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I've been thinking of offering commissions, though I'm nto sure of the kind of prices I'd ask. Anyone got any suggestions?


•The name is a play on "Peace of Mind".

•The story stemmed from a desire to explain why Slaves International, despite being set up as the series' main villain, never made a move after the original series and why Jessica's trigger never came up again. Obviously, in the real world, no one wanted to step on ADV's toes if he ever came back to work on the series, but since he's said he plans to ignore all fan-written stories if he does return, I figure I might as well come up with an idea. I also decided to have it help bridge the gap between Jake's start of development in Summers 3 and his more mature persona I've written since Family Matters.

•It was originally Fawn in the "searching for triggers" scene, but I replaced her with Katia for some added variety and because she debuted alongside Jessica.

•Dawn's exchange with Jessica was originally from Family Matters. I'd originally planned a for Dawn to be more involved in the Jessica hypnotizing Becky scene, entering once the two sisters were under and Jess was triggered. The line was slightly different back then: "I'm not even going to drain you. You can just stand there and have a nice dream until I need you again. So sleep for me."

•The actual goal in the base was originally going to be to free the prisoners and shut the project down, but since such a feat was unrealistic and too easily turned back against the trio, I decided to have them just be out to get evidence.

•In the early planning phase, Jessica was going to fight a mind controlled Sarah alone first. She'd be doing well before Angela got involved, only for Cap to enter and even the odds, fighting Sarah while Jess dealt with Angela. Cap would then distract the enemy mech while Jess went to obtain her, which was onsite due to it being the main military base originally.

•The section about Jessica being featured in a magazine was originally written for Christmas With Friends. It was originally a present she was to receive, I believe from Jake. I removed it and saved it because I thought it would be a nice capstone to her character story.

•The story has a bunch of Metal Gear references, including Camp Zeta as a whole. The name comes from MGSV's Camp Omega, though with a different letter that means change, which is relevent to the theme of the story. The base's layout is also largely based on the Camp Omega map as well. One idea I briefly entertained was Jessica or Jake using a cardboard box, but I felt that it would be too much to include more from Metal Gear when the whole camp is inspired by the series, though I did slip in a couple of more subtle references elsewhere in the series.

•Jake's induction of Jessica was something I stugled with. I had four ideas for how he could get her under:
1. Jess refuses help and Jake asks to see the tags, tricking her into hypnosis.
2. Take has Jess swing the tags and gives pointers to get her under.
3. Jake swings them and gives poitners to put her under.
4. Jake asks about her tags moving while she runs, prompting her to jog on the spot to test it and he uses the motion of the tags to put her under.
In the end, I chose to just use an induction I'd written for Night of the Loving Dead for the scene where Jessica tries to cure Sarah and Dawn. In case you're curious, here's the original:

"Just keep your eyes on the watch as it swings back and forth. Back and forth. Let your bodies relax as you focus on the shiny, pretty pocket watch. Let everything else fade except for the watch and my voice. Listen to my voice as I guide you deeper into relaxation. Listen to my voice. Trust my voice. Obey my voice. Feel yourself become sleepy. Very sleepy. Feel yourself let go and sleep on three. One.. eyelids so heavy. Two... feeling so (yawn) so sleepy... th...threeee..." Jessica's eyes closed as the intended subjects had anticipated. While sleepy themselves, without Jessica's voice to guide them down, they soon returned to their senses and found the entranced Jessica sitting before them.

•The following are all of godzillahomer's contributions:
-The idea of a mecha fight
-The name "Valorous Valkyrie"
-The radio codenames

•For the record, here are the girls' favourite ice cream flavours as I imagine them:
Jen - Rocky Road
Sarah - Mint
Dawn - Chocolate
Diana - Milk
Mina - Raspberry Ripple
Lucia - Banana
Fawn - Vanilla
Katia - Green Tea
Jessica - Strawberry
Yuta - Bubblegum
Sarah was planting one of the devices under one of the jeeps near the heliport when she heard a light tapping, that quickly began to grow heavier. She looked out to see that it had started to rain.

Good thing I planted the charges on the undersides, she thought before finishing setting up the device.

She was about to pull up the next location when she heard heavy footfalls quickly approaching. Two of the guards quickly hopped into the jeep and started it up. Wanting to avoid being caught, Sarah held on to the underside of the jeep as it started moving.

At least I can stay dry under here, she mused.

She couldn't hear the guard properly over the engine, but she could definitely hear something about the prison area. She worried Jessica had been caught, but figured she might be able to help her out if she had.

The jeep headed down the slope to the prison area and came to a stop near the gate. A couple of other guards approached as the engine was shut off, allowing Sarah to eavesdrop on the conversation.

