupied with unloading stood around scratching their dark, faceless heads. They didn't understand how feeding the starving town could be a part of any "dastardly plan". But again, their discipline and fear of the Captain held.

Risky Boots made her way to Mimic and said, "mmmm... ohhhhhh... mmm... Missssstreessss wants to speak to Massssterrrr..."

He took her by the arm to the harbor master's small office. He had her sit on the desk facing him as he sat in the harbor master's chair. Slowly, Risky Boots raised her pretty bare feet up to his face. She then slapped her toes against themselves. Shantae's face appeared, life size over the girl's feet."

Mimic spoke first: "You did it. You saved the town."

"Not quite yet... I still have to get them far enough away. If I know my villain, she is going to be pretty enraged when she finds out what we made her do."

Mimic thought for a second and said: "The food problem is solved. Maybe we can get the Tinkerbats' help repairing the city's defenses."

"No way, Uncle. I haven't slept or eaten in week now. I just hope I can keep in control of her to get her far enough away for you folks to have time to strengthen and fix the defenses."

"Of course, my dear. Just know how grateful we all are."

"Tell me when it's done."

Risky Boots separated her feet and placed them on the floor and stood. She then padded over to Mimic and said...

"Frommmmmmmm MMMMMisstresss... (giggle)... MMMMMMaster" She then hugged and kissed him on his cheek like a good niece.

He looked at the office's window and watched the villainess and his niece make their way to the ship.  Later, when he checked on the unloading he heard the collective laughter of the townspeople.  The Pirate Queen hung in a sling over the port side of the ship with a large paintbrush.

Mimic had never laughed harder in his long life..


It was a beautiful day atop the highest hill on distant Sparrow Island. The shiny sea stretched for leagues all around it. The Tinkerbats stood nervously on deck waiting and staring at the top of the hill. They were surprised when there was a flash of light and what looked like smoke. They rushed up the hill and just as they arrived, they saw a large pelican flying away very fast. The Captain sat in a lotus position, with her palms resting on her knees facing up. Her eyes were closed and a peaceful smile was on her lips. They surrounded her and waited, but she gave no response. They noticed that the rings on her bare feet were different. Instead of the fiery red gems, they saw simple iron bands that hung loosely from her toes.

They waited. And they waited some more. Finally the next morning, the crowd of Tinkerbats parted for a group of four holding a large tub of seawater over their heads. After a moments hesitation. they went to the Captain and dumped the water on her.

Risky Boots immediately stood up and screamed "MUTINY!! I'LL HAVE YOUR HEADS!!!!" She opened her eyes and glared at her crew, who cowered before her. Filled with rage, she stamped her foot. "OWWWWWW......" It was then that she realized she was barefoot in front of her crew. Crimson color filled her dimpled, blue cheeks. She screamed again and ran for the ship, stumbling and stubbing her toes. She was so mortified, she didn't even notice the toe rings falling off her feet as she ran down the hill. She screamed again when she got to her beloved vessel. Painted on the port side hull was a crude picture of a bare sole and the words "S.S. Risky Toes" in childish script. She ran up the gangway on sore feet and headed straight to her cabin. She opened her sea locker and was shocked to see all of her boots were missing. In their place was a familiar pair of red pointed slippers with a note on top. She picked it up and saw that the note was in her own handwriting:

"Scuttle Town sends its thanks, Risky Toes.

The Captain's snarled as she grabbed the slippers and a dagger.  Soon the genie shoes were in shreds around and on her bare feet.  it took her a moment to realize what she had done.  Now she had nothing to wear on her feet until new boots could be made.
Risky Toes by Fumanchu55
This was a story written at my request by fumanchu55 back on 7th September 2013. He had no experience with the series but still told what I feel to be a good story. Sadly, his account is now inactive (as I've just been informed), so here is the story was it was released back then. Enjoy.
EVA sighed. Snake had somehow escaped from Groznjy Grad and made his way to their rendevous point, despite his now missing eye. Right now, he was out hunting some animals with just the fork he'd gotten while in his cell. EVA had been hoping he'd eat some of the food she'd brought with her, but apparently he preferred fresh meat over crappy GRU rations. All she could do was stay here and wait for him, hoping no troops had been sent down here to look for Snake's body.

Unbeknownst to her, another kind of snake was slowly creeping up on her from the mouth of the cave. It was a large python with big yellow eyes. It licked its lips in anticipation as it slithered ever closer.

EVA turned in time to see the python, its head raised to eye level, staring directly at her. The snake's huge eyes were not the biggest surprise though. The biggest surprise was that it spoke.

