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Okay, I'm going to do a trial run for story commissions. I'll accept a few commissions if people are interested and see how it goes before I decide if this will become a regular thing.

Price: $1 per 100 words. Payments accepted via PayPal.

*No sex
*No malesub
*No vore
*No Kaa/Kaa-like creatures
*Characters in fetish works MUST be of legal age

I may loosen up on some of these rules if this becomes a regular thing.

I reserve the right to reject ideas I take issue with.


HypnoBishoujoLand: Diana (Katseye) by VG-MC
HypnoBishoujoLand: Diana (Katseye)
I used Hero Machine 3 (… to make this image of Diana the neko girl from HypnoBishoujoLand (….

This is her superheroine identity, Katseye, from my latest story, Black and White.
This file contains complete spoilers for my new HBL story, Black and White. Be sure to read that before continuing.

•I began writing this story a very long time ago. I believe I began writing it before beginning Darkest. Thanks to other projects - including various backstory elements that needed fleshing out in their own stories (like War of Mind and the A.S.I.D.E. story) - the story was repeatedly pushed back.

•The story stemmed from four separate story ideas. First was the idea of the prejudice against nekos thing. I'm not sure if the Black Cat gang was going to be in it at first but I didn't have an idea for how it would all be resolved, aside from Diana stepping up to help save the day.

•Second was Malroth's prize for winning the art portion of the first HBL contest. He wanted a story in which Diana gained super powers. This introduced the idea of Diana restoring the good names of nekos everywhere by becoming a super heroine. I realised that the story would have to take place after La Femme Rosemary because of Diana's inferiority complex over having not accomplished anything showcased in that story. The only way around it would have been to have Diana have her memory erased and I didn't want to do that.

•Third was the idea of Rosemary's ultimate fate. I'd come up with this idea since I felt that Rosemary was a fairly one-dimensional villain and having her be forcefully made good and repentant would add some layers to her character and cause some good conflict with morality for Jake. I think the original plan was to have Jake and the girls set a trap with Jake pretending to be hypnotized by Rosemary and take advantage of a shoulder massage to hypnotize her. I thought that Diana, Rosemary's nemesis, defeating her for good seemed like a good idea, especially with Diana rarely helping to defeat villains. Plus, Rosemary being behind the Black Cat Gang to get back at Diana made sense, especially if inciting the racial hatred was something she was aiming for. The entire idea of Rosemary's fate was fully approved by her creator, who had had his own ideas relating to a kind of redemption for Rosemary.

•Fourth was planned to be another Sarah-centric story where she was to fight against a group of corrupt cops. The villain would have been inspired by Chief Judge Cal from Judge Dredd. The end result of the story would have been mostly the same with Sarah rediscovering Captain Anime’s identity and her feelings for Jake, as well as becoming chief of police.

•The story was originally going to be split up once I realised I’d reached almost forty pages and Diana wasn’t even in her proper costume yet, due to my desire to not have the events move too quickly. I intended to split the story in half with the scene of Rosemary reacting to the news about the neko heroine, in which it would be revealed that Ms. Violet was actually Rosemary. At the time, she was known simply as “The Mistress”.

The Mistress watched in tranquil fury as the news reported that two dozen Black Cat Gang members had been arrested, and not all by the police. Even Jake hadn't arrested them all; it was a teenage girl whom Jay’tona Gentlebreeze had labelled "The Wonder Neko". They had nothing on the girl aside from the blue hair and white fur that could just barely be seen in the footage he had managed to snag.

“Diana,” she growled, lightly running her fingers over the scar on the cheek. She hit a button on her chair to activate the intercom. “Felicia, send some people to spy on the Mato house and the surrounding houses. I want constant updates on her whereabouts and activities.”

“As you command, Mistress,” Felicia replied from the other end.

“So Diana’s out to stop me again, eh?” the mistress mused. She still hadn’t forgotten what that neko bitch had cost her last time, but she swore that this time, Diana would know what it was to make Rosemary Violet her enemy.

I intended to release that story first, but godzillahomer suggested releasing the whole arc in one go, which turned out for the best with some of the later story revisions. Part 1 was finished on the 6th September. The story was on track to be a full trilogy with Part 1 being the build up, Part 2 being the resolution and Part 3 being the upcoming aftermath. When Part 2 turned out roughly twice as long as Part 1, and since it was all one story, I decided to release it as one long story.

•I decided now was the perfect time to expand Washina's character as I felt that Neowhyachi had given her some great potential as the princess of Atlantis, who is exiled and seeks redemption for her evil acts, yet never really characterized her much beyond "the lesbian character". And a story about Diana, the one who still doesn't trust her, seemed like a good place to include it. I had Diana finally forgive Washina because I felt her hatred of her was getting downright petty by the more recent stories, and Diana was becoming too much of an out-of-character bitch because of it.

•The title has a double meaning. The first refers to the colour schemes of Diana and the Black Cats, as pointed out by Kitty when discussing the costume's design. Second is to the very morally ambiguous actions taken in the closing scenes surrounding Rosemary.

•Felicia's surname, Mezzanotte, is Italian for 'midnight'. She was also originally called Felina, but that is already in use, so I named her Felicia after Spider-Man's partner/love interest, Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat.

•Gatto Nero is Italian for 'Black Cat'.

•The 1000% thing was an accident; it was supposed to just be 100% but when I noticed, I just thought, "Screw it, it's so Mato" and left it in.

•Professor Hamilton was originally going to play a part in Diana getting her powers, but this was changed fairly early on. Her interaction with Lucia came from this phase of development.

•Midori and Jen leaving for a while was an idea I had about 3/4 through writing, as I realised the two could pretty easily deal with a lot of the issues, especially with Jen being more powerful from having Jake as her master. I'd already written Diana scolding Midori twice and thought that would be a good enough excuse for her to go out to train for a while. It also led conveniently to my idea of Midori being captured by the Black Cats. Jen required a little more thought to decide her reason for being absent. The removal came fairly late in writing, forcing me to remove them from the reality TV and slumber party/sleepwalking scenes. Neither did anything of note other than Midori being one of the ones brought in wearing “sexy underwear”.

•Another unused idea was that Diana would continue life as usual while acting as a heroine, but she would be tired during the day and nap a lot. Jen would even let her share her room and comment on how cat-like it is.

•Diana's initial costume was based on the PokeBishoujoLand version of her I designed. Her second costume was finished on 12th July 2013, though lacking the hair dye. After deciding to add that, I went through a number of different colours and asked a few other contributors who knew about the concept for their opinions. Ultimately, dark blue was chosen and the design was finalised on the 13th. Other options can be seen here:

•At one point, Jake was supposed to have an imagine spot while thinking about the fact that Diana is a super heroine. In the spot, Diana would be dressed as Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana. I couldn’t find a place to put it without breaking up the flow of a scene, so it was cut.

•It was originally Sarah who voiced concerns about corruption within the YPD, but I decided to have it be Jess to allow Sarah some development by shaking up her belief in the justice system.

•Sarah was also supposed to at some point conclude that Captain Anime was Vice based on his powers, comically missing the more obvious choice. Given how the story went and the fact that Sarah would come off as quite stupid for thinking that, the idea won’t be used.

•Sarah and Mato's bonding was not planned. I started writing the small talk and the conversation just flowed into that.

•Originally, I was going to use one of GH’s suggestions that SleepyHypno’s Nadia be used. Her intended role was to be released and controlled by Rosemary to kidnap Kitty. I ultimately cut her to not introduce too many plot threads. This is also the reason for the running gag surrounding Dr. Snow, who was intended to be captured by Rosemary and be given a verbal beat down for her previous actions, as was Lady Krymsyn.

•There was going to be a secret tunnel from the lab to the Cat Cave.

•Dawn was supposed to go out searching for the Black Cats as a favour to Jake.

•Sarah was supposed to have a “Heroic Blue Screen of Death” moment during the fight with the corrupt officers, brought on by her views of justice being shattered. I felt that her exploding in rage and kicking lots of ass would fit better. Also, the last part of her fight was supposed to have her set off to help the others, but having no contact with the house, setting up the question of what happened to them until they show up at the bunker. I felt the ending to the scene we have now fit better so I dropped the idea.

•Sarah’s final battle, and some of its choreography, were inspired by the final boss fight of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, similar to how Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes inspired some of War of Mind.

•Midori's original role in the story was to be a potential slave of Rosemary during the finale. She was going to lose to Diana in a one-on-one fight. I think it was because the idea formed before I wrote Darkest, when I wasn’t too fond of the character. When I came up with the idea of a Black Cat lieutenant they'd interrogate, I couldn't think of an established member that would make sense away from the base, so I settled on Midori. After moving her to a lieutenant away from the base, it seemed right for her to join the two heroes afterwards. The intention with the scene and its build-up was to make the reader thing it was Barbra they were after. Did I have you going there? Also, thanks to GH for the suggestion of locale for this scene.

•Washina's role was originally to be captured and forced to fight Diana, after which she would take the bullet, which was originally the catalyst for her being forgiven. Then I had the idea of the collar twisting one's perceptions to make them think serving Rosemary would help them achieve their true goal, so I had Washina break down under the collar's influence At which point it, it felt like her being forgiven was the only way to end the fight.

•Mina was also intended to have been one of Rosemary's slaves for the finale, Diana having to get through to her by telling her that friendship is more powerful than hypnosis and she shouldn't be willing to kill. I don't quite recall why the idea was cut, though it may have just been because in writing the story, it just flowed into the current scenario instead and I preferred it. That does tend to happen.

•As I was writing Dawn's arrival, I considered the idea of it being Lilith showing up instead, hence her later appearance in a similar fashion. I figured both worked, but I'd written this much before stopping to make a decision:

The trio looked up to see a familiar-looking succubus with flowing red hair with black streaks, in a black business suit and dark glasses.

"Lilith-san?" Midori gasped.

"Ohayo, Emerald-chan," Lilith greeted as she touched down beside them. "And how are you two?"

"F-Fine," the two replied shakily.

"I'm guessing Diana - nice costume, by the way - annnnnd... Jake?"

"How is everyone figuring this out now?" Jake sighed.

"Diana was obvious - no offense - and you being the only guy at the Mato house likely to be the captain - who I've always thought looked so dashing -

•"The Rose's Thorn" was going to be the name of the base, but I felt it suited the actual instrument of revenge much more. The name reveal would have naturally occurred around the same time as in the final version so as not to make Violet's identity too obvious.

•Jake falling under mind control, I feel, is probably the most shocking thing to happen in the story for those who follow my stories, given that I've never written explicit malesub before (crowds going under would presumably include some men, but it was never mentioned). Even though malesub really puts me off, I felt that it really worked here for drama, especially since Jake is Diana's mentor and has power armour for greater defence.

•The love touch part had two concepts since I don’t think Jake’s ever used his love touch on Washina, who is gay. One was for it to work properly and she would fight Diana briefly. Second was that it wouldn’t work, so he would throw her at Diana, transferring the energy to Diana. I asked GH about how the power should affect her and he suggested she would develop a platonic love for him.

•Washina's survival was originally to be revealed when on a stretcher outside. The problem was that I couldn't find a way to make it work since someone would obviously check on her before going outside. Adding the part with Jake approaching her body fixed pretty much everything.

•Jake and Diana's kiss had two previous versions. The first had Jake give Diana mouth-to-mouth after she received and injury. During this, Diana woke up and kissed him back. Seeing as this was their first real kiss, Jake felt both guilty and happy. The second version was that after Rosemary was defeated, Diana would wake Jake up (Jake having been unconscious since being freed from Rosemary's control) and he would make his comment about it being the second time she's saved him, and he'd initiate the kiss, kind of a play on the super hero saving the girl and getting a kiss.

•Jake and Sarah’s talk had a number of locations before the final setting. First was following the house fire, with Jake returning home to let the others know how Diana was before heading out, only for Sarah to ask Jake if he had a minute and talking in his room before he left. Since that particular scene was cut to move the story forward a little faster and it seemed a little inappropriate after such an emotional high, it had to be moved. Second was just before he headed out to find Diana following Allison’s abduction, taking place next to Sarah’s squad car. Since there could be a lot of eavesdroppers and this was immediately following an intentionally very hectic scene, it had to be moved again to the much more fitting epilogue section.

•Allison was originally going to go to Elfland to be Barbara's teaching assistant, but the Kulon Lab made more sense overall.

•Sarah's new look was inspired by Officer Cybil Bennet from Silent Hill.

•Lilith’s involvement in the Rosemary brainwashing scene was gbrn32e's idea as Lilith had been established as playing a part in Rosemary's corruption into the complete sociopath she is, so Lilith being present to see that part of Rosemary come to an end made sense. This also led to Lilith's appearance earlier on. This scene was considered to include Diana, but I felt it best to leave her out to set up something else later on.

•Rosemary was originally going to recruit Scientist Yuta as well. I discarded the idea pretty quickly as I’m really not fond of Night of a Thousand Yutas. Pandora and her sisters were to teleport into the lab, activate her and leave before anyone noticed. Here is a scene she was to appear in:

Violet held a meeting with Professor Meito and Dr. Wheely to discuss the purpose of the device. "When I served as Mato's assistant, I found that he keeps detailed records of everything that happens around his home and to those who live in it. I looked through these files and learned some rather interesting things. Do you gentlemen recall an event roughly nine months ago, where all women on the planet were under the control of someone named 'Jake' for a few minutes? I'm sure none of us women do as we all fell under his spell."

"Jake as in Professor Mato's grandson?" asked Pandora.

"So I was correct in assuming that was Mato's doing?" asked Meito.

"Yes. As it turns out, the device was created by Professor Mato at the behest of an alien, whose goal was to amplify her psychic powers to enslave all the minds on the planet. Evidently, she managed to dominate the minds of all women before falling under Jake's influence, spreading his control to all our minds as well. It would seem the boy has a sense of morality..." she stopped to laugh at the idea alongside Meito, Wheely and Slate. The enslaved women joined in to please their mistress.

"...So he relinquished his control over us. My aim is to achieve a similar effect but without the morality to hold me back. An A.I. of mine was able to send me the files on the device before she was wiped. We will create a similar device so that all the minds on the planet will fall under my control."

"And just how does this benefit us?" asked Dr Wheely.

"Once the entire population of the planet is mine to command, I will make then turn against the old man and bring him here."

"Can't you just enslave him?" asked Slate.

"I'm afraid not. During my time as his assistant, I attempted many times to take control of him through a number of devices he created, as well as my own hypnotic headbands. He seems to be immune to mental manipulation of all kinds, something I'm sure Barbara here can attest to."

"Yes, Mistress Violet. I've never seen him under anyone else's control. Likely because he is too insane and his mind is too cluttered to allow it."

"My thoughts exactly, dear. I can see why he chose you as his assistant."

"Thank you, Mistress," replied the brunette, blushing at the compliment.

"But can he not be manipulated through his ego?" asked Slate.

"He can," replied Barbara. "But he may give out details of the project without thinking. And news of his abduction last time the Black Cats were active reached as far as Elfland. It would be best to leave him out of it for now."

"Exactly," nodded Violet. "Now, as I was saying, the mindless masses will bring him here, where he will be placed into a virtual reality device of his own creation, and we will each take turns exacting revenge and what have you."

"But we don't want revenge on Professor Mato, Mistress Violet," said Susanna meekly. Her sisters nodded.

"You do now."

"Yes, Mistress. We do want revenge," the three said in unison as their minds were altered.

"He's never noticed your love for him, no matter how hard you try. He deserves to be punished for this."

"Yes, he must pay," said Pandora.

"His ignorance will be his undoing," said Susanna.

"We'll make him run through the fields naked," said Akemi, causing her sisters to drool and their compatriots to shudder.

"Moving away from... that, what of Captain Anime?" asked Wheely.

"And Karl Summers?" demanded Meito.

"And Sarah?" asked Barbara.

"And Big Brother?" asked the Yuta Bot.

"I don't know where Karl Summers is since the Professor didn't keep any records of him, but the rest will be assigned as slaves to those who want them."

"Yay!" cheered Yuta.

"And the world will be divided up between us.

She was also intended to be reactivated in the obedient setting to head the creation of the device to disable the collars before being replaced by Homeshield. This is where the idea for the Yuta Bots’ later appearance came from.


Of everything in the story, one of the things I'm most proud of is Kitty and her relationship with Diana. Kitty was barely characterised at all before I found the series and I added little bits here and there - like her being playful, enjoying the odd video game and liking the idea of Diana and Jake getting together - but I think her character really shines in this story.

I'm also quite fond of the end result of the Diana/Washina dynamic evolving too, as well as Sarah's advancement.

Also, in a standard novel format, this story is roughly 200 pages long. Guess that proves I can do it.
Behind-the-Scenes: Black and White
The Black Cat Gang returns, just as Diana is going through some big changes. The white cat must stand against the black to protect those she loves.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Behind-the-Scenes
Lilith could sense a great power emanating from inside the base. Growing worried about those inside, she wanted to wrap things up as soon as possible. That would prove difficult with so many opponents with collars that protected them from hypnosis. Although ineffective, draining still worked and it was about the only way the three were able to stay on their feet at this point. Lilith pulled an enemy in with the whip and drained them before passing the energy on to Midori.

"Arigatou!" the samurai called as she knocked out another neko with black of her blade.

Dawn used the weight of her claymore to knock weapons from the hands of a few other nekos and beat them unconscious. She backed up towards Midori to take a little of the energy Lilith had given her. "There’s a lot of them," she noted.

"Yes. I am surprised by their numbers."

"Most of them have those collars on," Lilith pointed out as she backed up towards them. "Most of them must be here unwillingly."

"Why were so many abductions never reported?" Midori asked.

"To avoid mass panic probably. That or a cover-up."

"Anyway, can we focus on the immediate problem instead of the root cause please?" Dawn asked as the nekos grew closer.

"This would be so much easier if I still had my Phantom Sabre," Lilith sighed, recalling the weapon she had left embedded in her husband’s chest, a slight smile forming on her lips.

"How many do you think there are?" Midori asked.

"Few dozen down, hundred or so here, more on the way," Lilith surmised.


"Don’t let it get to you, Midori-chan. They can’t all attack at once or they’d all trample each other to death, so they have to attack in groups, which is our key to winning."

"Well, there’s that too," Dawn said, pointing to a familiar jet approaching the bunker. It deployed smoke and tear gas to provide the occupants with cover as they disembarked.

"Well, I’ll be," Lilith uttered, recognising the jet’s design.

Mina, Lilly, Lucia, Fawn, Katia and Yuta exited the jet and joined the others.

"So this is where you went, Dawn," said Fawn. "we were getting worried."

"Told you it was obvious," Lilith chuckled before finding herself on the receiving end of a bear hug courtesy of Lucia.

"Mother!" she cried happily.

"H-Hi, Lucia," Lilith choked.

"Why are you here?" Midori asked Lilly.

"The professor figured out it was Rosemary behind this-"

"Rosemary!?" Dawn and Midori shouted.

"I thought as much," said Lilith as she pulled away from Lucia’s hug.

"Yes, so we thought you guys could use some help so we came here as quickly as we could," Lilly explained. "Good to see you again, Lilith."


"I won’t turn you down, but are you sure you can all help?" Dawn replied.

"Just trust us," the mage replied.

But now, the smoke had cleared, allowing Felicia to see the newcomers. "What, more of them? Everyone get them!"

Mass chaos erupted in the area, neko after neko rushing in to stop the group, clearly not in their right minds if they didn’t immediately turn and run.

Lilith, Midori and Dawn took a short break while the others got involved.

Katia, wielding her personal rapier the Royal Rose, gracefully side stepped an opponent and jabbed him in the shoulder. The blade had had an elven herb rubbed along the blade, allowing it to numb the limbs of those she jabbed. She then jabbed his thighs, keeping him from fighting. Katia flicked her hair back and jabbed the collar of the next opponent, destroying the device without causing any damage to the now unconscious victim.