"What's going on?" one of the jeep men asked.

"We found her in the cages, obviously trying to free one of them," a woman from the prison area explained. "But she's... in some sort of trance."

"Probably one of the sleepers," said the other jeep man.

"Sleepers?" the prison guard asked, confused.

"Obey orders," the first man said. "Return to the barracks and go to sleep. Forget this ever happened."

"Yes, sir," the woman replied in a very flat tone. "I shall obey."

As the woman left, the two men walked through the gate and investigated the intruder.

Even when she lowered herself to the ground, Sarah couldn't see or hear them. Taking her chances, she quickly crawled out from under the jeep and snuck behind some nearby crates just as the two men returned to the jeep with two prisoners.

"What should we do with them?" one of the men asked.

"Must report to the General," said a voice that was unmistakeably Angela.

"You heard her," the other man replied. "She has to go see the General. But keep an eye out. She probably didn't come here alone."

Sarah peeked out from around the crates as the jeep headed off in the direction of the admin building. Wondering why the hell Angela had been at the prison area, Jessica's intended area, Sarah got on the radio to find out.

"King, this is Queen. We have a situation."

"Little busy right now," came the strained reply from the other end.

* * *

Jessica grabbed one of the guards, the one who had seen her, and threw him had against the wall, knocking him out cold. The fight was over but others had heard the commotion and were coming to investigate. She quickly ducked behind one of the generators and observed as three more guards entered the area.

They found the body pretty quickly and Jessica knew she'd have to fight them to escape since there was only one way out of the area. She closed her eyes and listened. One of them was approaching. She waited at the corner of the generator and waited for the right moment.

Jessica grabbed the guard and pulled them fiercely around the corner, shoving him up against the generator and choking him. Another guard heard this and moved in. Just as he caught sight of her, Jessica threw the first guard into the second, knocking both off their feet. She rushed in and punched the second one hard in the face, hitting his head against the floor and knocking him out.

She just about finished choking the first guard unconscious when the third guard saw her and took aim. Not giving his gunfire a chance to attract more guards, Jessica threw the second guard's sidearm at him, distracting him long enough for her to get in close, lift him into the air and slam him onto the floor. She quickly grabbed his rifle and hit him in the face with it.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, Jessica began searching the four bodies as she contacted Sarah.

"Queen, this is King. The situation's been resolved."

"Oh, thank God," Sarah replied in relief. "What happened?"

"Got found by some guards, but they're all out of commission now."

"Good to hear. But we have a problem. Jack's been captured."


"Some of the guards found her in a trance at the prison area and took her and another prisoner in the direction of the admin building. She said she had to report to the General and report the intruders."

"Crap. I'm just outside the conditioning area, but I'm looking for a- hello." Jessica held up a key card the man she'd choked out had been carrying. "I think I've found it. How close are you to the admin building?"

"I'm almost at the heliport now," Sarah reported as she peered out from around the corner of a small building near the heliport. "Most of the vehicles have been taken care of. All the AA guns too. Not seen the tank or the APC yet though."

"Must be inside the gate."

"That's what I was thinking."

"What about the anti-magic barrier?"

"Not come across it yet. Priority?"

Jessica bit her lip as she weighed their options. On the one hand, if Sarah went for Angela first and was seen, they'd have to escape under intense fire from the tank and have to exfil via one of the choppers. However, if she went for the tank or the generator to ensure a safer getaway, Angela would likely report their presence and plans to the General, allowing the enemy to cut off their escape routes and negate Sarah's sabotage.

"Go after Jack. Get her out of there and meet me at backup point Alpha." Just in case one of them was compromised, each pair had secretly chosen a backup exfiltration point, as well as an individual point in case two of them were compromised, in addition to a personal backup vehicle. Backup point Alpha was a small cave near the prison area. Once there, Jessica would call her personal backup vehicle, an automated motorboat, to pick them up and get them out of there.

"Roger. Good luck, King."

"You too, Queen."

* * *

Sarah took note of a small shack nearby that she hoped might house some equipment. She quickly, but quietly, made her way over and picked the lock. Once inside, she found that it was indeed intended to house weapons and equipment, though most of it had been taken. The only things that weren't lethal were some smoke grenades and flash bangs. She picked a few up, along with some explosive charges and snuck back out. She planted the charges on the side of the shack and broke a nearby gas valve before hurrying on to a nearby door that could get her to the side of the admin building. After avoiding the sole sentry, she scaled the wall of a small building beside the admin building and climbed in through a window.

Once inside, she found that she was in some kind of meeting room with a long marble table in the centre. She snuck into the hall and found it odd that there were no guards patrolling. After ascending a flight of stairs to the next floor, she took note of the signs on the doors and saw one labelled 'General's Office'. As she quietly approached, she could just about make out some voices inside.