"Exsssscusssse me," the snake hissed in an almost gentlemanly tone that caught EVA even more off guard.

"You... can talk?" The snake seemed almost puzzled by this question, as if him speaking was the most natural thing in the world.

"Of coursssse I can," it replied. "It issss only natural for a ssssnake of this region to sssspeak. But what about you, girl-cub? You sssseem foreign to thissss jungle."

"Well, I'm not originally from... Wait, why am I talking to a snake?" This was all very strange for EVA.

"Pleasssse, girl-cub," the snake hissed as its eyes began to change colour. "Won't you trusssst in meee?" Coloured rings began to expand outwards from the snake's pupils. Green, blue and yellow rings emanated from his eyes, creating an enticing pattern that EVA could not take her eyes away from. The repeated pattern of green, blue, yellow droned on and on, boring into her mind until her pupils shrunk to pin pricks and her eyes began to reflect the rings. A big goofy grin spread across EVA's lips as a ping went off in her head as she surrendered her will to the snake.

Kaa grinned as he looked over his new slave. "Very good, girl-cub. Firsssst, why don't you sssstrip out of thosssse clothessss?" he suggested. He felt an unnatural lust for this human woman and wanted to see her naked body, despite their obvious incompatibility.

"Yessss, Masssster," EVA replied before she started to strip out of her uniform. Her boots, jacket, skirt and stockings soon lay on the cave floor at her feet and she was about to begin removing her bra and panties when Kaa commanded her to stop. He stared at her body, growing more and more attracted to her. He wanted her. Even though he knew having such feelings for another species was both disgusting and illogical, he simply had to have her because that made total sense and was not at all forced and contrived.

He commanded his slave to taken on various sexy poses, not hearing the one-eyed man sneaking up behind him.

* * *

Some time later, Snake sat by the newly arranged camp fire, eating his first proper meal since he'd been captured. The now awakened but still half-naked EVA stood across from him, watching. He noticed her standing there and held out a some of his food.

"Want some?" he offered.

"No thanks," she replied simply.

"Don't like snakes?" he asked as he got back to eating the freshly cooked snake on a stick.

"Not for dinner."
EVA's Temptation
Yeah, I hate Kaa and I've had this idea since I first found DA through BrokenTeapot's stuff and saw all his Smash bros and Kaa pictures. I decided to write it after ChaosOverlordZ agreed he's overused. I considered having him play out the scenes from the movie verbatim like a lot of people do, but that would have been too boring to write so fuck that noise.

So, yeah, fuck Kaa and fuck people who write him as attracted to other species because bestiality FTW! Christ.
"Looook into my eyes!"

"Look into... your... eyes..."

It was a typical scene in the Mato house. Yuta had successfully managed to hypnotize one of the girls and was going to have some 'fun' with her. In this instance, it was Washina. Yuta quickly pulled Washina into her room and locked the door, lest anyone enter and find them out.

"Okay, Washina, you are now my slave," Yuta commanded.

"Yes, Mistress Yuta," Washina droned in response. "I am your slave."

"Great! You know what to do then."

"Yes, Mistress," replied Washina, who, having been in this situation more times than she could count, did as she was told and stripped down to her underwear, which bore the signature spirals of Professor Mato's upcoming brand of spiral-themed clothing; each cup bore a spiral, as did the buttocks, with a fifth on the crotch. Overkill perhaps, but Yuta liked the design.

"Those undies are super cute on you, Washina," Yuta commented, taking in the sight.

"Thank you, Mistress," Washina responded, a slight smile spreading across her entranced lips.

"Okay, let's get down to business," Yuta said, clapping her hands together. "First... Hey. You know, I've never seen you with your hair down, only in a ponytail. Will you show me?"

"Yes, Mistress." Washina's hand robotically reached for her scrunchie and swiftly pulled it free of her hair, allowing her beautiful teal locks to flow over her shoulders and down her back.

Yuta stared in wonder. She knew Washina was cute, really cute. But something stirred inside the robot girl. The girl stood before her no longer seemed 'cute'; that word seemed... inadequate. No, this girl, this woman, as she stood entranced and obedient, was so beautiful. Even her recently acquired scar did nothing to diminish her beauty.

Yuta unconsciously reached out a hand and played with Washina's hair, twirling it around her finger. It felt like a fine silk, and it smelled of coconut. Yuta felt an odd compulsion come over her, a desire to kiss the girl before her.

But she stopped.