A neko attacked Fawn, whose voice proved useless. Lucia quickly grabbed him and hugged him tightly with his face in her breasts until he passed out from lack of oxygen. Not that he minded much. After dropping the man, she went and hugged another one. And another, and another. Fawn simply sighed at her inability to help. Until another neko attack and she screamed, her voice creating sound waves that sent him flying. She placed her hand over her mouth in shock before smiling and seeing if she could make this new ability manifest on command.

Yuta tried her hypnosis, which naturally failed. So she then began lifting and throwing people with her monstrous strength.

Lilly cast various spells against their attackers, while also watching over Mina’s own attempts. She did well enough, though she had a clear lack of control with her magic. Lilly was about to speak up when Dawn leaned in.

"Diana’s counting on you here, kid. Focus on that."

Mina looked at Dawn, then back at the neko about to pounce on her. Resolute, Mina blasted him back with a controlled fireball that made her mother smile proudly.

Catching sight of an opening toward Felicia, Lilith patted Midori’s shoulder and indicated to the pair. Midori nodded and the two dashed towards the ringleaders. Barbra was surprisingly agile and was able to dodge Midori’s stun sword swings. Felicia was quickly disarmed and held against the bunker hatch by Lilith.

"So you’re the little ringleader out here, eh? What did Rosemary do to that little head of yours to make you so obedient?"

"She… She opened my eyes."

"Oh? How so?"

"In helping her bring order to the world, I can redeem myself for my actions as the leader of the Black Cats."

"By helping her perform illegal and immoral acts like slavery?"

"I… I need this. I was such a bad person back then, but this is my chance to-"

"Helping her won’t help you find redemption. It will only damn you further. If redemption is what you seek, help us stop her."

"You… You’d help me? After everything I’ve done?"

"Let’s just say I’m on my own quest for redemption. What do you say?"

"I... I can't..."

"What about now?" Lilith asked, twirling Felicia's collar on her finger.

"I-I'm free. I'm free!"

"That's right. But your friend over there..."

"Barbra? Barbra, stop fighting!" Felicia called.

"Huh? But-" Barbra had to dodge another swing.


"Midori, you too," Lilith added.

"Nani?" Midori responded, disbelieving. Lilith held her gaze, making Midori understand.

"I don't understand, Felicia," said Barbra as she approached. "Why are you...? Your collar. You're their puppet, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not. I'm me. for the first time in so long, I'm actually me again. You can be too if you let us help you."

"You're the one who gave me this collar to begin with and now you want to take it from me?" Barbra covered her collar protectively.

"It was wrong of me to do that to you. Even if I was under her sway, I could still think. I want to set things right, starting with you, my closest friend."

"Closest... friend?"

"Yes. Ever since you joined our cause out of sympathy, I've always enjoyed your company. I was so happy when Mis- when Violet put us together on so many missions. I want us to be together, Barbra. I... I love you."

"You... love me? I... I've always loved you too."

The two friends rushed forward and embraced one another. Felicia removed Barbra's collar and the two stared into each other's brown and green eyes for the first time in so many months. Their lips met and they both felt for the first time like their lives were complete.

"Sweet, isn't it?" Lilith asked Midori.

"Hai. Very sweet. But what of Diana-chan and Mato-kun?"

Lilith looked back to the others, who were wiping the floor with the Black Cats as police sirens approached. "This could be trouble," she said.

* * *

Rosemary ducked under Diana's feral swipe, the neko's massive claws ripping through anything they dug into like paper. She ran, but Diana was too fast, easily grabbing the woman's lab coat and pulling it harshly. Rosemary wriggled out of the coat and took off, only to quickly trip onto the floor.

Diana threw the coat aside and reached for Rosemary again, grabbing her left foot as she tried to crawl away. Rosemary slipped out of her shoe and kicked Diana in the face, only serving to anger her more. Quickly removing the other shoe for balance, Rosemary got to her feet and ran again, keeping the shoe in her hand as a weapon.

Allison tried to telepathically calm Diana to protect her mistress, but the neko's mind was a mess of hatred and murderous intent. Allison reached out to the other scientists and nekos for help, but they were all too scared of Diana to reveal themselves, hoping the neko would deal with Rosemary and leave them alone. There was but one mind she could reach out to to help save her mistress.

Rosemary found herself back into a corner, Diana walking towards her slowly, menacingly. Rosemary went to stab Diana in the eye with her heel, only for Diana to grab her wrist and squeeze tightly, breaking her wrist. Diana seemed to smile madly as Rosemary screamed in agony. Diana threw Rosemary back into the open and got down on all fours to pounce. Rosemary tried to scramble back to her feet, but Diana leapt onto her and began beating her savagely, raining down blows and leaving scratches that were sure to leave bruises, maybe even scars - if she was lucky.

"Kill... you!" Diana growled as she began to dig her claws into Rosemary's heart. Rosemary knew Diana was going to rip her heart out.

Diana's ears suddenly perked up and she stopped digging as a strange humming could be heard. Diana let go and rushed over to the source of the humming. Rosemary slowly and quietly got back to her feet, spying Diana, nuzzling up to her mother, who was humming her daughter a lullaby. Diana lay down, resting her head on the mother's chest, and fell asleep.

Taking her chance, Rosemary ran. Allison could finish up here, but she had to flee if she was to survive with that... monster on the loose. Twice now, Diana had foiled her plans and left her with potentially nothing. She rounded a corner toward the secret escape route and bumped into something. She quickly realised it was Jake, though not quickly enough to escape him grabbing her wrist tightly and infusing her with the power of his love touch.

Rosemary's eyes turned gold and Jake became the centre of her world. "Oh, Jake, you've become so handsome since I last saw you," she swooned, running a finger up and down his chest. "Tell me what I can do for you and I'll obey."

"First thing I want is for you to stop the Rose's Thorn."

"Of course, Master. Anything for you." Allison? she thought to the psychic.

Mistress, you're okay? What do you need... of... meee...?" Much like with Freyka, telepathy proved to be a perfect transmission device for Jake's power.

Master Jake wants the device disabled, Rosemary commanded.

Of course. Anything for Jake.

Jake returned to the main chamber, Rosemary in tow. The brainwashed female scientists all crowded around Rosemary to make sure she was okay, while the evil male scientists attempted to flee.

"Allison!" Jake called out.

"Yes, Jake," Allison replied lovingly before connecting with the minds of the men and freezing them in place.

With that dealt with, Jake moved over to Kitty and Diana. Diana was fast asleep beside her mother, who stroked her hair as she slept. Ripped costume aside, there was no evidence that Diana had ever changed.

She slowly opened her eyes. "Mmm... Mom?"

"I'm here, Sweetie," her mother smiled.

"Mom," Diana mumbled, hugging her mother tightly.

"I’m glad you’re okay," Jake whispered as he crouched next to the two.

"You too," Kitty whispered back. "I know my little girl caused you some trouble during all this Jake. Thanks for being there to show her the ropes."

"I, uh, take it Rosemary told you who I am?"

"No. I figured that out myself a while ago."


"I love superheroes. And I think you and Diana and Midori… even Yuta, are all so brave and cool for doing what you do."

Jake blushed a little. "Thanks. But, I guess you can add Dawn to that list now."

"Oh? Is her costume good?"


Kitty giggled. "I’ll wait and see."

"Yeah." As Jake looked around the area, he noticed the motionless body of Washina nearby and his heart sank. He slowly approached and fell to his knees beside her. Despite everything, Washina had been a good friend since moving in, even sharing pictures and stories of various hot girls she'd encountered, which Jake had always enjoyed. He leaned into kiss her on the forehead as a way of saying goodbye.

"…'m not sure the Prince Charming bit would work on a gay girl, Jake."

Jake opened his eyes and saw Washina's eye half open, smiling weakly. Overcome with joy, Jake kissed Washina on the lips. Quickly realising what he was doing, he pulled back, embarrassed.

"Good a kisser as you are... 's not gonna turn me straight."

Jake sat back and laughed, Washina joining in until her wound started to hurt.

* * *

After getting Washina patched up by the surprisingly adept Noble sisters, they group headed outside, Jake and Linda supporting Barbara, Diana and Allison supporting Kitty, and XL-9 and Janet supporting Washina. They were surprised to find not only Dawn and Midori outside, but the other girls from the house, Lilly, Lilith and half the YPD led by Sarah in arresting the Black Cats. Some of the girls noticed them and rushed over to see if they were okay.

"We're fine, Mina" Jake replied. "The device has been stopped and Rosemary-"

"Yes, Master?"

The other girls were on edge upon seeing her. Jake simply held up a hand and said, "Love touch." They relaxed upon hearing this. "But these three need medical assistance."

"This way," Fawn replied, leading them to a group of ambulances, where paramedics began treating Barbara, Kitty and Washina.

As the girls caught up, Jake knew he'd have to decide what to do with Rosemary. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Lilith, who guided him to a nearby tree. "You did well, Jake," she said.

"Diana did most of it," he replied somewhat dejectedly. "I really just got in the way."

"Either way, something needs to be done and with what Sarah uncovered tonight, I don't trust the local authorities to hand out proper judgement."

"So there was corruption?"

"Straight up to the chief."

"Damn. What do we do then?"

"I recommend getting her to your car and sending her back to the lab. The professor went to the Worldwide News Network building and used a device to disable the collars so he should be back by the time she gets there. We can decide what to do with her when we get back."

"Right." Jake infused Rosemary with another dose of love touch and said, "Rosemary, I want you to listen. I want you to get in the Dasher and set the autopilot to get you back the Mato's lab. when you arrive, tell him you're in my power and that I want him to tie you up before my power wears off and that Lilith and I will be back later to decide your fate."

"Of course, Jake. As you wish."

Once the Dasher was out of sight, Jake and Lilith returned to the others.

"I'm really sorry, Mom," Diana cried.

"It's okay, Sweetie," her mother cooed. "It's only a teeny concussion. And you saved me."

"You saved me," Diana retorted. "I almost... killed her for..." Diana burst into tears and Kitty began once again stroking her head. "You didn't though. You saved everyone. You saved the world, Sweetie. I couldn't be more proud of you." Kitty began humming her daughter's favourite lullaby again, lulling her into a calm, peaceful sleep that she had most definitely earned.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Mina asked Washina worriedly.

"Oh, I'm fine. Hurts like a bitch, but I'll be fine." In truth, it was the worst pain she’d ever felt, but she didn’t want Mina to know that.

"But... they said you'll have a permanent scar where it went in."

"Through. It went through, Mina." The bullet had hit a little inward of Washina’s left hip

"But… they said if it was three inches higher, it would have hit your lung."

"Eh, just think of it as a reminder of the day Diana finally forgave me. And besides, you know what they say, chicks dig scars."

Mina chuckled lightly. "I guess so. I’m glad you’re alright." Mina hugged Washina tightly.

"Yeah. Me too."

"I feel so inadequate beside you, Dr. Beckett," Allison sighed.

"Please, call me Barbara. But why do you say that?"

"You were able to resist Rosemary's control. I just... obeyed."

"I have a lot of practice. Trust me, if you lived with old Mato, you'd be used to mind control too."

"Actually, I’m not completely sure what to do with myself anymore. I enjoy working with Professor Mato, but… this mind control stuff…"

"Yeah, Yoto does seem to be the central hub for bizarre mind control stuff. You know, the professor's lab on Kulon Island is in need of new researchers. I was the head researcher there for a while, but life as the Mato House had been so stressful, I just never went back. And teaching those working under me the ropes, I realised that my passion lay in teaching science, so the Professor helped set up a teaching position for me in Elfland. I’m sure the professor would be happy to set you up like that if you’d like."


"Of course. Just sleep on it, okay? You might change your mind about things once you’ve got everything sorted out."

"Alright. Thank you, Barbara."

"My pleasure, Allison."

"It was convenient that Rosemary called them all back, eh?" Jessica laughed as she, Sarah and Tabitha approached the group once the Black Cats were on their way to prison along with the scientists that had willingly assisted Rosemary.

"Yeah," Sarah replied before turning to the others. "I’m glad to see everyone’s okay."

"Even me?" Dawn snorted.

Sarah sighed. "Yes, Dawn, even you."

"Wait, you..."

"I’m glad you’re alright, yes."

"No, I mean, you know it’s me?"

"…That was supposed to be a secret? I thought you were just wearing a dominatrix outfit because you liked it."

Dawn hung her head as the others laughed.

"Do not worry, Dawn-san," Midori said with a hand on her shoulder. "I think you were very, uh… ‘cool’, I believe they say." The stars in Midori’s eyes made dawn feel a little bit better.

"Hey, where’s Rosemary?" Sarah asked, looking around. "I want to get her downtown as soon as possible."

"Actually…" Jake began nervously, but Lilith interrupted.

"Professor Mato wanted to get some information out of her regarding leaks in his security and how to undo the damage she’s done. He’ll release her into your custody when he’s done."

"I wish he’d run it by me first, but I guess it’s best he gets the information first," Sarah acknowledged.

"Hey, where are Angela and Lucy?" Jake asked.

"Oh, they stayed behind to keep the corrupt officers locked up," Jessica explained.

"By the way, Sarah," Yuta cut in. "Where are your shoes?"

Everyone looked down to see that Sarah hadn’t put her shoes back on before leading the true upholders of justice to the bunker. "On the roof," she muttered.


"I left them on the roof after my fight with the chief." The others began to chuckle, making Sarah blush bright red. "Wha-What’s so funny?"

"Just be happy Eve’s not here or she’d be all over you," Jessica joked.

"Hehe, true."

"Speaking of shoes, I could do with a pair myself," Diana spoke up, holding up her foot and wiggling her exposed toes outside her boots.

"Anyway," Jessica said, clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention. "You guys should get home now. We’ve got a lot of paperwork ahead of us."

"It’s okay, you two go too," Tabitha responded.

"You sure?" Sarah asked.

"After everything you guys did? I think you all deserve a rest. The Parker sisters and I will deal with it. Just drop in later on, okay?"

"You’re a lifesaver," Sarah sighed, hugging the neko officer tightly.

"Well, in that case, what do you guys say we head home now?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah!" everyone cheered.

"We clear to go?" Kitty asked the paramedics.

"I’d prefer it if you came to the hospital-"

"Oh, we have Professor Mato looking after us. We’ll be fine."

"I… guess that’s okay then."

"Thank you." Kitty kissed the paramedic on the cheek and headed into the jet with Jake, the Mato house girls, Lilly, Lilith, the scientists, XL-9, Felicia and Barbra.

"By the way," Jake asked as he took his seat. "Who piloted this thing here anyway?"

"I did," replied Lilly, taking her place in the pilot seat, joined by Jessica as co-pilot. "Does that surprise you?"

"Strangely… no."

"Good. Everybody fasten your seatbelts because we’re off."

* * *

Upon touching down in the Mato House front yard, everyone headed to the living room and dropped into various chairs and couches, except the Noble sisters, who went off to visit the professor, letting out loud squeals upon seeing his lab, and Barbara, who called the school she taught at to check on Morgan and let them know she was okay. Instead of sitting, Jake remained standing until Barb returned and took her seat and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.

"I’d just like to say that the fact that we can sit here right now and feel tired at all is all thanks to Diana for saving us – saving the world, really – from Rosemary’s grand scheme."

"Yeah, way to go, Diana!" Yuta cheered.

"You did great," Jessica complimented.

"Really, guys," Diana interrupted, embarrassed. "Jake’s the one who caught her."

"Not sure how much credit I can claim when I fell under her control again and you didn’t," Jake replied. "That’s twice now that you’ve saved us all and this time, it was on a much greater scale. That’s twice I’ve fallen under her power, and twice you’ve saved me. You’re a real hero, Diana."

Jake took Diana up in his arms and kissed her. She was surprised, but quickly returned the kiss, happy to finally be able to do this for real. Most of the others cheered, even if they had feelings for Jake themselves. Strangely, it seemed the most avid supporter was Washina.

Jake released the kiss but continued to stare into the neko’s eyes. For her part, Diana was so overcome with emotion that she couldn’t hold herself back.

"I love you, Jake," she said without thinking. She blushed when she realised what she’d said, averting her eyes to avoid the embarrassment.

Jake did much the same. "R…Really?"

"Y-Yeah. Really. I’ve always loved you. I think. I’ve never been in love before, but it felt… right to say it. Y’know?"


"W-What about y-you?"

"I’m not… sure, really."


"Can I…have some time to think about it?"


"Okay, lovebirds, we don’t want to make the others jealous," Jessica said playfully.

"Too late for that," Washina pointed out, indicating to the entranced Katia and Yuta.

"What happened to them?" Sarah asked.

"You need to ask," Dawn and Lilith replied from either side of the two, both somewhat miffed.

"How is everyone?" asked Eve as she entered the room.

"Eve? Why are you here?" Fawn asked, hugging her friend.

"The professor said you guys had had a really long day and could do with some help unwinding."

"You can say that again," Lilly replied, rubbing her sore shoulder.

"So he asked me to come and teach the girls how to help people unwind the right way."

"’The girls’?" Allison asked.

On cue, a dozen Yuta bots entered the room, all wearing maid outfits, their eyes glassy and lifeless.

"I dunno what the deal is with these things, but the Professor said they’re all in ‘Obedience Mode’ so they’ll do as they’re told, I guess. So, who’s up for a foot massage?"

All of the Mato House girls immediately kicked their shoes off and put their feet up in anticipation. The other ladies were not as sure.

"Okay, girls, get to work," eve commanded.

"Yes, Mistress Eve," the bots replied before picking out their targets and getting to work while Eve herself noticed Lilith and approached.

"Hello again, dear," Lilith greeted.

"Hello again. You ready to take up that rain check?"

"Actually, since those bots learned from you, I assume you’re still better than them at massages."

"I guess so, yes."

"Then you should start with the hero of the hour, Diana."

"Okay then. If you’re sure."


Eve approached Diana and slipped her ravaged boots off. "Ah, the lovely size sevens. I’m going to enjoy massaging these again."

"And I’m sure I’ll enjoy- oh!" Diana could only relax in her seat between her mother and Washina as Eve worked her magic.

"Long day huh?"

"Oh, you have no idea."

* * *

Morning came soon, but no one could sleep, not after the crazy night they’d had. Sarah and Jessica left for the station early on, leaving the others to just sit in the living room and talk. The scientists were all down in the lab, finishing up the serum to cure Diana while Mato continued his interrogation of Rosemary. Around midmorning, Barbara, Allison and Linda returned with a small vial of green liquid.

"It’s ready, Diana," Barbara declared as the three entered the living room.

"What is?" the neko asked, standing up from the conversation.

"The serum to cure you," Allison replied. "We finished it last night."

"Under Allison’s leadership," Linda added.

"O-Only because I'd already worked on it, otherwise anyone could have-"

Barbara placed a hand on Allison’ shoulder. "I don’t think she’s been here very long, Linda."

"No. The professor’s bountiful confidence hasn’t rubbed off on her yet."

The two older women chuckled and Allison blushed, handing the vial to Diana.

"So… this will make me normal again?" Diana asked, staring into the green liquid.

"That’s right, Barbara replied.

"And I’ll lose my powers?"

"Yes. I know what you’re thinking but that feral form of yours is dangerous."

"But, what if I learned to control it?"

"How? We don’t even know what caused it."

"Self-hypnosis. I’ll learn to control is through hypnosis. If I can do that, I should be fine, right?"

Barbara sighed. "At least keep the serum on hand in case you can’t control it."

"Don’t worry," Kitty replied, taking the vial from her daughter. "I know how to keep her under control."

"Thanks, Mom."

"By the way, Mrs. Gali, have you decided what your new living arrangements are going to be in light of… recent events?" Linda asked.

"They’ll stay with us," Lilly replied immediately. Even Kitty was surprised by this. "I won’t take no for an answer. You’re like a sister to me and I want to keep you and your family close and safe. Okay?"

Kitty leapt into Lilly’s arms happily. "You’re the best friend ever!" she declared as Lilly struggled to hold her friend before the two fell in a heap on the floor.

"<Sigh>, kids," their daughters muttered, earning a big laugh from the others.

There was a knock at the door. Lucia opened it and Salem burst in. "Where are they? Are they safe?"

He entered the living room, where his wife and daughter were waiting. Tears in his eyes, Salem rushed over and hugged them tightly. "I’m so glad you’re alright. When I saw the house, I-"

Kitty placed a finger on his lips. "We’re okay. All of us are. Our little girl’s all grown up now."

"And what does that make us?"

Everyone looked into the entrance hall to see Katherine, Cathy, Kate and Katrina.

"Yeah, Mom," Cathy teased.

"We heard you were in danger, but it looks like…" Kate began.

"…we had nothing to worry about," Katrina finished.

Kitty held out her arms for her other four daughters to come over and join in the hug.

"Didn’t think that little declaration through did you?" Lilith teased Lilly, who simply sighed in resignation, knowing that 7 Mato Street was going to need a big extension.

* * *

Down at the station, Sarah and her assault team were stood in former chief Ironside’s office as Police Commissioner Gordon Beckett and General Raymond Adams looked over their report of the various incidents. Beckett was an older man, receding hair brown and starting to grey. His brown eyes spoke of a long, coloured history in the police force, and his moustache was bushy and brown.

The file detailed every detail the five could gather, including Rosemary’s goal and methods, her temporary imprisonment and interrogation under Professor Mato’s supervision, the male scientists being sent to three separate prisons around the state to keep them from conspiring together, Nero’s incarceration at the super prison upstate, and the involvement of the super heroes. Nothing was left out or fabricated.

As they finished looking over the file, Beckett looked up and said, "Everything seems to match up with the testimonies of the other officers. No doubt you’ve guessed that this incident is… sensitive."

"To say the least," Adams put in. "The entire chain of command has been shaken up by this and the public cannot be allowed to know the truth. If they did, they might realise the story regarding General Stenson was a cover-up as well."

"If that happened, their faith in both the military and police force would shatter. And that is something we cannot allow."

"As such, the official story is that Chief Ironside was forced to quickly and suddenly retire for medical reasons and move out to the countryside. The arrested officers quit due to stress from the various crime waves this past year, this one merely being the straw that broke the camel’s back. They did, however, stick with it until the current crime wave was ended, thanks in no small part to the efforts of you five. You were specially chosen to work on a special joint operation to end the crisis. The one responsible was captured and her plot to cause a race war between nekos and other races was thwarted. He name and race will remain anonymous to avoid further tensions and not a word will be spoken of regarding police corruption or a mass mind control device. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir," the five women replied. "Crystal."

"We ask that your friends keep quiet about all of this as well to avoid any… unnecessary outcomes," Beckett continued. "But as for you five, I would like to express my deepest thanks for what you and your friends did last night. You saved this city, the world, and my daughter. Thank you. Now, General? I believe it is your turn now."

"Yes. First Lieutenant Jessica Chabers."

"Yes, Sir," Jessica replied, snapping a crisp salute.

"You are hereby promoted to Captain," Adam said, pinning her new insignia onto her uniform.

"W-Wow… I mean, Thank you, Sir!"

"Sergeant Major Angela Parker, Private First Class Lucy Parker."

"Sir," the sisters replied with their own salutes.

"The two of you are promoted to Warrant Officer and Corporal respectively."

"Thank you, Sir!"

"As for you two," Commissioner Beckett said, pointing at Sarah and Tabitha, "With such a massive restructuring of the force needed, we need people we can trust leading that reconstruction. Which is why I would like you two on board, and I'd also like to extend Officer McKnight an invitation to become the new Yoto City Chief of Police."

Upon hearing this, Sarah fainted.

"Huh. Never had that reaction before."

* * *

Lilith invited Felicia and Barbra up to Dawn’s room to talk. Dawn was allowing her mother to sleep in her room with her and begrudgingly agreed to allow the two reformed Black Cats to do so as well.

"So, you both say you’ve tried to turn your lives around?" she asked the pair.

"Yes, Ma’am," Barbra replied.

"That was the plan before…" Felicia responded.

"Well, I too am seeking to turn my life around and one of the first steps was to turn my presumably late husband’s company into a force for good. As for how to do so other than simply not creating dummy weapons for my war against humanity, I’m not sure. Which is why I’d like to offer the pair of you the opportunity to work for me as my secretaries."

"You mean, like, working behind a reception desk?" Felicia asked. "Do you really need two of us for that?"

"You won’t just be behind a desk, dear. You’ll be escorting me all day, taking notes and performing assorted tasks I need completing."

"So we’d be your personal assistants?" Barbra asked.

"I prefer the term ‘secretary’. Sounds sexier."

The three women had a good laugh about it.

"So? What do you say?"

The two women turned to each other and simply staring into each other’s eyes, understanding each other perfectly. They turned back to Lilith and Felicia replied, "Yes. We’ll do it, Ms…"

"Morgana. Get whatever you need today and we’ll be off to Penombre tomorrow morning."

"Yes, Ma’am," the pair replied.

Lilith left the room before popping her head back around the door. "Oh, and Barbra dear?"

"Yes, Ma’am?"

"Do keep the neko ears, you look very cute in them." Lilith left again and Felicia turned to the smiling Barbra.

"She’s right, you know. You do look super cute in those."

"Oh, you." Barbra kissed Felicia.

"And no funny business on my daughter’s bed, you two!"

The two women giggled.

* * *

Sarah and Jessica returned home later on. Jessica entered the living room to proudly announce her shiny new promotion, while Sarah simply said hello and headed off to bed. As she reached her bedroom door, she heard an unexpected voice say, "Tired?"

"Yes, Dawn, very."

"That's not like you. You normally run on nothing but coffee for, like, a week before you get tired. What's up?"

"Oh, I just... It's nothing, you wouldn't care."

"Oh, yeah? Try me."

Sarah looked at Dawn and beckoned her into her room. Sarah sat on her bed and Dawn pulled up a chair. "I was offered the position of Police Chief," Sarah explained.

Dawn whistled, impressed. "Impressive. Still, if anyone deserves it, it's you."

"That a compliment I hear, Dawn? Didn't know you had it in you."

"Hey, anyone who can almost catch me has to be hard-working. And I heard Jess telling the story of you beating the old chief so hard, the roof collapsed."

"A little exaggerated, but-"

"You gonna do it?"

"Why? So you can manipulate the Chief of Police?"

"Please, like I need you to be the chief to do that."

"Then why?"

Dawn sighed. "You are dense."


"Do you want this job?"

"Well, yes."

"Then go for it. The city'll be much better off with an unbendable stickler with a stick up her ass like you than a corrupt a-hole like Ironside."

"Why are you being so supportive? Won't this be bad for you and your crime sprees?"

"Yeah, but you... you were there for me when my sister was in trouble. You helped me save her, get that bastard of a father out of my life and helped mend my relationship with my mother."

"So you think you owe me one?"

"Kinda. So listen well, because I'll never be this supportive of you again: you deserve this promotion. And you want it so much, but you're not sure you should after you realised that the police are not immune to corruption. And you're worried you'll end up the same way. Don't. You are Sarah McKnight, the single most tenacious, dedicated and terrifyingly incorruptible police officer I have ever met. You will not end up like Ironside or his lackeys. In fact, you will make sure none of that ever happens again. Now you get your pretty little butt down to that station and you tell... whoever it was that offered you the job, that you'll accept that position and you'll be the best damn Police Chief Yoto has ever seen!"

"Yeah! You're right, Dawn! I'll do that!"

"Atta girl. Oh, and one last thing? If you're going to have such a big change in your life, you'll need a new look too."

"Why, what's wrong with my look?"

"Sarah, power is sexy. A skirt is fine, but you know what's better? These." Dawn produced a pair of black leather pants much like her own and held them before Sarah.

"Black leather? For a police officer? Dawn-"

"Feeeel it," Dawn urged, holding the pants against Sarah's hands.

"Oh, that does feel nice," Sarah muttered. She kicked off her heels and unzipped her skirt before trying on the pants. She looked herself over in her full body mirror and liked what she saw.

"How does it feel... Chief?"

"It feels... sexy... powerful. I like it."

"I knew you would. Try these as well." Dawn handed Sarah a pair of matching leather gloves and high-heeled ankle boots. Sarah tried them on and was instantly smitten with her new look.

"Wow. This feels great. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all."

"Looks like it too," Dawn muttered, admiring Sarah's perfectly-shaped buttocks. Dawn shook her head. Ugh. Stupid Sexy Sarah.

"But how did you get my measurements so precisely?"

"Oh, I took them when I needed measurements for your maid costume."

"Maid costume!?" Sarah turned back angrily.

"Oh, it was months ago. Honestly, I think it's a testament to you hard work that you've not gained weight since."

"Now, you're just being weird; normally, you say I have a huge ass."

"Well... honestly, I kinda like your ass."


"It's... nice."

"Okay, this is getting too weird."


"Well, Consider your debt repaid, Dawn"

"Good, because that means I can do this." Dawn produced an orb and held it before Sarah's eyes. "That's a good girl. Relax and submit. Submit and obey."

"Submit and... obey..."

"That's it. Now, show off your ass in those pants and feel a hundred times sexier."

"Show off ass... hundred times sexier..."

"I love my life."

* * *

Allison entered Mato's lab, finding him interrogating Rosemary, who was in a large glass container, entranced by a video screen.

"Um, Professor? You busy?" Allison asked uncertainly.

"Of course not, my dear. Please, take a seat. What is it?"

"Well, this whole mind control thing... it's really gotten to me. Looking back at recent events, I'm... scared that it'll happen again if I stay in Yoto. And I saw what can be done with my power. I just don't think I could handle that again."

Mato's expression was both understanding and sad. "So, you're leaving?"

"W-Well, I have enjoyed working with you, Professor. And Barbara said you're looking for researchers for your Kulon Island lab, so..."

Mato stared at her a moment, hand on his chin. "Hmm... Yes, I say you're ready."

"Ready for what?"

"Barbara used to be the head of research there, but she left after a few months to pursue a career in teaching. Her assistant, Kevin, has been struggling as the Head of Research over there and asked me to find a replacement. Part of the reason I've been taking on new assistants was to find a new Head of Research."

"Good thing you didn't choose Rosemary, huh?" Allison joked nervously.

"Yes, I suppose so," Mato chuckled. "Well, I believe you're ready. And I can even save money on communication with your powers."

Allison giggled, finding herself more at ease. "Thank you, Professor. I'll take you up on your offer. Can I have a few days to get everything in order?"

"Of course, dear. Take all the time you need."

Allison hugged the professor. "I'll be sure to make you proud, Professor."

"You already have, my dear. You already have."

* * *

Washina was resting in her room, when Yuta burst in. "Um, knock please?"

"Oh, sorry." Yuta knocked on the still open door before closing it. Washina sighed. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just need a little rest is all."

"Good. I heard about your staff. It's a shame; it was cool."

"Yeah," Washina replied melancholically, staring at the two broken halves resting on her bedside table. "But I can always have the professor make a new one. Maybe one that splits into two. I kinda like the speed of two parts and I can let out a lot of stress with- Hey, what are you-!?"

Yuta had walked over to Washina's closet and begun rummaging through it. "Aha! Found it!" Yuta turned around, a sexy nurse costume in her hands. "Do you want me to wear it?" Yuta asked teasingly.

Washina's mouth was strangely dry. "Uh, sure?"

"Yay! Just gimme a sec." Yuta closed herself inside the closet for a moment before springing out in the outfit. It was a one-piece ensemble with a very short skirt, open-toed high heels, and an adorable little nurse's hat. "Well?" Yuta asked, giving a twirl.


"Hehe, thanks. Now, let Nurse Yuta take a look at you."

Washina tensed up at Yuta's comment.

"No, not Nurse Yuta; I mean Yuta as a nurse. I'm the original."

"Oh, good," Washina sighed

"But I can call her here if you want."

"N-No no... That's okay."

"Alright. Now, what seems to be the trouble?"

"Well, my wound still kinda hurts."

"Would you like me to numb the pain?"

"You can do that? How?"

"With these." Yuta's eyes morphed into spirals, captivating Washina immediately.

"Pretty..." Washina whispered as she submitted.

Washina awoke with a start.

"There. How do you feel now?"

"I... don't feel the pain. How did you do that?"

"Hypnosis, silly. I had you look at my swirly eyes and asked you not to feel the pain for a while. You still can if you hold a finger over it lightly though. That way, you can still know if it's healed or not."

"That's... actually quite clever. Thanks, Yuta."

"No problem. You're a hero for saving Diana. Can I give my hero a kiss?"


Without waiting for a response, Yuta leaned in and kissed Washina. Yuta had always been a good kisser - she'd had lots of experience after all. Washina found herself, not only enjoying the kiss, but returning it happily. She gripped her bed sheets tightly, and pulled Yuta down onto her bed.

* * *

Jane was resting with her feet up by the pool before she headed home. A few of the other scientists and housemates were outside too and she enjoyed the company. She looked up when something started blocking her light, realising it was the angel Lucia.

"Excuse me?" the angel said in a childlike manner. "Are you Dr. Hamilton?"

"Yes, I am. Why do you ask?"

"You are the one who opened the mysterious egg you found months ago, yes?"

"I... yes. Yes, I did. And I regret my carelessness every-" Lucia interrupted her with a tight hug. "Wha...?"

"Thank you so much! I was inside the other egg and it was only opened when you opened the first egg. If not for you, I would not have met so many friends! Thank you!"

Linda was somewhat taken aback, but patted the angel on the back as she realised that her work had had meaning.

* * *

Barbara delivered a message to Jake that the Professor wanted to see him down in the lab. He was about to go when Sarah showed up at his door.

"Hey, Sarah. Nice pants."

"Huh? Oh, I'm just... trying out a new look. What do you think?"

"It looks good on you."

Sarah blushed. "Hey, Can I... talk to you a minute?" she asked.

Jake knew exactly what she wanted to talk about. Something they'd not had a chance to discuss due to all the chaos surrounding Diana. "This is about me being... him, right?"

"Yes," she replied simply.

Jake nodded and Sarah closed the door behind her before taking a seat on Jake's bed. She took her time to contemplate her words. "I just need to set the record straight."

Jake felt a strange sense of déjà vu over all this.

"First... you're Captain Anime?"


"The Captain Anime?"


"The one who helped us with the military base?"


"And the Guild?"


"And saving Becky?"


"And the one I..."

"Fell in love with?"


"Here." Jake stared into her eyes and sent a little hypnotic energy her way. "Remember last time," he urged. "Remember what you forgot."

Sarah's eyes turned glassy for a moment before refocusing, a look of complete shock on her face. "A-All this time... All this time, I knew but... Becky did this?"

"She saw how you reacted when you thought I was seriously hurt. Said you weren't ready to know."

"That Becky... So you've remembered all this time?"


"Who else knows?"

"Just you, Diana, Midori, Mato, Rosemary, those under her control, and Yuta used to know, but I erased her memory of being Spiral Girl. Aside from maybe Mato, you were the first to find out."

Sarah remained silent. She was likely contemplating what to do about Jake's vigilantism just as she had last time.

"Jake, do you remember when I said that my supposed feelings for you were just caused by stress?"


"We... both know that wasn't true... right?"

"I thought that might be the case, but I didn't hold out hope."

"Well... I can feel them now and I can tell for a fact that they're real. I do love you, Jake. I shouldn't, but-"

Jake placed a finger over her lips. "I don't know how I feel about you guys. A few of you have said you love me, but I'm not sure how to respond to that. I've never really been in love, I think, and I can't just... choose one of you over the others. Not yet. I don't want to ruin our-"

Sarah placed a finger over Jake's lips. "I understand, Jake. All of us do. You're a nice guy and you don't want to hurt any of us. Sorry, but I don't think you can maintain that attitude forever. I think your indecisiveness could hurt some of the girls more than choosing someone else. I think you're going to have to make a decision before that happens. But, hey, you still have time to think and sort things out. Maybe spend some time with everyone, come to terms with your feelings and make a decision. Okay?"

"Y-Yeah. Okay. Thanks, Sarah."

"Oh, and one more thing?"


Sarah kissed him. It was brief, but he could feel her love the whole time. She pulled away and smiled. "Can't go declaring my feelings without a kiss or I'll fall behind." She winked and stood up. "Oh, I was offered the position of Chief of Police too."

Jake's jaw dropped. "That's just an afterthought?"

"Well... maybe I just love you that much," she replied with another wink.

"You gonna do it?"

"Yep. I'm gonna turn the force around and restore the people's faith in the forces of justice. Well, I'll see you later, Jake."

"Y-Yeah. See you."

Sarah left the room, leaving Jake with a lot to think about. But he'd have to think about it later; the Professor was expecting him.

* * *

Jake walked through the lab door, which locked shut behind him. He found Mato and Lilith standing by a tank that had previously held the nekos they'd abducted, now containing Rosemary. She was sitting on the ground, watching them, her face expressing a clear desire to have them all dead.

"I thought this might be about Rosemary," Jake sighed as he approached.

"Yes," Mato affirmed. "We need to decide what to do with her."

"And since you snuck in here anyway, Dawn, you might as well be a part of the conversation," Lilith called up with her arms crossed.

Dawn descended from the rafters and said, "What can I say, I like invading other people's privacy."

"This is serious, Dawn," Lilith snapped, causing her daughter to shrink away in fear. Lilith sighed and said, "I'm sorry, Dawn. But what we do here will have ramifications that will have a huge impact on our future."

Rosemary stood up. "Yes, because when I get out of here, I'm going to wipe all of your minds and turn you into mindless puppets for me to torture to death."

Mato pressed a button and cattle prod zapped Rosemary, prompting her to stop talking.

"What are our options?" Dawn asked.

"First is to hand her over to the authorities for due process," Mato replied.

"Which, given recent events, runs the risk of her not getting a satisfactory sentence, or her simply going to prison and getting out again," Lilith explained. "Neither of those is a chance we can take with her." Lilith's expression was sorrowful, clearly acknowledging her own part in Rosemary's current state. Dawn held her mother's hand, surprising her.

"What about here?" Dawn asked. "You built a prison to hold succubi; couldn't you keep her imprisoned here for the rest of her life?"

"Do remember that the last succubus I held within said trap managed to escape through her sharp wit and guile," Mato responded. "I have no doubt Rosemary could do the same, given the right opportunity."

"Option three is killing her," said Lilith. "Though I don't like it, it's the only permanent solution I can see."

"But... murder..." Dawn could barely comprehend what her mother had just suggested.

"So you plan to execute me like you did your husband?" Rosemary spat. "I knew you were evil, but I didn't realise murder was par for the course for you slut demons."

Lilith went to retort, but Dawn gripped her hand, telling her it wasn't worth it. She instead settled on zapping Rosemary to shut her up.

"Any kind of imprisonment or exile will give her the opportunity to come back," Mato agreed.

Jake's mind was swimming with confusing and conflicting thoughts. Memories of his history with Rosemary flashed through his mind.

"I don't like it, but I think it's the only choice we have that won't come back and bite us on the ass at that level," Lilith reiterated.

How she'd been so kind. How she'd tricked everyone.

"Yeah, but there has to be another way," Dawn tried.

How she'd almost won.

"I hate Sarah, but I'd never kill her."

How he's almost fallen for her.

"We could brainwash her," Jake whispered, not really thinking about what he was saying until he'd said it. "No! No, that would be... That's too much, even for her."

"Brainwash her?" Lilith repeated, sharing a look with Mato.

"In theory, it could work," the scientist noted.

"No, forget I said it," Jake spoke up.

"And she could do some good with her intellect," Lilith said, coming around to the idea.