Her eyes met Washina's glassy grey eyes and she felt a pang of guilt. She quickly pulled away and gathered her thoughts. Was it really fair to do this? Washina had come to Yuta's room to talk and Yuta had immediately forced her into one of her games. The least she could do is hear what Washina had come to say before proceeding.

Yuta sat down on her bed and motioned for Washina to do the same. The Atlantean obeyed.

"Washina? I'm going to wake you up now. When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up. But don't be mad, okay?"

"Yes, Mistress Yuta. I hear and I obey."

Yuta snapped her fingers and Washina shook her head. "How do you feel?" Yuta asked, feeling strangely concerned.

"Ugh... Fine, I... guess," Washina groaned. "Wish I could get used to this. Hey, why am I... oh. 'Games'."

"I'm sorry," Yuta replied sadly.

"Huh? You're... what?" It was a surprise to hear Yuta apologise for anything, especially for her hypnotic antics. "That's... okay, I guess. Hey, why is my hair down?"

"I... thought you might be more comfortable that way," Yuta replied unconvincingly.

"O...kay then. So why am I awake now?" Washina asked as she walked to her discarded clothes and bent down to pick them up." Don't you normally send us away and have us forget? That's what I usually do."

"Yeah, but..." Yuta simply stared until Washina turned back around with her clothes in hand. "Y-You wanted to talk to me, right?

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I... I just wanted to thank you again for helping nurse me after... well..." Washina unconsciously rubbed her scar as she spoke.

"Oh... Yeah, of course. We're friends, right?"

"Friends..." Washina didn't like that word. "Hey, can you... come over here a sec?"

"O-Okay..." Yuta was sure she was going to get scolded or slapped or something as she slowly approached the now fully clothed Washina.

"Hey, why do you look so scared?" Washina asked in a reassuring tone. "I just want to check something."

"Check... what?"

"Well, since I turned eighteen, I've been... maturing… I guess. I think seeing Jake's struggles has helped me to realise what I was doing. I never really took any steps to make up for what I did with Dark Eden. I made you and Diana and... Mina... all into my slaves and turned you on your friends. But I never really did anything to say I was sorry. I just came back and moved in without a single word of apology. But you guys still accepted me regardless. You shouldn't have, you really shouldn't, but you did. And I'll always be very grateful for that. So I promised myself I'd do like Jake did and make myself a better person. I've decided never to, uh... 'play games' like that any more."

Washina's words struck a cord with Yuta. She too had begun feeling somewhat guilty over her 'games' of late, though her personal catalyst was likely her discipline from her mother. Yuta nodded. "I’ll... try to stop too. I dunno if I can-"

Washina smiled and ruffled the robot girl's blonde hair. "Yuta, trust me. You can. You may not think it, but your will is strong. And if we help each other, I'm sure we can grow up. Together."

Yuta smiled back. "Yeah! Let's grow up together!"

"That's the Yuta I know and... A-Anyway, like I said, I wanted to… test something."

"Huh?" Before Yuta could react, Washina leaned in and kissed her. It was different from how they kissed when one of them was hypnotized. No tongue, no wild touching, just... passion. Yuta's hand began to play with Washina's hair again, and Washina's hand did the same. Yuta allowed Washina to continue for who knows how long, before the Atlantean princess finally pulled away.

"Hmm... I'm still not sure," Washina muttered. "I might need time to properly figure things out. Sorry to pull that on you so suddenly."

Yuta avoided eye contact.

"I-I see this is kinda... awkward. I-I'll get going now. See you later?"

"Y-Yeah, sure..."

As Washina left, Yuta traced a finger over her lips, where Washina had kissed her. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before. She felt dizzy. She collapsed onto her bed, face flush and heart racing a mile a minute. She stared after Washina and saw that her scrunchie lay discarded on the carpet. Yuta picked it up and stared at it as she returned to her bed. She slowly lifted it to her nose and caught a whiff of the scent. It still smelled of coconut.
HypnoBishoujoLand: Coconut
I felt a random compulsion to write something with these two, so here it is. I feel these are two for the characters in most need of development, so let's hope they can move forward in future (maybe even together).
Talia Summoned by VG-MC
Talia Summoned
Alia is summoned from her sleep by some unknown master. I put the mature filter on because you can see her nipples.
Another Satisfied Customer by VG-MC
Another Satisfied Customer
Looks like Dr. Friedlander finally did something useful and hypnotized Amanda and Tracey (and increased Amanda's bust size for good measure). As for Jimmy, you can probably guess what he's up to.

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