"Aren't you people listening!? It's wrong! It was just a stupid idea I blurted out without thinking. We cannot do that or-"

"Or you'd be no better than me," Rosemary finished.

Lilith angrily pushed the button again, zapping Rosemary until she fell unconscious. "I know how you feel, Jake-"

"Then why is this even a discussion? Just stop. We're not doing it and that's final."

"Jake," Dawn said, taking his hand in hers. "What are our alternatives? Turn her in to potentially corrupt law officials? And if Sarah can weed out the corruption, what happens then? I'm no genius, but even I can get out of prison easily enough. Imagine how easy it would be for someone of her intellect."

"Well, I suppose-"

"And our other choice is killing her. Murder, like she said. But this suggestion of brainwashing her..." dawn took a deep breath before continuing. "I don't like it either, but... maybe some good can come of it. Maybe she can put her mind to use for good causes, help cure some disease of make some new technology to help people? Sometimes, our choices aren’t just black and white; sometimes, we have to resort to shades of grey, no matter how dark a grey it may be, to prevent something darker."

"But, even then-"

"Jake, please. Out of every threat we've ever faced, who's come closest to taking everything from us?"


"First time, only Diana didn't fall under her control. If she had, we'd all have been sold off as mindless slaves. The second time, the city was almost nuked because she hijacked Homeshield. And just last night, she almost had access to every mind on the planet. This isn't just some two-bit criminal like Dr. Snow or those guys from Bacarat. Even my father didn't come as close to destroying us as she has. Three times, Jake. I don't want to risk a fourth."

Jake stood in silence, realising that Dawn was absolutely right. This was the lesser of three evils, as evil as it may be. "O-Okay then," he replied with tears in his eyes. "L-Let's get it over with."

Dawn hugged Jake tightly while Mato prepared a brainwashing chair and Lilith carried Rosemary over to it. The chair was much like one found at a dentists' office, though with strong leather straps to restrain the wrists and ankles. Mato lowered a helmet down onto Rosemary's head and began inputting data.

"With this program, Rosemary will be much more soft-spoken and innocent, the exact opposite of how she is now. She will still retain memory of her entire life up to now, but she will have strong regrets about the entire thing and her greatest desire will be to make amends for the evil she committed."

"Couldn't we just wipe her memory completely and go from there?" Jake asked, still not wanting to go through with it.

"I'm sorry, my boy, but we must be thorough. If we simply erased her memory, she is more likely to revert to her old self than reject it upon regaining her memories. A new base personality is a necessity."


Dawn held his hand and shook her head, her eyes showing that she shared his sentiments, but that there was no other choice.

"And that should do it," Mato said as he finished typing. We need only pull this lever and the process will begin.

"You're really going to do it, aren't you!?" Rosemary had awoken, her smugness completely gone from her voice, replaced by genuine fear that tore at Jake's heart. "You can't do this to me!"

"I'm sorry, Rosemary," Lilith replied, tears rolling down her cheeks. "It's my fault it came to this. I'll bear the burden of destroying another person." She gripped the lever, but couldn't find the strength to pull it.

"No! Please! Don’t!"

Dawn placed a hand on her mother's. "No, you won't have to do this alone. We're all in this together."

"I'm begging you!"

Jake placed his hand on Dawn's.

"I'll change, I swear!"

Mato placed his hand on Jake's.

"Don't do this to me!"

As one, the four pulled the lever all the way down.


Rosemary's screams were cut off as the process began.

* * *

The house was abuzz with activity the following morning. After a fun slumber party and a sound sleep, the various guests were ready to depart.

A private jet had been prepared for Allison to take to Kulon Island. The professor had also offered positions there to the Noble sisters, who had jumped at the chance to work for the love of their lives and would be picking up their things on the way to the airport.

Linda, Janet and XL-9 were returning to the lodge with Pam, who had come to pick them up. Linda had expressed an interest in continuing her work with the professor like the good old days. He had some spare lab equipment sent over to the lodge, some of which had been partially designed by Linda herself.

Tabitha decided to return to the force to help Sarah rebuild. She, Delilah and Karan - the three most trustworthy officers in Sarah's eyes - had been appointed Deputy Chiefs and would continue to protect and serve. Unfortunately, she knew she would have to move out of the lodge to avoid such a long drive to work, though she did agree to visit the lodge regularly. She was offered a place with Angela and Lucy in their new apartment, which she graciously accepted, alongside Freyka, who was like a little sister to her now.

Jane was filled with a newfound confidence in her ability and decided to continue working on the eggs as a side project while working on more important projects, freed from the obsession that had almost cost her her freedom.

The Gali family moved into the Rose house, Lilly and James frantically trying to get the house ready in time, having to borrow one of Mato's devices to warp space and time to allow so many to stay in one house. Diana's sisters would be returning to college and work within a week, while Diana, Kitty and Salem would be moving in permanently.

Barbara was concerned about Mato's plans, but he assured her that everything was okay and that she should get back to check on Morgan. She hesitantly agreed with prompting from Jake and Yuta.

Lilith postponed her plans to return home, opting to stay a short while for personal reasons. She sent her new secretaries on ahead of her with their new uniforms to get used to the new city, which Dusk would be showing them around.

Jen also arrived home early at Jake’s request to try and get everyone up to speed on everything all at once.

Once the guests had all left, the house became peaceful and quiet once again. That is, until Mato gathered the housemates, Diana, Mina and Lilith at the entrance to the lab.

"I know it's been a long week for all of us but I have a major announcement to make."

He opened the door to the lab and a meek-looking woman walked out. She had nervous bespectacled green eyes and long purple hair in a thick ponytail at the back and braided tail over her right shoulder. She wore a blue shirt and matching skirt underneath a white lab coat and a pair of blue sandals on her purple-nailed feet. Her fingernails and lipstick also matched her hair.

"I'd like you to meet my new assistant: Rosemary."

"H-Hello," she replied nervously.

The deafening silence was only broken when Diana spoke up.


"Professor, are you INSANE!?" Washina demanded, her wound still not fully healed.

"I must agree with Washina-chan," Midori said, preparing to unsheathe her sword.

"Hold on a second, Midori-chan," Lilith halted her in an authoritative tone. "Yes, Rosemary did a lot of horrible things, but you need to hear the whole story."

"Whole story?" Jessica replied, unconvinced. "What whole story? About how she’s a manipulative bitch, who tried to sell us into slavery, kill us and brainwash the entire world?"

Rosemary flinched at each of these accusations.

"Yes, it is true that she did those things-"

"Then what’s the issue?" Sarah demanded. "She should be arrested and-"

"Hold on a minute, Sarah. Let’s hear her out."

"Thank you, Dawn. Now, during our attempted interrogations, the professor and I have found that Rosemary… has developed amnesia."

Jake and Dawn shared a secret guilty look.

"Come on, you really expect us to believe that?" Diana asked.

"Whether you do or don’t, that’s how it is.  Her memory is scattered at best. Most details are gone and she’s in a state of total confusion."

"Rosemary will be staying here for a while," Mato announced to a flurry or arguments and complaints. He had to use an air horn to quiet them all down. "During that time, she will remain under constant supervision in case anything comes up. I would advise against you all not to hypnotize her, in case the altered state of mind restores her memory. I’m hoping to rear her towards the benevolent side of science before any of her memory returns."

"This is bull crap," Jen argued. "If there’s so much of a risk of her memories returning, then why-?"

"Because I’m responsible for her actions," Lilith replied, tears forming in her eyes. "Everything she’s done is because I corrupted her and sent her to this house."

"But that wasn’t your fault," Mina assured her. "Lucius made you do it, right?" The girls seemed more understanding now, less angry and more sympathetic

"Either way, I was still acting of my own will to an extent. I was still aware of what I was doing and I willingly played my part. I know I’m asking a lot, but…" Lilith was unable to speak any further, her emotions becoming too strong to continue speaking.

The girls seemed to feel somewhat guilty and awkward about the whole thing now.

Sarah took a deep breath and spoke up. "Okay then. We’ll give he a chance. One chance. Any sign that old Rosemary is returning, she’s gone."

Lilith hugged Sarah tightly and smiled. "Th-Thank you."

As Dawn and Lucia took Lilith to sit down, Sarah called for everyone else to go back to their normal days, but to be cautious. She left the house after saying she’d fill out the paperwork to give Mato permission to attempt rehabilitation.

Soon, only Mato, Jake and Rosemary remained.

"Professor…" Jake began.

"I know, my boy. But please try to stick with it."

"Um, I’m really sorry about all of this," Rosemary said quietly. "I know you’re putting up with a lot because of me. I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you."

Jake sighed. "We should probably get you out of the girls’ hair for now. Let’s go… I dunno..."

"I like… playing video games," Rosemary replied shyly.

Jake remembered his time with Rosemary previously, when she’d played video games with him as a way of winning him over. It hurt to think about that, but he felt that this new Rosemary was being sincere. He nodded his head and guided her up to his room.

Mato returned to the lab and ordered CAP, newly installed as the main security system, to watch Rosemary’s every move. He had Homeshield run some random tasks to give himself some peace as he sat in a chair with his head in his hands. Deep down, he regretted ever hiring Rosemary. It had no doubt been one of the worst decisions he’d ever made and, while he rarely showed it, it had been eating away at him for almost six long months. As he watched Jake and Rosemary on one of the monitors, he could only hope that maybe, just maybe, some good might finally come from his mistake.
HypnoBishoujoLand: Black and White - Part 8
The Black Cat Gang returns, just as Diana is going through some big changes. The white cat must stand against the black to protect those she loves.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Behind-the-Scenes
The Dasher arrived at the location Midori had directed them to, a small hill overlooking the town, where Midori claimed they’d find the entrance to a secret bunker. After Jake's blunder, he and Diana had had no choice but to reveal their identities on the drive over.

"So this is what happened as a result of that concoction of mad science, Diana-chan?" Midori had asked.

"Yeah. I wanted to do some good, so..."

"I am very proud to have you as a friend and sister-in-arms, Diana-chan."


"Your decision to stand up to evil is a courageous one, and I sense you have lost much in your journey."

"I... yeah..."

"Then your positive karma will surely make things better for you soon."

"Yeah. Thanks, Emerald Flash."

"Any time, Katseye-sama. And you, Mato-kun. It was always you?"

"Yeah. Since the Black Cats first formed."

"Impressive. I looked into Captain Anime's exploits once we started working together. Your actions impressed me greatly. I always wished I could have learned who you were, and now... I find myself looking up to you even more now that I see the man inside."

"Uh... thanks?"

"Rest assured, I shall assist the two of you come what may, and we will defeat this evil once and for all."


Now that they stood outside the secret hatch, they were ready to go inside and bust some heads. The hatch was on the wall of a decommissioned building, which Diana explained was where a major battle of the war was co-ordinated from. As they were about to head inside, the hatch opened up and a large number of Black Cats emerged from it, followed by a group appearing from behind the trio. A neko Jake found familiar appeared from the hatch, accompanied by a blonde human with a neko-ear headband.

"Ah, Captain Anime," Felicia said as she emerged. "I should have known it would be you coming to stop us again. Well, you're too late. Even as we speak, Mistress Violet is having the psychic girl prepped for her role in Mistress' grand plan, and I will not allow you to interfere."

"Well, you don't have a choice because we're going straight through," Jake replied confidently.

"Things won't be so easy this time. Our numbers are greater-"

"So are ours."

"...Crap. A-Anyway, we still hold the numerical advantage, even if it's only enough to slow you down."

"You two go ahead, I will keep them busy," Midori whispered.

"You sure?" Diana whispered back.

"Please trust me, Diana-chan. I will keep them here and join you later."

"But there's a lot of them," Jake put in. "You sure you can do this alone?"

Felicia suddenly gasped as a sphere of energy struck her, leaving her stunned and confused.

"Mind if I crash this party?" asked a familiar husky voice from above. Everyone looked up to see a succubus in what looked like dominatrix attire. She wore a black latex mask that showed off her brown eyes and blood red lips, and also allowed her shoulder-length crimson hair to flow freely. Around her neck was a black collar with two chain links hanging from it. Her torso was covered by a black bustier with red accents and straps that left her midriff exposed, allowing one to see the straps of her thong. Over this thong was a red belt that connected to a pair of thigh-high black heeled boots via a pair of lingerie-style red straps. Her forearms were covered by black armguards with four red straps over each, and her nails were a matching red to her lips. In her belt was a long grey whip.

"W-Who are you?" Barbra stuttered.

"You can call me... The Scarlet Harlot!" The Harlot touched down on the ground before the trio of heroes. "Need some help?"


"Seriously, Diana, it's me," Dawn replied, lifting up her mask for a second.

"I... really shouldn't be surprised by that. But why...?"

"Everyone else was doing it, so I thought I'd join in the fun."

"But, you’re tired out from that collar-"

"Nah, I’m fine. Had to borrow a little energy from the others-"


"With permission. Geez, you drain a person without permission one time…"

"Wait, Scarlet Harlot?" Jake cut in. "I've heard that name. So it's you that's been stopping a bunch of minor crimes in the last few weeks?"

"N-No. Obviously not. I-I just... took her name and... Please don't tell Sarah."

"Don't worry. You're secret's safe."

"Thanks, Captain. You know, I've always wondered how handsome you are underneath that helmet..."

"Can we focus please?" Midori interjected. "Harlot-sama, please go ahead with Captain-sama and Katseye-sama, while I-"

Dawn flicked Midori's forehead, stunning her. "You baka. You can't take them all yourself. Your last encounter with them proved that."


"You two go ahead. We'll catch up later."

"You sure?"

"Hey, the two of us make a pretty good team." Dawn summoned her claymore and rested it across her shoulder. "Now get going. And give that bitch one for me."

"Alright. Good luck. You ready, Kat?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Okay... Break!"

As Barbra finished shaking Felicia awake, the two were shoved aside by Jake as the four heroes rushed past, Jake and Diana leaping through the hatch and Midori and Dawn standing guard with their swords brandished.

"Don't just stand there, you idiots!" Felicia screamed as Barbra helped her to her feet. "Get them!"

As the Black Cats ran at them, Dawn turned to Midori and asked, "Are you ready for this?"

"Hai, Dawn-san."

* * *

The YPD was in chaos. Officer vs. officer, good cop vs. bad cop, defender of justice vs. abuser of justice. Sarah punched out an officer, trying desperately to find Ironside, who had disappeared in the melee. Tabitha was holding her own against a kuma officer and Jessica's group were able to take down quite a few of the crooked cops with the nonlethal beanbags fired from their weapons.

Sarah just caught sight of Ironside fleeing through a door across the lobby. She hopped over a desk, slid between an officer's legs - hitting him in the groin to assist a good officer - and delivered a diving clothesline from atop a desk to an officer that was in her way. She rushed towards the door, only for Karan to step out of one of the offices and block her way. She had purple eyes and Sarah could just make out a collar under her shirt.

"So they got to you too, Karan," Sarah muttered as she took a defensive stance.

"That's right. I belong to Mistress now. And soon, so will the whole world!"

"And you don't have a problem with the whole world being made mindless slaves?"

"Not mindless, Sarah. Free. Free from hatred. Free from conflict. Free from crime."

"Free from choice and responsibility."

"But think of how there will be only order under Mistress' rule."

"Order is meaningless if there's no one to appreciate it. Without appreciation for order and peace, it may as well not exist."

Karan sighed. "I really hoped you might understand, Sarah. I've always looked up to you as the model for all sentinels of justice to aspire to. But it looks like I was wrong. If you're going to stand in the way of Mistress' world of justice, I'm going to have to take you in for obstruction of justice."

Karan rushed at Sarah, who dodged her first punch, shoved her arm away on the second, and shoved Karan aside, though the younger office recovered quickly and moved to block Sarah before she could run for the door.

Sarah decided to go on the offensive this time. She leapt in, aiming for the ground just in front of Karan, who dodged just as Sarah punched a hole in the tiles. Sarah swung for Karan, intentionally high so she could dodge again, this time punching right through a window and taking out a chunk of its wooden frame. Her hope was that this display of power would scare Karan off, though she doubted it would. As she suspected, Karan held her ground, even in the face of such overwhelming strength. Seeing this plan was fruitless, Sarah decided she would have to try to incapacitate Karan somehow.

She reached for her sidearm and Karan rushed in to stop her. She went to grab Sarah's arm before she could grab the weapon, only for Sarah to move her arm and grab Karan’s before delivering a swift punch to the gut. Sarah probably could have ended it there, but her fear of harming the young officer held her back. Karan reeled from the blow, staggering back toward the door and pulling her firearm. If Sarah dodged the shot, she feared the bullet might hit someone in the melee behind her. Seeing little other choice, she held up her hands and began walking forward.

"Freeze!" Karan commanded, but Sarah continued along her path.

"Are you going to shoot me, Karan?"

"I-I will if you don't freeze!"

"I don't think you want to. If you did, you'd have pulled the trigger by now."


"I think you know deep down that obeying Violet is wrong. I think you're trying to resist with all your might."


"I'm proud of you, Karan."

"You... what?"

"I'm proud of how you've grown as an officer since you came here. You may be young, but you have a willpower very few have. Even now, while you think that you want to obey, the real you deep down is giving it everything she has to resist. She knows that real justice will never exist if we allow the world to be dominated by Violet, that true justice is something we have to fight for."

"I... no..."

"Karan? Give me the gun."


"Karan. Please."

"I... no... ugh..." Karan screamed as she clutched her head in agony. Her mind felt like it was going to split in two. She felt like she was going to die... until Sarah delivered a swift chop to the back of her neck, knocking her unconscious in Sarah's arms.

"You did well, Karan," Sarah whispered as she lowered the girl to the floor and removed her collar, which she knew wasn't booby trapped thanks to a call from Lilly earlier. Sarah left Karan sleeping as she rushed off after Ironside, a sleepy smile forming on Karan's lips as she dreamed happily.

* * *

Mato continued to read through the code of the collars, fixated on something that he couldn't quite figure out. By now, Fawn and Lucia had recovered and were helping out however they could. Mato had quickly drawn up plans for a device to shut down all the collars and asked the girls to put it together under the leadership of Homeshield, allowing him to continue reading through the code.

"What is it, Grandfather?" the original Yuta asked as she passed by with some heavy materials.

"This code... Something about it seems so familiar."

"Maybe you've looked at similar code before. Like from a prototype Mommy made."

"No, no. I'd recognise Barbara's coding any... My God..."

The code wasn't Barbara's but Yuta's suggestion did open up another possibility that seemed so likely, it must be true. "Jake and the others are in great danger."

* * *

Ms. Violet considered a list of potential victims to bring in that she'd compiled some time earlier. There were a few she had passed on bringing in, under control or otherwise. Karmen Krymsyn of A.S.I.D.E. was one candidate, though her moronic hatred of men had made Violet worry about how she would act if she reached Phase 2.

Another was the stage hypnotist, Nadia, who had made quite a name for herself by attempting to enslave the entire Spirals night club. She had been left out due to Violet not really needing a hypnotist when she had her collars.

She’d have to bring her friend Cindy in at some point too, maybe as her hypnotized secretary. She’d left Mina Rose out because she’d heard the girl’s mother was a powerful mage and if she’d learned one thing, it was that the power of love was a truly terrifying thing. She traced a finger along the scar on her face as she remembered.

She was snapped out of her reverie by the sound of fighting. Three Black Cats were flung over the railings on the upper levels near the entrance hatch before Captain Anime and Katseye entered.

"Ah, the two great heroes," she said from her throne, cast in shadow so as to keep the lights in the room focused on the device, but also secretly so she could make a dramatic entrance to satisfy her own fetish for theatrics. "Welcome to my humble abode, from where the world will fall under my control!"

From their position, the two heroes could see that a set of stairs led down from their position into the large dome that was the main control area of the bunker. At the far end, up on a raised platform was the throne the would-be conqueror occupied. In the middle was a circular trench filled with lab equipment and various scientists, going about their work as if the pair weren’t there. Above this trench was a huge device that was shaped somewhat like a very thick street light. Computer displays, vents, blinking lights and various keypads adorned the device like some sci-fi movie prop, but Jake could sense this was the real deal.

Thick cables ran everywhere from the device, covering almost the entire floor. The device reached almost to the roof, the top being a large glass sphere with a leather control chair resting within. In the chair sat Allison, control helmet adorned and ready to go once the final preparations were complete. Although it lacked the huge funnel and other cartoonish design elements, upon seeing Allison, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place for Jake.

"This is… the amplifier Mato built for Freyka."

"Very astute, my young captain, except for one key difference," Violet said as she stood up from her throne. "This device is my own, built from the old man’s basic concept. The Rose's Thorn is twice as powerful as Mato's insipid device, and with the Rose's Thorn..." she stepped out of the shadows, "...the world will be mine."


* * *

Midori disarmed a knife-wielding neko with a simple flick of her sword, then cut another's pistol barrel in half and struck both in the stomach with the hilt of her swords. Once the two were down, she spared a glance at Dawn, who blocked an enemy's pipe with her sword, before shoving them back, knocking the pipe from their hand and smacking them over the head with the side of the heavy blade, knocking them out.

Midori disarmed another opponent, but had to block a blow from behind, preventing her from finishing the first opponent. She jumped back into the second opponent, staggering him, before resheathing her sword and hitting him in the neck with the sheathed. The first neko had obtained a gun and took aim, only for Dawn to grab it with her whip and pull it away, his shock providing an opening for Midori to rush in and deliver a swift chop to the back of the neck.

Dawn's actions had left her open to a neko with a taser. As he fired, Midori threw her sword into the weapon's path, blocking its shot just in time and allowing Dawn to grab the neko around the neck with her whip. She pulled her whip with enough force to drag the neko into her tight embrace, where she kissed the neko on the lips and entranced her.

"Obey me," Dawn intoned. "Fight for me."

"Y-Yes, Mistress," the neko droned as she turned on her comrades. This turn of events bought the two heroes time to regroup as Dawn enslaved another pair of nekos to join the first.

"Enough!" Felicia shouted as she shot the three nekos with a YPD stun pistol, knocking them out.

"Let's try it this way then," Dawn said as she held out an orb in front of the nekos. Midori averted her eyes as some of the nekos began to go under. Most of them did not, including Felicia and Barbra. The one thing these nekos had in common were the collars keeping them obedient.

"I am not sure hypnosis will help us much here," Midori whispered as the collared nekos began waking up their brethren. Not only that, it seemed that the entire gang had been recalled as a horde of them were approaching their position.

"Yeah, guess we have to do this the old-fashioned way," Dawn replied as she grabbed a neko with her whip. "Get over here, you!"

* * *

"Hello again, Jake. Diana." Had Jake not been so stunned by Rosemary's knowledge of his identity, he would have noticed the venom in her voice as she said Diana's name.

"Y-You're the one behind this?" Diana stuttered.

"What, you expected anyone else? You and I are destined to do this forever, Diana. Every day since you stopped me, THIS SCAR has been a constant reminder of what you cost me," Rosemary shrieked, pointing to the scar on her cheek from where Diana's claws had dug into her flesh. "But that wasn’t enough for you people, was it? You had to go and banish my benefactor to another world, cutting off my funding and forcing me to more drastic action."

"You mean Lucius?" Jake asked. "He wanted you in his harem. As his slave. Lilith said so."

Rosemary seemed taken aback by this, but quickly became much more calm, collected and even smug. "Then I guess I should thank you for sparing me from such a fate... and sealing your own doom. Which this device, the world will be mine and you two will be nothing more than puppets, dancing on my strings until I get bored and have you fight to the death for my amusement. I may even let the winner be my sex slave as a reward. As you can see, the device is very close to being ready to activate and when it goes online, your doomsday will begin."

"Why is it always doomsday?" Diana whispered.

"Because Rosemary is a generic villain with no real motivation besides evil," Jake whispered back.

"Sh-Shut up while I'm monologuing!"

"Oh, right, playing the big villain like this is really exciting for her. My bad. Please continue."

"A-Anyway, this device will amplify Allison's psychic abilities, allowing me to tap into the mind of every single person on the planet, much like with that alien Mato helped. Except that this time, you won't worm your way out of it with your hypnosis."

"Wait," Jake interrupted. "If your plan is mass mind control, why not just send out a hypnotic signal when you hijacked the TV station?"



"...I hate you." Rosemary's face was beet red.

"I'm just saying."

"E-Enough of this! Nero, get him!"

"As you wish," said Nero as he jumped down from a catwalk and drew a sword from his back.

"I've got this," Jake whispered. "You go for Allison."


The two heroes rush forward, Jake leaping onto the ground level and quickly blocking Nero's strikes with his armguards, and Diana nimbly hopping across desks and machinery to reach the entranced scientist.

"Not so fast, my little kitty," Rosemary uttered, pressing a button on her throne and activating an electrical field all around the Rose's Thorn. The device was too tall for Diana to reach the top without touching the electrified shaft, but at least Allison seemed protected in her bubble. Rosemary certainly was something else. "I have something special planned for you." Rosemary snapped her fingers and one of the masked Black Cats approached Diana, purple eyes kept behind a pair of intimately familiar glasses.

"Mom?" Diana squeaked pathetically.

As if to confirm her conclusion, Kitty removed her mask and adjusted her glasses. "Hello, Sweetie," she said, seemingly completely her usual self. "I see you've continued your heroing. Good girl."

"M-Mom!" Diana couldn't help herself and embraced Kitty tightly. "I-I thought you were... and then you..."

"Shhh, I know, Sweetie. But Mommy's fine. Here, let Mommy give you a present."

Diana's eyes shot open and she pushed her mother away. As she suspected, in her mother's hand was one of Rosemary's collars.

"Why are you resisting, Sweetie? Just take the collar and me and you and your father can be together in Mistress' service forever. We'll never need to be separated again."

"Mom... Don't do this... please..."

"Trust Mommy, okay? This is for the best."

"No... You're not thinking straight. You have to fight it, Mom."

"Fight what, Sweetie? I've never seen more clearly before. Why fight the inevitable? Just give in and it will be much more pleasant. For all of us."

"I'm sorry, Mom," Diana wept. "I'm so sorry I let this happen to you."

Kitty's expression seemed... almost pained at seeing her daughter like this. "It's okay, Sweetie. I'm fine. There was nothing you could have done to prevent this. And besides, this is all for the best."

"You... really think this is for the best, don't you?"


"Even if you know Rosemary made you like this?"

"Even then."

"Then... I'm sorry, Mom, but... I have to stop you."

Kitty sighed. "I understand, Sweetie. You do what you think is right, and I'll do what I think is right."

"This is going to be fun," Rosemary said from her throne as she licked her lips.

* * *

Sarah reached the roof just in time to see Chief Ironside climbing aboard a helicopter that was going to get him out of there. She rushed toward the chopper until a rifle was fired just before her, forcing her to stop. Up above, Delilah was flying with an assault rifle in hand. She descended to the ground and touched down between Sarah and the chopper.

"Freeze, Sarah!" Delilah commanded, taking aim.

"Delilah, get out my way! I have to stop Ironside!"

"You of all people should know what a serious crime attacking another officer - especially the Chief of Police - is. Surrender now and I promise to do all within my power to get you a lesser sentence."

"Delilah, this is madness. Ironside is corrupt. You're being controlled. He let it happen."

"Be that as it may, Chief Ironside represents the law, and those who oppose the law must be brought to justice. You taught me that."

"Delilah... What he represents isn't justice. He is the epitome of corruption, the very reason so many people distrust the police these days. Don't you see that stopping him will fix that?"

"I... No. The Chief's order is law and must be obeyed. If you insist on opposing the law, you must be stopped."

"Delilah... if you insist-"

Delilah was sent flying as a beanbag struck her in the chest. Sarah turned to see Jessica running up with her weapon. "What are you waiting for!?" the redhead shouted. "Stop that chopper!"

Sarah turned back to see the chopper starting to take off. She sprinted toward the chopper and was just able to grab the chopper's skids and keep it from ascending.

"What are you doing!?" Ironside barked at the pilot. "Move over the edge!"

As commanded, she pilot moved the chopper closer to the edge, hoping to leave Sarah dangling over the edge for easy removal. Slipping her heels off, Sarah dug one foot into the ground with great force, buying herself some time, which she used to think of a quick plan. She placed her other foot against the bottom of the chopper’s open door and pulled as hard as she could on the skid, eventually breaking it clean off. She quickly held it up into the rotor's path, breaking off each blade as they struck it. Unable to maintain flight, the chopper fell onto the roof near the edge and fell onto its side from lack of balance with one skid missing.

Before either could recover, Sarah plunged her fist through the cockpit's glass and threw the pilot across the roof before dragging Ironside out.

"It's over, Ironside," Sarah declared as she threw him to the floor.

"Over? No, no, we're just getting started," the inu said as he staggered to his feet and removed his hat, coat and shirt, revealing his muscular body. Jessica moved to support her as Delilah recovered from the beanbag and joined the chief.

All weapons were dry, meaning this would be settled hand-to-hand.

* * *

Jake blocked again. And again. And again. He knew his armguards wouldn't last much longer against this assault. He hopped back as Nero went for an overhead swing. Once the blade touched the ground, Jake forced his foot down on it, his reinforced boot soles preventing him from being hurt but such a dangerous act and also forcing the blade into the ground with their weight.

See his sword was a lost cause, Nero released it from his grip and hopped back to formulate a new plan. Jake released the blade, confident that Nero wouldn't get it free any time soon. He kept his distance, unsure of what other tricks Nero might have up his sleeves.

Nero quickly threw a knife at Jake, who, having heard about this trick from Dawn, caught it and threw it back under Homeshield's guidance. Nero had to dodge instead of trying his next tactic, and then had to guard as Jake rushed in and swung for him. Nero ducked under the punch and shoulder barged Jake against a large computer tower. Nero went to punch him but stopped short upon realising what Jake was in front of. Jake noticed this and held Nero tight, punching him repeatedly while keeping his back to the tower to keep Nero from fighting back.

Diana grabbed Kitty by the shirt and swung her around, sending her into a nearby desk. Before she could recover, Kitty was pinned to the table, Diana holding her wrists tight. "Look into my eyes, Mom," Diana urged as she activated her power.

"I'm afraid that won't work," Rosemary informed her with glee. "Not while that collar is on."

Diana quickly reached for the collar, but Kitty grabbed her hand and brandished another collar with her free hand. She reached out to clamp it around Diana's neck. Diana found herself powerless in the face of her mother, he will to fight now having been draining since she'd first seen her as Rosemary's puppet.

"M-Mom... Please, don't..."

"Don't worry, Sweetie. It'll all be over soon."

"I-I love you, Mom."

"I..." Kitty's hand stopped, trembling slightly as her brow furrowed, almost as if she was conflicted. "I-I love..."

Rosemary snapped her fingers and Kitty's eyes glazed over and her hand resumed its movement.

Panicking, Diana head butted her mother, knocking her head back against the desk. Kitty slumped against the desk, her glasses broken and blood oozing out of her nose. Diana placed one hand behind Kitty's head and the other under her legs, and moved her to lie down on the floor. As Diana moved her, she felt like the hand behind her mother's head was wet all of a sudden. She moved the hand out from under her and count that it was soaked red.

"M-Mom? Oh, God. Mom!"

Jake glanced over and saw the blood trickling out from beneath Kitty's head. Nero delivered a swift kick upon seeing Jake's distraction. Jake caught Nero foot and delivered a hard elbow to Nero's knee, coming just shy of breaking it. As Nero howled in pain, Jake gathered all him might and punched Nero hard in the face, sending him flying into a wall, slumping to the floor unconscious.

Jake rushed over to Kitty and had Homeshield scan Kitty for injury. All eyes were on them, Rosemary, the Black Cat guards, even the scientists had stopped working to see what was happening.

"It's looking bad for her," Homeshield informed Jake.

"I can see that!" he snapped, having turned off his internal mic to keep Diana from worrying. "What do I do!?"

"I'm afraid without being able to look over her myself, I cannot be sure how to help."

Jake's stomach sank. Kitty was always so kind, not just to him or Diana, but to everyone. She didn't deserve this. There had to be a way to save her.

There is, Jake, said a familiar voice.


Barbara wanted me to relay some first aid knowledge to from her to you.

But... aren't you two-

Servants of the mistress, yes. We won't help you stop Mistress, but none of us want to see Kitty die.

Okay. Tell me what I have to do.

* * *

Midori struck down another Black Cat with her laser sword's stun function. Dawn caught one around the ankle with her whip and tripped him up before following up with an elbow drop to the gut.

The two regrouped back-to-back, making sure they couldn't be attacked from behind. "Not... bad, Kid," Dawn panted.

"Same to... you," Midori replied.

"These guys're... pretty tough."

"Too many... We might not-"

"Don't even think that!"


"You and I... we have to keep those two safe. We can do this."

"H-Hai. We will do this."

"Are you two done?" called Felicia as she aimed a pistol at the two. "As touching as this little moment is, I can't let you interfere with-" Another orb hit her from above, leaving her once again stunned.

The duo looked up to see a familiar-looking succubus with red and black-streaked hair held up in a bun with a blue scrunchie, wearing a black business suit and dark glasses.

"Lilith-sama?" Midori gasped.

"Mother!?" Dawn practically screamed.

"Ohayo, Emerald-chan," Lilith greeted as she touched down beside them. "And how are you tonight, Dear?"

"Y-You know?"

Lilith seemed perplexed by her daughter's question. "I-Is this a joke? Are you trying to pull the wool over Mommy's eyes? This outfit is so... you. And Midori-chan is about the only person in Yoto who likes Sentai shows, wears green and carries a sword with her."

"Fair point..."

"But, Lilith-sama, why are you here?"

"Oh, I heard about the crime wave on the news," Lilith replied, casually backhanding and attacking neko unconscious. "I figured Sarah could get it resolved easily enough, especially with all the heroes running around. But when I saw Kitty on TV, I knew I had to come down myself to help out."

"W-Which heroes do you mean?" Dawn asked worriedly.

"Well, Captain Anime, Spiral Girl, Emerald Flash and Katseye of course."

Dawn sighed in relief.

"Oh, and the Scarlet Harlot as well."

Dawn collapsed.

"And I'm very proud of you, Dear," Lilith added, offering a hand to her daughter. "You shouldn't be embarrassed of the fulfilment you feel from helping people just because of your race or reputation. Embrace who you are and do what makes you happy. Okay?"

"O-Okay. ...Thank you, Mother."

Lilith took Dawn's whip and said, "Now, what do you say, we show these guys what happens to those foolish enough to challenge the Morgana-Katsumi family."



* * *

Jake finished wrapping up Kitty's headwound with a torn off piece of fabric from her top. "That should do it," Jake said finally, eliciting a sigh from Diana.

"Jake, you... Thank you."

"Hey," Jake replied, placing a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay now."

He moved to remove Kitty's collar, but Allison interrupted him. Barbara says you should leave it on to not mess with her blood pressure. It's best to leave it on until she's started to recover.

Okay. Thanks, Allison. And tell Barb thanks too.

D-Don't mention it. Please. We don't want Mistress to be mad at us.

No problem. If anyone here's not busy, could you get them to look after Kitty for a while?

Sure. I'll ask around.

Thanks. "Now," Jake said, turning back to Diana. "Let's get this bitch."

"Don't have to tell me twice."

Jake and Diana stood and approached Rosemary. "She survived? Shame. I was so looking forward to seeing the look on your face when-"

"God, do you always talk so much?" Diana snapped. "Maybe if you learned to keep your goddamn mouth shut and stopped being such a bitch, you might actually be able to make some friends and have an actual life instead of being a worthless waste of skin who has to resort to mind control to get what she wants because she's too pathetic and weak to achieve anything alone."

"I... You... Shut your mouth, you insignificant-!"

"Insignificant!? I'm insignificant!? After you've gone to such great lengths to burn my house down and abduct and pin the blame on my mom? I'm insignificant? Clearly, you've done nothing but think about revenge for half a year! Are you always this petty when things don't go your way?"

"You. Little. Bitch!"

"Sorry, I'm a cat, not a dog."

Rosemary let out a cry of hatred the likes of which Jake had never heard. He wasn’t sure angering the psychopathic genius was such a good idea, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

"FINE! Let's see how you like this!" Rosemary clapped her hands and another masked Black Cat Gang member stood between Rosemary and the two heroes. This one was female, wore a collar - Phase 2 if her purple eyes were any indication - and was evidently human, given the lack of cat ears. "These two are all yours, slave."

"Thank you for this opportunity, Mistress," the girl said, unmasking herself.


Rosemary's smug smile returned at Diana's reaction. "What's this? Showing concern? I thought you hated little Washina."

"Diana... Please, fight me," Washina urged, taking out her headband and forming her bo staff. "I need to defeat you."

Jake placed a hand on Diana's shoulder. "Go ahead. I'll get Rosemary."

"Alright. Good luck."

"You too."

Diana pounced at Washina, while Jake rushed at Rosemary's position, where a number of Black Cats had regrouped. As Jake began punching his way through Rosemary's guards, Washina held up her staff to block Diana's strike, only for Diana to perch her hands and feet along the staff and swing downwards, her butt making contact with Washina's face, knocking her back without her staff, which Diana still held as she flipped and landed on her feet.

"Diana, please," Washina pleaded. "I have to defeat you."

"What, you expect me to just give up and let Rosemary win? I always knew you were-"

"Please!" Washina begged, tears forming in her eyes. "I need to beat you. It's the only way you'll ever forgive me!"


"Nothing I do is ever enough for you to stop hating me. I know what I did was wrong... horrible even, so I know nothing I do can ever make you stop hating me. But, if I stop you... and you become one of mistress' servants... it's the only way you'll ever forgive me for what I did with Dark Eden. So please..."

Diana's expression softened. "I'm... sorry. But I can't."

"Why? I just want to be your friend. Why won't you let me-?"

"I forgive you."

"Wh... You... do?"

"Yes," Diana replied, walking forward. "I can see how much this means to you. I can see how much you've changed. I'm sorry for how I've treated you, Washina. I really do want to be your friend." Diana hugged Washina, who was stunned by Diana's understanding and willingness to forgive. It was something she never thought would happen. "I forgive you, so you don't need to obey her anymore." Diana gently reached around Washina's back and unstrapped the collar, letting it fall free to the floor.

"Thank you..." Washina whispered, lightly pecking Diana on the cheek.

"Oh, gag me with a spoon," Rosemary moaned, rolling her eyes.

Jake finished off the last of the nekos and replied, "That can be arranged."

He leapt through the air towards Rosemary, who simply pressed a button on her armrest. A pen tip- like cone at the head of the throne fired off a wave of energy, which killed Jake's momentum and dropped him to the ground, PAT armour disabled.

"How-?" Jake began, looking over his bare arms.

"Sakura sent me some very interesting files before you killed her," Rosemary replied, clamping a collar around Jake's neck and pressing a button to fire another energy wave at him. Jake stood up, suit fully restored. "Now, won't you be a dear and finish of your friend there?"

Jake turned back to Diana and Washina. "As you wish, Mistress Rosemary."

* * *

Sarah dodged an incoming punch from Ironside's right fist. She ducked under it and moved behind him to the left. He continued his motion, turning a full 180 and managing to make contact with the surprised Sarah's face. Sarah was knocked back a few yards, landing on her back and Ironside went for a diving elbow drop. Sarah positioned her body as if about to jump to her feet, only to push off from the ground, her feet striking his midsection just at the side, sending him spinning over her before hitting the ground hard.

Sarah jumped to her feet and ran towards him, jumping up to deliver a double knee drop. Ironside moved out of the way and Sarah's knees drove small holes into the roof. She quickly got to her feet as Ironside did the same.

"You're pretty good, McKnight," Ironside complimented, wiping some blood from his mouth. "I could use someone as capable as you."

"Not interested," Sarah replied flatly.

"Even if I offer you a large cut of the profits? The position of my second-in-command? Freedom to preserve justice as you see fit?"


"Don't you see that this is the only way to uphold the law in this corrupt cesspit of a country?"

"Assisting in mass anarchy, abduction and slavery is upholding the law?"

"Oh, wake up, McKnight. The world isn't all black and white. Sometimes, good people have to do bad things to do the right thing-"

"You never change, Ironside. All talk and no action. Shut up and fight."

"Fine. But you'll be wishing you'd taken me up on my-" Sarah's shoe collided with Ironside's face, interrupting him.

"I told you," Sarah shouted as she ran up. "Shut up and fight!" She delivered a swift jumping kick that staggered him back against the chopper.

Delilah flew in low to strike Jessica on the way past, but Jessica sidestepped and grabbed her wrist, using the dragoness' own momentum to spin her around before letting go, sending her spiralling out of control. Just as Delilah regained her balance, Jessica tackled her to the floor. Jessica delivered a number of good hits before Delilah head butted her, knocking her onto her back, allowing Delilah to gain the upper hand. She took up Jessica's position on top and began punching her repeatedly

Jessica grabbed Delilah's wrist as she tried to strike her again. She then wrapped her legs around Delilah's waits and forcefully rolled over so that she was back on top.

"You're... pretty good," Delilah panted.

"You too," Jessica replied much more easily. "Too good to be serving a corrupt piece of crap like Ironside."

"The chief is a beacon of justice. I must obey him at all times."

"He's trying to kill Sarah."

"No, he..."

"He's trying to kill her for trying to prevent the perversion of justice. Deep down, you know it's true."

"No. He's... She..."

"You know I'm right, Delilah."

"But... I have to obey..."

"No, you don't. Take off that collar and you'll see that I'm right."

"I can't. The collar must stay on at all- eh?"

Jessica held up the now removed collar with a smirk, staring down into Delilah's red eyes.

Sarah and Ironside both swung for each other, their arms colliding in a cross-counter. Ironside went to punch Sarah in the side with his free arms, but her greater speed allowed her to hook her leg around his and place her free hand firmly against his back. With all her might, Sarah lifted Ironside up into the air and slammed him down onto the roof with enough force to break a hole through the roof down into the lobby below. Ironside landed atop the reception desk and barely had time to register what had happened when Sarah's double knee drop made contact with his stomach, winding him greatly.

She pinned Ironside to the desk with her foot on his snout. Panting, she looked out over the other officers, who had all stopped fighting one another to see what was happening.

"All of you who were with him, surrender in the name of the law."

* * *

Diana kept her distance from Jake.

The hero rushed at her so she hopped up, kicked off from the back of his head and flipped onto the ground a safe distance from him.

"Please tell me you're just playing along, Jake," Diana panted, her heart racing.

Jake's only response was to throw a chair at her. She was just able to dodge, but this left her wide open to Jake's follow-up strike. After sliding along the ground from Jake's attack, Diana pleaded," Please, Jake! You have to snap out of it! You don't want to do this!"

"That won't work this time, dear," Rosemary called out condescendingly, very happy that her device had also locked Mato's system out of the suit, preventing any sabotage. "He's in Phase1; complete and total obedience. He can't hear you. He can't even think on his own. Isn't that right, Jake?"

"Yes, Mistress," he replied lifelessly.

"Good. Now, break her."

"Yes, Mistress." Jake lunged for Diana, but a sudden weight landed on his back as Washina's sneak attack was a success. She pulled her staff forcefully against his throat, hoping to make him pass out from lack of air.

"Jake, you can fight this," Diana urged. "You can't let Rosemary win!"

"She's right, Jake," Washina struggled. "Come on, fight her!"

Jake gripped Washina's wrists tightly, infusing her body with his powerful love touch.

"You know, Jake?" Washina said in a very friendly tone. "I’ve always liked you as a friend, but I don’t swing that way."

His body language displaying stifled irritation, Jake pumped more energy into Washina before throwing her across the room. Washina collided with Diana, sending both girls crashing to the floor.

"Ugh… that was weird," Washina moaned as she sat up, clutching her head. "You okay, Diana?"

Diana sat up, her eyes golden and a dopey smile on her face. "Jake…"

"Oh, no you don’t," Washina said, grabbing Diana by the back of her neck and pulling her back. "Wow, Jake’s love touch can transfer between people though contact? I fear what he’d do with that if he abused his power."

"Jaaake," Diana moaned, struggling feebly to break free.

Washina tuned Diana to face her and slapped her across the cheek.

"Wh-What… Oh," Diana mumbled, embarrassed.

Taking advantage of their distraction, Jake was now on top of them, ready to strike. Diana grabbed Washina's staff and shoved it into Jake's gut, hard. She knocked him back off his feet and into one of the trenches, buying them time to move.

The trench Jake landed in was the one where Barbara and Linda were working. The two had to stop as the armour-clad teen tumbled into their workspace. Barbara placed a hand on Jake's shoulder to help him up, but he simply ignored her and climbed back out. Barbara watched him got for a moment, while Linda simply returned to her work.

Allison? Can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you.

This isn't right. Jake like this, fighting his friends...

Are you opposing the mistress' desires?

No! No, I just... I love Jake. Like a son. I don't want him to suffer like this.

But Mistress wills it.

But Jake...

We cannot disobey.

Allison, do you like Jake?

...In what way?

Any way. As a friend, as a lover, anything.

Well... yes, he's my friend.

Then how can you sit here while he tries to kill his friends?

I... I can't resist Mistress. None of us can.

I'm not resisting; I'm advising.

Barbara snuck out of the trench, making sure her mistress didn't see her, and hurried over to Rosemary's throne.

By now, Jake was swinging for Washina. She blocked with her staff, but the PAT suit's power boost proved too much as her staff split in two. Washina yelped as she ducked, Jake's fist striking the computer tower behind her and sticking in it. The suit protected Jake from electrocution, but Washina had to dive away.

She staggered to her feet and rushed as far away as she could before Jake could free himself. Upon finding a hiding spot, she looked down at her broken staff. It had been given to her by her mother when she was little. Now, it was merely another broken piece of her broken past.

Diana observed Jake from above, silently stalking him as he broke his fist free and set off to find the two girls. Diana needed a plan and fast. Jake was closing in on Washina's hiding spot and Diana nimbly followed him.

Washina took the initiative and attack Jake from behind when she had the chance. She struck him quickly with the two halves of her staff, finding her strikes coming much quicker than with the staff, but lacking some of the power that came with it. Jake seemed unfazed by her strikes and turned to stop her. She went to hit him again, but he caught her wrist and squeezed until she dropped her weapon. She tried a low blow with the other half, but he did the same again. Once she was disarmed, he threw her over his shoulder, sending her tumbling a few metres away.

"I'm bored of this!" Rosemary called. "Hurry up and finish them!"


Rosemary jumped as Barbara appeared beside her. "W-What the hell are you doing here? Why aren't you working?"

"I'm so sorry, Mistress, but please stop this!"

"Stop this!? You dare question me!?"

"N-No, Mistress. But... this is too cruel. You don't have to do this. Please-"

"Enough! Get back to your station or I'll have your mind erased completely!"

Barbara sighed in defeat. "So be it." She slammed her hand on one of the buttons on Rosemary's chair, sending out a wave of energy that disabled Jake's armour. Rosemary smacked Barbara away in anger, madly rushing to restore the armour. As she fumbled to do so, Diana leapt onto Jake's exposed back and quickly tore the collar off, leaving light scratches from her desperate claws.

Jake collapsed to the floor, passing out from Rosemary's control. Washina rushed over as Diana tossed the destroyed collar aside.

Enraged that Barbara had cost her so much, the opened a secret compartment in her armrest and pulled out a handgun. She smacked the recovering Barbara over the head, knocking her out cold, before taking aim at Diana.

"It wouldn't have come to this if you'd kept your filthy nose out of my affairs!" she screamed. "I hope you burn."

Rosemary pulled the trigger, but Washina shoved Diana out of the bullet's path.

"Ugh, thanks, Washina," Diana groaned as she sat back up. "That was a close-"

Washina was clutching her stomach, fresh red oozing out between her fingers. "You're... okay," the princess uttered before coughing up some blood and collapsing.

Diana rushed over and held her tightly. "Nonononono, this can't be happening. Please, Washina, don't die. I forgave you and made you my friend so you can't die... please..."

Washina weakly reached out her hand and touched Diana's cheek. "Y-You called me your friend," she whispered with a smile. "I'm really... *cough*  happy..." Washina's hand dropped to the floor and she stopped moving.

"Washina? Washina!? WASHINA!" Diana tore off her mask in frustration at her own helplessness and cried into Washina's chest, cradling her friend's body.

"I'm glad you could feel one last heart-breaking moment before you die. I wish I could have killed that little witch friend of yours too, but I think I can fit her public execution into my schedule after you're gone," Rosemary smirked, taking aim a second time.

Diana's cries turned to weak sputters before dying out completely. Her body started to shake as she thought of her destroyed house, her wounded mother, the brainwashed Jake, her dead friend. A fierce growl began emanating from her mouth, fangs growing longer and sharper; fur quickly grew all over her body, despite Mato's device setting nekos to furless; her nose became a pronounced cat-like snout, and her muscles grew larger, tearing holes in the fabric of her costume, hands and feet growing larger, claws becoming longer and shaper, tearing through her gloves and boots.

"Wh...What is this?" Rosemary shook with fear as Diana turned, her blood-red eyes meeting hers.

"I'm... going to... KILL YOU!" Diana roared monstrously as she lunged at Rosemary.
HypnoBishoujoLand: Black and White - Part 7
The Black Cat Gang returns, just as Diana is going through some big changes. The white cat must stand against the black to protect those she loves.

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Sarah led the investigation into the fire and found that the point of origin was a glass bottle, likely a molotov cocktail. There were no fingerprints on the bottle, though those that knew Katseye's identity secretly concluded that this was intended as a message from the Black Cat Gang, who knew who she was.

What little could be salvaged from Diana's house was moved into Mina's house quickly. The Mato Household sent over a bed from one of the spare bedrooms and set it up in Mina's room. The girls all gave up various items of clothing and other things for Diana to take.

Diana received visits from all of her friends, from those at the Mato House to Kylie and Angel and even Eve. Despite their best efforts, none of them could make Diana feel any better.

Lilly set up magical enchantments to prevent any similar events from occurring again. Not wanting to crowd Diana, Lilly allowed only a few people at a time. Sarah, Jake, Fawn, Yuta and Lucia were the five allowed in this time.

Fawn sang a soothing lullaby into Diana's ear as she sat beside her on the couch. Diana noticeably relaxed as she listened to Fawn's voice.

"We couldn't find a body," Sarah explained. "So she was likely out at the time. Does Kitty have an early morning routine like jogging?"

"She does jog in the morning sometimes," Diana replied unevenly. "Or goes to the 24-7 store if she needs something."

"Alright, I'll put in the call to search likely locations for her. Don't worry, we'll find her."

"And I called your dad," said Jake. "He's on his way home now."

"Thanks... But all of this was my-"

The was a knock at the open door and Jessica entered. "I heard what happened, Diana," she said as she walked over and hugged the neko girl. "We'll help find Kitty, don't worry."


"Hello," said Tabitha Tigris as she and Angela and Lucy Parker entered the house but drew no closer to avoid Lilly's wrath.

"What are you three doing here?" Sarah asked as she hugged Tabitha.

"Jessica came up to the lodge to ask for our help with something," Angela replied.

"Help with what?" Sarah asked suspiciously.

Jessica approached Sarah and said "Finding Kitty, of course," though Sarah could tell this was just to make Diana feel better. Jess subtly indicated towards the door with her head.

"We'll get started now," Sarah claimed. "We'll have her back soon." She and Jessica's group assembled by the door and spoke in hushed tones. "What's really going on here?"

"Sarah, Dr. Goodman and her assistant went missing last night," Jessica explained. "Pam's trying to keep everyone calm up there, but she's concerned."

"We all are," said Lucy.

"Like I said, all these scientists going missing and nothing being done about it," said Jessica. "Something's clearly-"

"Not this again, Jess," Sarah interrupted irritably. "We're too busy dealing with the immediate threat of the Black Cats."

"Which is clearly a cover for the real issue of these scientists going missing."

Jessica's response struck Sarah. Although she hated to admit it, the idea did make a lot of sense. The Black Cat Gang had changed mission statement a few times and general anarchy seemed a weak motivation to reform a gang and bring in so many new members. But even then, that didn't mean the police were corrupt.

"Sarah, isn't it odd that no one on the force has figured this out yet?" asked Tabitha.

"No," Sarah replied as her conviction returned. "The Professor has a device that reduces people's deductive reasoning. That's the cause."

"Actually," said the professor himself as she squeezed past them into the house, "I dropped the device when Fawn screamed earlier. It's offline now until I can repair it, hence my coming to ask Lilly for assistance. Excuse me."

"It's offline?" Sarah repeated as Mato left the room. "Then..."

"Someone should have figured it out by now," said Jessica. "If you've not gotten a call about it, then... I wish I wasn't right, but..."

"It looks like you are," finished Sarah solemnly. "Crap."

"...back to you, Holly," concluded Jay’tona Gentlebreeze as he finished his report of the previous night's superheroing news, a segment he had just recently started.

"Thanks, Jay'tona," said the attractive young newscaster in the studio. "In other news, we now go live to Frank Lee for a report on the recent arson at number 4 Mato Stree-"

Static interrupted the broadcast and a familiar scene of the Black Cat Gang's recording studio. The violet-eyed lead Black Cat began speaking in the typical altered voice. "Citizens of Yoto, your attempts to deny us what we rightfully deserve are trying our patience. You will now bear witness to the sheer power we Black Cats possess."

"This doesn't sound good," said Jessica as she and the others approached the TV, alongside Mato and Lilly.

"Your failure to heed our warnings and your arrogance and greed have left us with no choice. We will now initiate Phase 2 of our plan. You will all suffer for your insolence." She removed her mask before she continued. "My name is Kitty Gali and I am the leader of the Black Cat Gang."

* * *

Diana felt sick. She'd been genuinely ill all weekend. She had initially begun feeling very faint. Then started crying and trying to go save her, only for her friends to stop her - those who knew her secret keeping her back to keep her emotional state from getting her hurt and the others doing so because they believed her to be powerless. She had then calmed down, but fallen into a state of depression. Yuta and Katia staying over hadn't helped much, even with Yuta offering to put on a hypnosis show with Katia as the only 'volunteer'.

Lilly had suggested she go to school with Mina and the others on Monday to help take her mind off things. Not seeing how things could be much worse than sitting around and worrying about her mother's wellbeing, Diana had agreed to go. Sarah had then assigned Angela and Lucy to keep a close eye on the school in case she was targeted there, while she, Jessica and Tabitha resumed their investigations.

Jake and Mina continually reassured Diana that her mother was at least alive and they had a lead on where she was. This was true and Diana certainly appreciated their words, but word had spread fast about her mother's alleged leadership of the Black Cat Gang. Her friends were working around the clock to dispel the rumours and assure people it was due to mind control. Sadly, only those who actually knew Kitty would believe them.

Jake had asked her to go out with him to find her mother, but her depression was the kind that left one totally devoid of energy. Not wishing to force her, he had instead gone out searching for leads alone to no avail.

Despite her friends trying not to leave her side at all, she was away from her friends for fourth period, where the whispers of her classmates were much more apparent. She was feeling horrible on her way to lunch when she was stopped by a familiar haughty-looking girl with her blue hair done up like two large drills at either side of her head. At either side of her were two of her rich friends, who were equally haughty and stuck up.

"Veronica," Diana muttered pitifully.

"Oh, look, girls," said Veronica in a tone so annoying, it must have been practiced. "It's the neko friend of that failure, Mina. How fitting that a screw-up be friends with a criminal."

"Criminal?" Diana responded in utter surprise. "What the hell are you talking about?" Diana's response had begun to draw a crowd of curious students.

"We've all seen your kind show their true colours recently. You're all just liars and thieves. You should all just go back to you little mud huts in the jungle and leave us law-abiding citizens in peace." Veronica's two cronies cackled and guffawed at her comments.

"Just because a few nekos are in a criminal gang doesn't mean all of us are-"

"Please. Everyone knows all nekos are just like the Black Cats and secretly want to join them. In fact, I hear your mother already has-"

Veronica was on the floor in a flash, knocked off her feet when Diana's fist connected with her bitch face.

Before her friends could react, Diana made eye contact and unwittingly unleashed her power as she hissed, "Leave," at them, forcing them to obey. She then straddled Veronica and proceeded to hit her repeatedly. For so long, this girl had tormented Mina and was now making racist comments towards nekos and even insulting Diana's mother for actions she had no control over. She wanted this girl to die.

She raised her fist to deliver a final blow on the bloodied, bruised girl beneath her, but her arm was grabbed from behind. She turned to see Jake holding her back, Mina, Katia and Yuta also assembled by his side.

Diana looked back down to see Veronica beaten rather badly below her. Even with how much the girl had tormented Mina and what she had just said about Diana's mother and her race, Diana was horrified by what she had done. She moved herself off the girl and sat staring, wishing she could just curl up in a ball and wake up from this nightmare her life had become. The grim reality of her situation truly hit as a few teachers arrived, demanding to know what had happened.

Diana's hand shot over her mouth and she fled from the scene, tears falling from her eyes and feeling like she was going to be sick. She left the school, ran away, not knowing where to but anywhere away from that place.

She finally came to a stop in an alleyway a few blocks away, unable to hold it in anymore and vomited in an old cardboard box before collapsing against the wall and sliding to the floor, bringing her knees up to her chest and burying her face in them.

After a few minutes, she heard someone approaching. "Diana? I heard what happened at school. You okay?"

Diana looked up to see quite possibly the last person she wanted to see right now.

"What do you want, Washina?"

"I... came to see if you were okay."

"Well, I'm fine so you can leave now."

"Look... Diana, I want to help-"

"Then help by leaving me alone!" Diana snapped.

"I know you're feeling like complete crap right now. I felt the same way when I was exiled from-"

"You don't know what I feel like at all!" Diana screamed, her eyes filled with both the most burning hatred and the coldest sadness Washina had ever seen. "I hate you! You're just like them, brainwashing innocent people into your mindless slaves and getting a sick thrill from ruining their lives!"

"That..." Diana's words truly hurt Washina very deeply. "I've changed, Di-"

"When have you ever tried to make things right!?" Diana screeched as she got to her feet. "You just showed up again out of the blue, gave some sob story and everyone else forgave you straight away! You made me hurt my friends, had me help you turn Yuta into one of your puppets, and you even have the fucking nerve to claim you're trying to make thing right while pulling Yuta's tricks and hypnotizing us to be your lesbian blow up dolls!"

"Diana, I-"

"I don't like girls! I've never had a gay feeling in my life and you constantly force me to be like that just so you can indulge your own perverted fantasies! I hate you! I never want to see you again!"

Diana was visibly crying harder now as she ran past the emotionally stunned Washina. It was true. Every word. Despite the bad she had done, Washina had never truly tried to make thing right aside from helping out once or twice. And she really did abuse those she wanted to be friends with purely for her own benefit, never sparing a thought to how they felt. She kicked herself for not realising how rotten to the core she truly was until an emotionally devastated Diana had snapped and screamed it all in her face.

She tried to hold back her own tears but her efforts proved fruitless. She was so consumed by her overwhelming sadness that she simply sat down in the alley a cried.

* * *

Diana ran and ran until she finally reached home. It was only once she stopped in front of the burnt wreckage that she remembered her home was gone. She spied the tree in the backyard still standing despite minor burns, and staggered over and climbed up into the treehouse. She curled up in a ball in the only place that felt like home, clinging desperately to any kind of comfort she could get. She lay there for a few minutes before she heard a voice say her name. She looked up to see Lilly climbing into the treehouse.


"I received a call from school after you left and saw you out the window," Lilly explained as she used her catalyst to levitate her shoes up after herself, having taken them off to climb up.

"Y…You heard-"

"I heard what happened, yes. I was told Veronica will receive magical treatment and should be fine in a week or two. Why did you do it, Diana? With your new strength…" Lilly stopped as Diana began to tear up again. Lilly sat beside Diana and moved her head to rest on her lap as she began stroking the neko’s hair. "You got angry?"

Diana nodded.

"She said something about Kitty?"

Diana nodded a second time.

"Oh, sweetie," Lilly sighed as she scratched behind Diana’s ear, relaxing her immensely. "I know you’re under a lot of stress right now and you’ve had to deal with so much more than a girl your age should ever have to deal with, but you can’t let the words of a parasite like her rile you up so much. Yes, she has money, good looks and popularity, but how long are those things going to last? Without the financial backing of her parents, there is no way in hell a leech like her would ever have friends, and her looks will be gone in twenty years and no amount of anti-wrinkle cream is going to change that. But you? You have a whole houseful of good friends, parents and sisters who love you dearly and even the ability to make a difference and be remembered until the end of time. So don’t let scum like her get under your skin. You are better than her in every way and you’ll be the one laughing when her life is over at age thirty."



"Thank you." Diana closed her eyes and fell asleep on Lilly’s lap. Lilly simply smiled as she continued to stroke the girl’s cheek as she slept peacefully for the first time since this whole incident started.

* * *

"How is the device coming along, Barbara?" Ms. Violet asked the project overseer as she entered the amplifier chamber to view the construction.

"It's coming along swimmingly, Mistress. As you can see, the basic skeleton is in place and the exact mechanical details have just been finalised. With your rather sizeable workforce, the device should be ready to activate within twelve hours."

"Very well done, my obedient little pawn."

"Your words are too kind, Mistress."

"Perhaps. Though I suppose I should bring in the catalyst for our device soon. Jane, tell Nero to get on that."

"But isn't he after Dr. Snow again, Mistress?" Janet asked as she walked over.

"Tell him she can wait."

"But, Mistress-"

"Obey me now, slave," Ms. Violet commanded, starting to lose her patience.

Janet's eyes glazed over as she mindlessly replied, "Yes, Mistress. I live to obey." Once the command was reinforced, she regained her will and moved to obey. "Nero? Mistress Violet wants you to go after a new target. Yes, I know you're after Dr. Snow, but Mistress demands it. I know you're right outside her window again, but it is Mistress' will. Don't shoot the messenger..."

"Will Nero be okay with this?" Barbara asked concernedly.

"He won't have a choice once I activate the device," her mistress replied with a wry smile.

"So then you do plan to enslave everyone, not just women?"

"I... What?"

"Pardon my presumption, Mistress, but I thought that your enslavement of us women and mere working agreements with the men meant you were... you know..."

"Of course not, you silly thing. In all the world, few men practice the sciences for benevolent purposes and few women do for their own personal gain. Mato and I are among the few exceptions. As is your old assistant from Kulon Island. What was his name?"

"Kevin, Mistress."

"Ah, yes. Him. I'll be sure to 'hire him' once the world is mine. He can work under you again."

"Thank you, Mistress," Barbara said as she bowed and kissed her mistress' foot, a conditioned response to show thanks.

"Now, you get back to work and finish my device and I'll be sure to... 'reward' you handsomely," she whispered into Barbara's ear, sending a shiver up the brunette's spine.

"Yes, Mistress Violet. Your will be done."

* * *

Jake and Mina arrived some time later after having seen Lilly and Diana’s legs dangling over the edge of the treehouse as she talked. The two had gotten themselves sent home thanks to a ‘backfiring’ spell Mina had cast and Jake ‘offering to take her home’. Spiky neon blue hair was a small price for Mina to pay to get a chance to check on her best friend. Lilly quickly fixed her daughter’s hair - evidently something she was used to at this point - and the four returned to Mina’s house for dinner.

While Lilly prepared the food in the kitchen, the other three sat in the living room in front of the TV. Diana finished explaining how Lilly had told her that Salem had called and asked how she was doing and said that he would be back by the following day.

"That’s good," Jake replied and Mina nodded her head in agreement. "At least he'll be back soon.

"I suppose. But Mom..."

"We'll find her, don't worry," Jake reassured her.

"Yeah, everything'll be fine," said Mina. "But... I have to ask, Diana... I've been wondering... Are you..."

Diana sighed. "Katseye? Yeah. I was."

"'Was'? What do you mean?"

"It's because of me being Katseye that caused all this. If I'd just stayed home and been a normal girl, my house would still be there and my Mom..."

A heavy silence filled the room.

"But... I think you were cool," Mina said, breaking the silence.

"I... was?"

"Yeah. You were a super hero, Diana. You saved people and made the city safer by beating up criminals. I don't know if you noticed but the rumours and slurs against nekos have really gone down since you showed up. People really do see the good you've done."

"But what does it matter if I can't even protect the most important person to me?"

Mina placed both of her hands on Diana's shoulders, forcing the neko's full attention as she spoke seriously. "Diana. When Jake talked about great responsibility that time? He was wrong. Great power doesn't bring great responsibility. It brings great opportunity. You didn't have to go out and become a hero; you were just given an opportunity. And you took it. How many other people could honestly say they would do the same thing in your position?"

"But, I-"

"Quiet, you. You had an opportunity to do real good. Not for yourself, not just for your kind, but for everyone in all of Yoto. And you have another opportunity now. You know that your mom is with the Black Cat Gang. That's a lead. You have an opportunity to go out there and find her, and bring her back safe. No one else has that opportunity. Not me, not Jake, you. So I'll ask you now, will you take it?"

Diana stared at her friend in utter amazement. She cracked a smile. "Yes. Thank you, Mina." The two friends embraced as Lilly re-entered the room with big bowls of pasta floating around her head.

"You can't go out fighting crime on an empty stomach, can you?" she said as she placed the bowls in front of the teens.

"You know about her?" Jake asked in surprise.

"Well, her costume..."


"I charmed her current costume for protection too. Oh, speaking of which, it could probably do with a refresh."

"I'll do it," Mina volunteered.

"You sure?"

"Definitely. I want to help."

"Okay. Let me show you the technique."

Lilly taught Mina the spell while Diana changed into her costume. Once Mina was caught up, she prepared her staff to cast the spell.

"You sure you're ready for this?" Diana asked, uncertain.

"I am if I have my friend's eyes on me," Mina replied with a smile.

Understanding the plan, Diana used her power, the Eye of the Goddess, as she suggested, "You are the world's greatest mage. You will not screw up this spell. You will perform it perfectly and I will be protected from harm."

"Yes. Perfectly." Mina was in a very light trance, allowing her to retain control while also accepting Diana's suggestions. She performed the spell, a light blue light emanating from the tip of her staff and washing over Diana. Once it was done, Lilly inspected Diana before turning back to Mina and kissing her on the forehead.

"You did great, Honey."

"Thanks, Mom."

"Wow. I feel amazing," Diana said as she flexed her muscles. "I feel like I'm invincible."

"Unfortunately, the spell does have its limits, even from one as powerful as Mina," Lilly explained. "You'll still need to be careful not to be too reckless. You are Kitty's daughter after all."

"Even so, thank you. Mina, Lilly, you guys are the best."

"And take this too," Lilly added, handing a small earpiece to Diana. "We'll be at Professor Mato's, keeping an eye on news reports for any clues."

"Thanks," Diana smiled as she placed the earpiece in. "Well, I'm off now. I'll go meet up with Captain Anime and we'll head out to search. I'll be back with Mom soon."

"Good luck," the Rose girls called as Diana left the house through the back yard.

"Well, I'm beat," Jake said with a fake yawn. "I think I'll go home and get some rest. See you guys tomorrow."

After Jake left, mother and daughter turned to each other and said, "Oh, that's not obvious..."

* * *

Jake returned home and to retrieve his PAT Watch from the lab. What he found when he arrived was not what he expected. He found Sarah, Katia and Yuta fending off Dawn, Lucia and Fawn, all three of whom were wearing some kind of strange collars around their necks and their eyes were block white. Sarah was grappling with Dawn, Lucia had Katia in a tight bear hug and Fawn had Yuta on her knees in a trance as she serenaded her with her hypnotic voice.

Moving quickly, he concluded he could do little to stop Dawn or Lucia, given their levels of strength. He instead rushed over to fawn, grabbed her arm and used his love touch to incapacitate her, while also snapping his fingers with his free hand to release Yuta from her trance. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to induce a new trance in Fawn, instead causing a conflict of trances that left her confused as to which to obey.

"Yuta, stop those two!" he ordered before focusing on Fawn and whispering enticing words into her ear to lure her into a sleep state where she could be free of the confusion the two trances presented. She happily obliged. Yuta, following Jake’s lead, directed her hypnotic song towards her winged housemates and lulled them into similar states, freeing Sarah and Katia from their struggles.

"Katia, are you okay?" Jake asked as he approached, now that their three attackers were unconscious.

"Yes… Beloved," the elf coughed as she tried to regain her breath. "Are they…?"

"They’re out for now. What happened here?"

"We’re not sure," Sarah replied. "I was on my way back here to pick up some old files for our investigation and gave these two a lift. When we got here, those three attacked us."

"Looks like it was those collars they have on," Yuta noted, pointing to Dawn’s.

"Yeah, I thought that too," Jake replied. "They look weirdly familiar though. Where have I…? Kitty! Kitty had one on when she appeared on the Black Cat broadcast. In fact, most of the Black Cats have them this time around."

"You’re right," Sarah confirmed. "Looks like the Black Cats aren’t back by choice." Although she didn’t say it aloud, Sarah wondered if this was somehow linked to any possible police corruption.

"Either way, we need the Professor to get them off," Jake said as he prepared to rush down the stairs, only for the man in question to emerge in front of him. He had a large red lump on his head.

"Has anyone seen Allison?" he asked, rubbing his head in pain.

"Allison? Wasn’t she in the lab with you?"

"She was. But then… I found myself waking up on the floor with this splitting headache."

"Oh, God," Jake uttered in realisation. "This was all a diversion. Whoever came here just wanted Allison."

"But why?" Katia asked. "There are many minds greater than hers. Professor Mato for instance. Why-?"

"She’s a telepath," Jake replied.

"She’s what?" Sarah replied in disbelief.

"I know it sounds crazy, but Allison can read and project thoughts. There’s a lot someone could do with that if they lacked the moral compass Allison has."

"I’ll put a call out and-" Sarah stopped herself as she realised that if there really was police corruption, she didn’t want to tip anyone off that they were onto them. "A-And we’ll see what turns up," Sarah finished, trying to reassure her friends.

"Good idea," Jake replied, thinking quickly about what to do about her. Regardless of his options, the Black Cat Gang was their only lead and he had intended to follow up on that anyway. "Alright, we should do what we can to fix this. Sarah, you’re going after Allison, right?"

Sarah nodded, knowing he knew she wasn’t but trying to reassure their friends of Allison’s safety. "With any luck, we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this Black Cat gang thing too."

"Good. Katia, Yuta, you two stay with the Professor and help him get those collars off."


"Yes, Beloved."

"And I’ll… Wait, where’s Washina?"

"Washina’s missing?" asked Mina as she and her mother entered.

"She ran after Diana before but never came back," Yuta replied.

"What happened here?" Lilly asked.

"Long story," Jake replied. "Can you two help out around here, maybe keep Sarah informed while she’s out there looking for Allison?"

"Allison’s missing?" Mina asked.

"I’m gonna… go look for Washina," Jake said, ignoring Mina’s question.

"Then you’ll need this," Mato replied, tossing the PAT watch to Jake.

"Wait, where’s Diana?" Yuta asked.

"She’s, uh…" Jake tried.

"Is she out looking for her Mom?" Yuta asked.

"Is she that Katseye vigilante?" Katia asked, surprisingly all with her deductive skills.

"Look, I’m going," Jake called as he sprinted out the door, followed closely by Sarah.

"What are you really planning, Jake?" Sarah asked as they ran toward her squad car.

"I'm going to go find Diana and fix this mess. Oh, I wish Jen and Midori were here."

"Then let me help you. I can call Jess and-"

"No," Jake replied bluntly. "I got curious about what you were up to and asked Lucy in full costume. She's a bit naive but you can definitely trust her."

"She told you?"

"About possible corruption? Yeah. I'd been thinking it was weird the Black Cats weren't going down in number much. That's why I need you guys to follow that up. If there really is corruption going on, Diana and I need someone was can trust at the station when we bring whoever's behind this in."

"...Okay. You're right."

"Sorry to put you on the spot like this..."

"No, no. 'To protect and serve'," Sarah replied with a slightly forced smile.

"Thanks." Jake was about to activate the watch when Sarah grabbed his wrist.

"Hey, before you go, can I... No. Never mind. I'll ask you when we get back. With Kitty and Allison and a corruption-free justice system." She smile trustingly and Jake found himself returning it. Sarah kissed him on the cheek and said, "Good luck... Captain."

"Y-Yeah. You too... Officer."

* * *

Allison was in a small chamber, undergoing a procedure to induce an artificial Phase 2. The result would be temporary, but would allow her to reach Phase 2 much faster, and would surely last long enough for her mistress to use her to connect to every mind on the planet. Kitty had had the same process used previously to test its effectiveness before giving her a proper collar once it wore off.

Estimations made by most of the science staff concluded that Allison would need a clear mind to use the device, something not afforded by Phase 1, which would normally take too long to complete with Violet absolutely sure the Mato Household would try to stop her now that she had one of their own.

Regardless, the device would be completed in time. All that remained to be seen was if her new security force could keep any intruders at bay long enough. Tonight was going to be life-changing for Ms. Violet.

* * *

Diana was just finishing up another group of Black Cats when Jake arrived in the Dasher. He rushed over and knocked out one trying a sneak attack on Diana.

"Thanks," she said as the neko went down. "You're late."

"Sorry, had a problem at the house."

"What happened?" Diana's tone made it clear she could tell something serious had happened.

"Someone broke into the house and put mind control collars on some of the girls. They took Allison too."

"What!? We have to go-"

"We are. Our best guess is this relates to the Black Cats. We'll continue our investigation as planned and hopefully find her."

"What about Sarah?"

"She has her own assignment."

* * *

Sarah arrived at the meeting spot later than she would have liked. She quickly headed into the small cafe Lucy had opened up after leaving the military, where Jessica, Tabitha, Angela and Lucy awaited her.

"You're late," Jessica commented.

"Allison's been taken," Sarah replied breathlessly.


"The Black Cats. I've got Captain Anime and Katseye working on it."

"But we can't-"

"If we get this done quickly or find that there is no corruption, we can meet up with them and help out. For now, we need to make sure the ringleader of this whole mess will be prosecuted instead of released."

"You're right," said Tabitha. "We need to do this."

"Corruption needs to be weeded out and destroyed," Angela said bitterly.

"Yeah. You're right," Jessica admitted. "Okay then, what's the plan?"

"Tabitha and I are going to speak with a few officers around the station, get a feel for the atmosphere and mood. If we find nothing, we leave and go help the heroes. But if we do find something, you three make use of the equipment you've brought to beat down anyone stupid enough to be corrupt in my town."

"Hoo-rah!" the military girls replied enthusiastically.

"Um... hoo-rah," Tabitha added nervously.

* * *

Jake and Diana had beaten down quite a few groups by now, not managed to get anywhere in their interrogations. Jake began to grow worried that they were wasting time. Why go after Allison now? Surely, they could have taken her at any time. Sure, they might have just gotten a really tough member recently to get the job done, but he couldn't help but feel that there was a specific reason, most likely that Allison was the key to whatever plan they had and they wanted to give her friends as little time as possible to interfere. He decided it was time to step it up.

After knocking out a group on a rooftop, Jake grabbed the leader of the group - signified by a black armband - and dragged him over to the edge.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Diana asked concernedly.

"Getting what we want to know," Jake replied coldly as he held the neko over the edge of the roof by his ankle. He slapped the neko in the face with his free hand to wake him up. Needless to say, the neko screamed upon realising he was dangling upside down six stories up.

"I'm only going to ask this once," Jake said in an intimidating dark tone. "Where is your hideout?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, man," the neko replied, trying to keep his fear hidden.

"I've always wondered if cats really do always land on their feet. I think I should test that theory."

"Hey, whoa, wait, man!"

"What?" Jake replied flatly.

"I-I don't know where it is-"

"Then we have nothing more to discuss."

"Nononono, wait! I-I do know someone who knows where it is!"

"I'm listening."

"This chick. She's a human, but our boss wanted her in our gang. She's been to the base, she can tell you where it is."

"Where is she?"

"She's at our old hideout! Warehouse 74! She's there, I swear!"

"Thank you for your co-operation," Jake replied as he let the neko go.

The neko screamed as he fell, until he hit the fire escape headfirst and fell unconscious.

"We have our location, let's go," Jake said as he headed for the Dasher. Diana, almost reluctantly, followed after him.

When they reached the Dasher in the dark alleyway nearby, Diana stopped and pulled up her mask.

"What is it?" Jake asked as he too stopped.

"What was that about? Why were you so... violent?"

Jake sighed and removed his helmet. "Diana, do you want to save your mother?"

"Jake, I-"

"Do you?"


"Desperate times call for desperate measures. If we want to save their victims, we have to be prepared to do drastic things."

"Yeah, but-"

"He wasn't wearing a collar. He was there of his own free will. That makes him a villain. Not a victim like your Mom or the girls back home. A villain. He deserves whatever he gets."

"Jake, what's gotten into you? Why are you acting this-?"

"Because I don't want to lose you!"

Diana was stunned by Jake's outburst and remained silent as he explained.

"There have been so many times I've almost lost you guys, to Rosemary, to Tsavan, to Nadia, whoever. I lost everything when I came here, my home, my family, everything. All I have left is you guys. And I am not going to lose any of you! I'm going to do whatever it takes to-"

Diana leaned in and kissed him. She held it for a while before pulling back and smiling sadly. "Oh, Jake. You're not going to lose us. We've lasted this long, haven't we? Whatever comes our way, we always come out on top. This time's going to be no different."


Diana placed a hand on his cheek, silencing him. "You're not going to lose us, Jake. So please... don't lose yourself."

Diana pulled her mask down and climbed into the Dasher, leaving Jake confused, but also elated. He was so lucky to have friends like her.

* * *

Sarah and Tabitha entered the station, which was still as hectic as when Sarah had left earlier. Some of the officers took the time to greet Tabitha, having not seen her since the Summers incident. The two made their way to Sarah's office before asking around.

They quickly planned their movements. Tabitha would start small talk with a number of officers, under the guise of catching up, and subtly hint at the idea of corruption, gauging their responses and coming to conclusions. Sarah meanwhile, would be searching the database for any evidence of tampering or illogical proceedings.

Sarah began with the files in her own office while Tabitha headed out into the station to ask around.

* * *

Jake and Diana arrived at the old warehouse not long after. They quietly surveyed the area from a distance before moving in and stealthily knocking out a few of the exterior guards. They then climbed up a nearby drainpipe towards the roof before quietly descending down to the rafters overlooking the warehouse interior.

As expected, there was a large group of nekos inside, though what they were doing here, Jake couldn't tell. Obviously, they had set up shop elsewhere to avoid being found, but what reason would they then have to return here? Unless something of value was still here...

Before Jake could consider any more of this, a blade of energy sliced through the wooden beam he and Diana were resting on, causing it to break off and fall, the two heroes falling with it. Jake hugged Diana tight and hit the ground first, cushioning her landing.

Diana was the first to recover, quickly checking that Jake was okay before taking in their surroundings. Before them stood a large ground of Black Cats surrounding a single human with a cat ear headband. Diana’s eyes darted around, trying to find the neko with the sword, only to find that the human was the one with the sword.

Jake got to his feet and noticed the same thing. "Uh, hi, we’re here to search your home for infestation, oh! Looks like we’ve found it."

"That sharp tongue of yours will do you no good once I cut it from your mouth," the human said as she stepped forward, allowing Jake and Diana to get a better look at her. She wore a black robe, matching sandals, and kept her black hair tied in a high ponytail."


* * *

"I'm ready to serve you, Mistress Violet," Allison said, bowing on her hands and knees.

"Good. You are the linchpin in my plan, dear."

"I am honoured to be of such great importance to you, my glorious mistress."

"And to think, this might not have happened if I hadn't had you to practice the temporary process with," Violet said to Kitty, who stood nearby in a collar, now in proper Phase 2.

"Thank you, Mistress Violet," Kitty bowed. "I am honoured to have been able to assist you."

"Of course you are. I made you that way. Now, Barbara, how long until the device is operational?"

"Current estimates are at one hour, Mistress, give or take a few minutes," Barbara reported.

"Excellent. Get Allison prepped on what she needs to do once the device is online."

"Yes, Mistress," Linda replied, taking Allison by the hand and leading her away.

"Soon, very soon, I won't need to sell slaves for money, I won't need Lucius for funding. I'll control everything, and no one will be able to stop me from performing any of my twisted experiments." Ms. Violet smirked.

* * *

Sarah began to notice a pattern in the records she searched. There were a number of notable criminals - particularly members of the original Black Cat Gang – that had gone missing after prison bus crashes while transporting them to other prisons. There were also a few that had allegedly been killed in prison riots, prison fights and the aforementioned bus crashes. Yet, upon contacting the coroner’s office, she found that there was no record of these inmates being dead. These records were dated to the previous coroner’s time, leading Sarah to believe that there was indeed some kind of cover-up going on, to which the original coroner was privy.

She then began looking over the recent Black Cats that had been brought in, only to find that there were not enough names listed to account for all those that had been brought in. She hoped that her hunch that those not listed had been secretly released would prove untrue.

She gathered some files and headed back out to find Tabitha. The two returned to Sarah’s office and relayed what they had found, making sure the other three could hear over the radio. Once Sarah finished revealing what she had found, Tabitha spoke up.

"I didn’t learn much, but a few of the upper ranks were a lot more reluctant to talk about recent events. I’m thinking there could be some corruption there, possibly even plotting a coup. And a few of them have purple eyes. I don’t remember there being that many officers with that colour eyes."

"Looks like we may have been right," Jessica noted grimly.

Sarah grimaced as reality started to catch up with her.

"Uh, don’t worry, Sarah," Tabitha said, making sure the three over the radio understood what Sarah was thinking. "Maybe thereis corruption. It’s probably just a few bad apples that we can deal with. Right?"

"Yeah, she’s right," said Lucy confidently.

"Try to stay positive," Angela said.

"We’re ready on your mark, Sarah," Jessica assured her. "Give the order and we’ll be in there, kicking ass and taking names."

Sarah stood up, resolute. "Come on, Tabitha. Let’s go have a chat with the chief."

* * *

"Midori no longer exists. I am Viridian, eternal slave of Mistress Violet."

"I see you have a collar too," Jake said, pointing to the offending contraption. "But don’t worry, we’re going to save you."

"Save me? Did you not hear what I just said? I am-"

"Eternal slave of Mistress yada-yada-yada. Can we just get on with this already?"

"Uh, Jake? Is it wise to make Midori this mad?" Diana asked worriedly.

"Just trust me," Jake replied confidently. "Okay, Midori, let’s do this."

"As you wish, Captain-sama," Midori replied, drawing her sword again.

"But I have to ask, can you really bring yourself to harm a sentai-ish hero such as me?"

"For my mistress, I would slay Ōkami-sama himself."

"Okay, that plan failed. Plan B then. Your Mistress sucks!"

Midori’s eye twitched. "What… did you just say?"

"Uh, Jake?"

"I said your mistress sucks! She’s psychotic, evil, probably old and ugly too, and she probably… has bad hair."

"Your death will not be quick, Captain-san!" Midori lunged at Jake, who pushed Diana aside and dodged the blow. With all of Midori’s attention focused on Jake, Diana was able to sneak into the shadows and start to pick off the Black Cats one-by-one.

Jake knew that what he was doing was dangerous, but he also knew how she would react, and how to take advantage of that. Midori’s defining characteristic was her short temper. Above all else, if one could make her angry enough, one could control the flow of battle. When truly enraged, Midori became much more reckless, performing broader swings, using more energy than necessary, focusing too much on offence and not enough on defence. He’d seen it so many times in her sparring matches with himself, Jessica, Sarah and even Lilith. All he had to do was keep his wits about him as he dodged and he could win. Plus, he was sure her devotion and adoration to her new mistress took up a lot of her attention, keeping her from her peak ability.

Midori unleashed a flurry of wild swings, fast but not accurate. Jake had no trouble dodging them, which only served to anger her even more. She swung for his right and he dodged left. He bumped into something that felt like a wall behind him. He turned to find a massive neko stood behind him, a man about the size of Jumbo Jones or Obelisk, though with much more bulk than muscle. The neko lifted Jake up by the throat and held him in place.

"Thank you, Bob-san," Midori said as she regained her composure, threatening to undo all of Jake’s work as she began to calm down.

Bob slammed Jake onto the ground, leaving a dent in the floor. He then stomped on Jake’s chest three times, driving him further into the ground. Jake was sure one his ribs was cracked despite the armour's protection.

As Bob lifted his foot to stomp Jake again, Diana leapt onto his back from behind and clawed at his eyes. It was a technique her mother had taught her when she'd reached thirteen, a technique that would blind an attacker by lightly damaging their eyelids to force them to keep their eyes closed, but not enough damage that they might sue. Diana slid down Bob's back and between his legs before rolling backwards as her momentum carried her forward, and kicked him in his groin, making him recoil in agony. Diana then positioned herself to push off from the ground and propel herself towards Bob, kicking him hard in the gut and knocking him over. Bob was unable to continue from Diana's assault and stayed down.

Midori scowled at her and turned to order her subordinates to attack, only to find that they were all unconscious from Diana's surprise attacks.

"Not bad for a rookie, huh?" Diana taunted, flaring up Midori's anger again as a cross-popping vein appeared on her temple. Diana jabbed at the vein, leaving Midori staggering woozily. Diana followed up her attack by lunging at Midori, gripping her shoulders and kicking her in the chest with both feet, finishing up with a backflip and landing on her feet as Midori crashed to the floor.

Diana rushed over to check that Midori was okay. "She's out. For now. You okay, Jake?"

"Yeah," Jake squeaked. "Never better." Diana helped him out of the crater and the two approached Midori.

"What should we do with her? After Rosemary's headbands, I'm worried about what might happen..."

"Me too. I'll ask the old man, see if he's got anything."

* * *

Professor Mato gently lifted Dawn's head as he removed the now open and inactive collar from around her neck. "And that's the last of them," he sighed, placing the collar down on his workbench and looking over the three women lying on gurneys as they slept peacefully. He'd used a small scanner earlier to ensure there were no traps before removing them, cautious of such a thing ever since the others had told him about Rosemary.

"Good work, Grandfather," Yuta congratulated as she wiped his brow with a rag.

"How's the complete analysis of the first one coming?" Mato asked Katia, who was stood by the scanner.

"Ninety-nine percent, Professor," she replied, eyeing Lucia's collar as the scanner moved over it again.

"Good," said Lilly from the radio scanner. "That should give us something to work with instead of a vague 'Black Cat Gang' lead."

"The refreshments are ready," Mina declared as she entered the lab with seven glasses of fresh lemonade.

As Mina handed out the drinks, the professor went to check the scanner as it reached 100%. The monitor displayed a long code file that left Katia baffled.

"Please, Katia dear, would you help Yuta bring down some blankets and pillows to those three?"

"Yes, Professor," Katia replied before leaving with Yuta.

Mato read through the code, finding the in-depth programming the collar performed over time. "It appears that there was no trap included to avoid interfering with this astounding brainwashing process."

"What do you mean?" Lilly asked.

"It appears the collar has two phases. Phase 1 leaves the victim mindlessly obedient to a 'Mistress Violet' while the device begins implants commands and suggestions into the wearer's mind, preparing them for Phase 2. This phase leaves the victim with block white eyes as well to indicate which phase they're in. Phase 2 is willing obedience, fully aware of who they are and what they're doing, but willing subservient to this Violet. It seems that the victim's mind is altered to make them believe that serving Violet is the right thing to do, and they have violet eyes in this phase, which I seem to recall Kitty having during the broadcast."

Lilly and Mina shuddered at the thought of Kitty having been put through such a process.

"Such a complex process in so small a small device, this Violet is truly impressive, though including a booby trap alongside such a thing is unfeasible."

"Lucky for us," Dawn said as she strained to sit up.

Lilly rushed over and gently pushed her back down. "No, just lie down, Dawn. You need your rest."

"What do you remember?" Mina asked as she brought a glass over with a straw.

"I remember... I was coming downstairs and I... saw Fawn in the living room. She was on the couch watching TV. Lucia passed me from the kitchen. She had a plate of... pancakes, I think. Someone kicked the door in. A muscular neko with black hair... couple of scars too."

Lilly input the description into a console in hopes of finding out who this intruder was.

"And... And then what?" Mina asked, not sure she wanted to know the answer.

"It was all so fast... He threw a dagger at me, which I just barely avoided, though I'm sure that was his intention. By the time I'd recovered, he was clamping a collar around Lucia's neck. Fawn tried to use her voice against him but... he shoved Lucia over the couch at her. She got out of the way, but that gave him his opening. Last I recall, he ordered Fawn to put me under... which she did."

The room was silent as Dawn finished her story. The silence was broken as Fawn began to stir. Mina gently held her down and gave the two sips of their drinks.

"Is this him?" Lilly asked, turning the monitor to face Dawn.

"Yeah. That's him."

"Gatto Nero. He was one of the Black Cats from the first time that was never caught. Says there are reports of similar-looking nekos appearing in various warzones around the world after that."

"Guess he became a merc," Dawn said, sitting up. Mina went to lower her but Lilly held a hand up.

"Most likely, yes. Looking at this file, I can see how he was so efficient. He apparently fought off twenty-five YPD officers last time. No casualties either. And the supposedly similar nekos have taken down entire bases and all sorts of armoured vehicles."

"Those could just be stories made up to scare local warlords," said Katia as she and Yuta returned.

"Where is he now?" Dawn asked.

"With the Black Cat Gang. We don't know where they are tho-"

A tune began to play as Mato received a call from the PAT Suit. Mato moved to the console and answered the call in hologram mode, making sure to secretly initiate the suit's voice mask as well.

"Professor, we need some help," Captain Anime said as he stood beside Katseye.

"He knows Captain Anime?" Fawn asked groggily.

"Of course, my boy. what do you need?"

"Well, uh... we found..."

"It's Midori, Katseye interrupted. She was under their control."

"What!?" those at the house asked in shock.

"We've knocked her out for now-"

"More like you did," Cap interrupted, causing even her blue-tinted hologram to blush. "She has one of those collars on. We need to know if-"

"There aren’t any booby traps," Mato interrupted. "The devices are off and we found no residual side effects from the mind scans. The inner workings are too complex for booby traps."

"Ah, good," Cap sighed in relief.

"What do you mean, 'too complex'?" Katseye asked.

"Well, uh..."

"Mind control through an object like this is complex," Lilly cut in, not wanting to worry Diana. "Given how many Black Cats there are, they were likely mass produced, limiting the time and attention each one was given."

"I guess that makes sense," Diana replied and Lilly secretly sighed.

"So, long story short, they're safe to take off, right?" Cap asked.

"Yes, that's right," Mato confirmed.

"Okay, I'll get it off then. Hopefully, she can give us something to work with."

As Cap began removing the collar, Diana stepped towards the communication sphere Cap had placed. "H-How are Fawn and the others?"

"We're fine," Fawn replied, sitting up with Mina's help. "But, how do you... Diana?"

Diana sighed. "I'm cursed, aren't I?"

"You know Captain Anime, Diana?" Yuta asked. "He's so dreamy..."

Those who knew his secret cringed inwardly.

"Y-Yeah, I do. Anyway, I'm glad you're all okay."

"You too, kid," Dawn replied as she stood up from her gurney. "How's Midori? I can only imagine how horrible she must have had it."

"She's coming to," Cap said, tossing the collar away. Diana moved the floating sphere closer so it would pick Midori up too. "How are you feeling?" the hero asked his former sidekick.

"Ugh... I feel... terrible... What ha..." Midori trailed off as she noticed her clothes and everything came rushing back. She instantly hopped onto her knees and bowed so fiercely, she smacked her forehead on the floor. "GOMEN NASAI!" she screamed.

"I-It's okay, you don't need to-"

"I knowingly brought harm to you, Captain-sama! Please punish me as you see fit!"

"I-I just want to know how you ended up like this..." Cap replied sweatdropping outside his helmet.

"H-Hai, I will tell you," Midori said as she sat up on her knees. "I was out training in the mountains overlooking the city, honing my skills and learning greater self-control. As I sat beneath a beautiful waterfall, attempting to find inner peace, I was set upon by a group of Black Cats. Their numbers were great, too great as I soon learned. There were too many for me to defeat without killing or maiming, and they wore me down over three hours until they could easily surround and incapacitate me."

"When was this?" Cap asked, placing a friendly hand on hers.

"Roughly one week ago. I was in what they call 'Phase 2' enslavement. I felt like Violet-sama- Violet was truly just and that serving her would bring about a world where I would no longer need to fight, where all would be united in peace. Until you two arrived and saved me. Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Captain-sama, Neko-sama."

"Don't worry about it. All we need to know before we get you home is, do you know where their base is?"

"Yes. I remember."

"Good. Where-"

"But I will not return home."

"I'm sorry?"

"I an honour-bound to assist you. I must repay you in battle, and also reclaim my honour for this humiliation."

"Midori, I don't think-"

"We'll take her," Katseye interrupted.


"She's a great fighter, Cap. And she knows her way around their base."

"She's in no condition to fight after-"

"Please, Captain-sama," Midori bowed. "I must do this."

Cap sighed. "Okay, she can come with us. We're on our way to the Black Cat Gang HQ. Captain Anime out."

Once the call finished, the two heroes called in the defeated and tied up nekos before making their way to the Dasher with Midori.

"I'm really concerned about Midori's ability to fight here," Cap said as they reached the car.

"She'll be fine," Katseye assured him. "Don't worry so much."

"I wish I was as optimistic as..."

"What? What is it?"

"The Dasher's only a two-seater."

"Not to worry, sir," said Homeshield over his communicator. The Dasher is equipped with a prisoner compartment if Ms. Katsumi wishes to join you on your mission. It also comes equipped with this." A small compartment opened up on the passenger side and an arm presented the three with what looked to Diana like a normal wristwatch, but Jake and Midori knew as the Emerald Flash morpher.

Cap took out the morpher and handed it to Midori. "Let's hope this still works then."

"Hai," she replied, stepping hack to give herself room. "Hypno Sentai Yotoranger... Henshin!"

She placed two fingers on the watch's face as it glowed green. She swiftly and gracefully lifted her arm, dragging a trail of light with from her fingers. She moved her arm in a circular motion, the trail forming a large green spiral in midair. She pulled on the trail, causing it to spiral toward and around her. The light trail wrapped tightly around her body like bandages on a mummy, before engulfing her completely. The light reshaped itself slightly, tightening her baggy clothes and ponytail until it was skin-tight.

The light burst around her hands and feet, revealing white spandex gloves and boots, followed by a similar effect around her waist, revealing a white miniskirt and matching pouches. From there, more white spread up from her navel and out wider towards her shoulders and neck. A black circle, accented in gold, appear on her chest over the white, adorned with a golden 青, the kanji for 'Ao', meaning green/blue.

The green light then also burst, leaving skin-tight green spandex in its place over the rest of her body as a helmet formed over her head. The helmet was green with silver accents, a silver mouthpiece with lips, and a black visor with gold accents.

A black katana hilt with green diamond patterns formed in her hand, which she then held as a green and white energy blade formed from it. She swung her sword, leaving slashes of light that formed a larger 青, before her.

"Emerald blade of justice and honour... Yoto Green!"

"What was that?" Diana whispered.

"That... was a henshin."

"And this happens-"

"Every time, yes."

"Tadaima," Midori said happily.

"Okaeri," Cap replied.


"You’re such an idiot," Diana sighed.

* * *

"What is it, McKnight?" Chief Ironside asked as Sarah and Tabitha entered his office. "I'm busy." Chief Steven Ironside was an inu, an approximation of a grey-haired hound dog.

"Chief, I’ve been looking through the records of the Black Cats-"


"Uh, I’ve found some… oddities."

"What kind of ‘oddities’?" The chief looked up for the first time, seemingly interested in what Sarah had to say. She prayed that this wasn’t suspicion on his part.

"W-Well…" Sarah found herself struggling to ask, terrified for what she might find.

Tabitha stepped closer, secretly holding Sarah’s hand comfortingly behind their backs. "The records indicate that there aren’t enough Black Cats being processed to account for the numbers being brought in," Tabitha explained.

"What are you implying?" Chief Ironside asked suspiciously.

"We’re… not implying anything, sir. We’re just saying that the records don’t match up and we’re concerned that-"

"Concerned that what? That someone’s been tampering with the records? How do I know you two aren’t responsible for this? You, McKnight, still haven’t gotten over Richard Heddington being released on bail after he kidnapped your sister, and you hold a grudge against the YPDF for failing to provide evidence on the criminal Dawn, which was your responsibility to oversee."


"Sir, that’s totally uncalled for!"

"And you, Tigris, blame the YPD for what happened with that Summers kid and our supposed inability to prevent it or take him in."

"That’s not… I…"

"And now you think uncovering some conspiracy of police corruption will get you back into the public eye and help you make a name for yourself. And I bet you have Chabers in on this too. So let me tell you now, if you think for a second that you’re going to get away with this… blatant slander and blackmail, you have another-"

"Cut the shit, Ironside."

"-thing… Wha-?"

"Your attempt to deflect the blame onto us is a clear sign of your guilt. I thought there might be some corruption in the YPD. For months, that thought nagged at me in the back of my mind, but I didn’t want it to be true. I was afraid it would shatter my view of the justice system. But you sitting there, having the nerve to try and deflect the blame onto us to cover up your corruption and abuse of the justice system… I will not stand for it!" Sarah stomped the ground so hard, she left a crater beneath her foot. She grabbed Ironside by the collar and threw him over her head and through the glass walls between his office and the lobby, where every other officer stood speechless. Ironside staggered to his feet as Sarah stepped through the hole in the glass, followed by Tabitha.

"Anyone else think abusing the justice system is fun?" Sarah scowled.

"Don’t just stand there!" Ironside barked. "I want that woman arrested for slander, conspiracy, abuse of her power and assault of an officer!"

A number of officers rallied around Ironside, though whether they were also corrupt or just bought his lies, Sarah couldn’t tell, nor did she much care. She would put a stop to anybody who abused the justice system.

"Jess? You’re up."

The front door was kicked in and Jessica, Angela and Lucy entered in full body armour, carrying shotguns. "You rang?"
HypnoBishoujoLand: Black and White - Part 6
The Black Cat Gang returns, just as Diana is going through some big changes. The white cat must stand against the black to protect those she loves.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Behind-the-Scenes

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