"And what's your name, my little intruder," came an unfamiliar husky voice.

"My name is Angela Parker," Angela replied lifelessly, confirming that she was indeed in a trance.

"Ah, yes, I remember you now," the other voice replied. "Then this young lady must be your sister."


"Yes, she is my sister, Lucy."

"I can see the resemblance. So, you thought you'd broken free of your conditioning and came here to free your sister?"



"I came here with-"


Before Angela could finish her explanation, Sarah detonated the explosives, destroying the small weapon shack and diverting the guards' attention. She ducked into another nearby room and watched as the two guards left the room, one to investigate the explosion, and one to patrol the hall and ensure no one could get to the General.

Seeing that her distraction wasn't going to get the General to budge, Sarah had no choice but to knock the guard out and kick the door in.

* * *

After hiding the bodies and using the key card, Jessica was in. She was in a small control room with the computer equipment she'd seen earlier across from the door. To either side were doors leading into two other rooms. One was clearly the conditioning room, given the evil dentist chair in the centre and all the speakers and monitors around it. The second was more curious. It was a room with a large window, like an observation room alongside an interrogation room. But the room she was in had a very clear view of the conditioning room. She noticed that the second room had its own chair inside, facing the window.

"They make them watch," she realised. "They make them watch as their friends submit to break down their will. That's just sick."

Jessica kicked the door to the conditioning room open and stormed up to the chair, determined to rip the damn thing out of the floor and smash that goddamn window when she gripped the chair's arms. As she did so, suppressed memories began flooding into the centre of her mind, overwhelming her with images of her time here, of herself being drugged and dragged here, of being strapped into the chair and forced to watch and listen and submit, being locked in a cage like a cow, brought back in to enforce her conditioning, being back in the cage, back in the chair, the cage, the chair, the cage the chair the cage the chair and a boat, as she was shipped back home with her conditioning completed and forgotten, hidden beneath the surface until she was triggered by someone, but she wasn't sure who. Then meeting Jake and being allowed to move into his home, despite everything she'd done.

Jessica released her grip and sat on the floor, hyperventilating as her mind worked to register everything that had happened. Her anger was gone, replaced by fear. Fear for herself for what had happened to her, and also for everyone she knew would have to go through what she did if she failed.

Restraining herself, she took out her camera and snapped a few pictures of the chair, the observation room, and the control room. She snuck back out the door just as an explosion rocked the area.

Suspecting something had gone wrong, Jessica was about to contact Sarah when the guards from earlier started to stir. She quickly left the area, avoiding the guards who passed on their way to investigate the blast. Deciding it was best to find a quiet spot first, she headed back toward the secret hatch, though she had to take a detour to avoid some guards.

The detour took her a little deeper into the tunnels, though it worked to her advantage when she found a small room, guarded by three sentries. Seeing no way past them, she threw a flash bang she'd recovered from a supply room earlier, and rushed the three while they were blind. Once they were out, she slowly opened the door and smiled as she saw an eerie blue light emanating from the Anti-Magic Barrier Generator.

* * *

Jessica climbed out of the hatch and closed it after making sure no one had seen her. She surveyed the area and found that only one guard remained in the area, on the opposite side of the prison. If she stayed low and quiet, she could stay perpetually on the opposite side as the guard made his exterior patrol.

"Queen, this is King. I've completed my objective. What's your status?"

"Jessica... have Angela... meet at... Alpha..." said Sarah through heavy static. The enemy were likely trying to jam their signal after the explosion.

"Okay, I'll see you there."

Jessica was quick to pass along the rock face towards the meeting point. She arrived to find Sarah and Angela waiting for her, both with their balaclavas off.

"Good, you're both here. I got worried when things started exploding. You both okay?"

Both women looked up at Jessica and even in the low light, she could see they their eyes were glazed over.

"A trap," Jessica muttered, stealing quick glances around the area to make sure they weren't being observed.

Sarah was first to make a move, rushing in and trying to punch Jessica, who caught her fist, but was pushed back by the cyborg's intense strength. Jessica knew this was a distraction and threw Sarah's fist to the side just in time to hit Angela in the face and knock her off her feet.

Sarah recovered quickly and delivered a roundhouse kick that Jessica couldn't block, but she was able to grab the leg to keep Sarah from regaining her footing. Her own feet still fully useable, Jessica delivered a quick sweep to Sarah's other leg, knocking her flat on her back.

By now, Angela had recovered and moved in. She threw a punch with her right hand, which Jessica blocked, before throwing another with her left. Jessica caught this one as well and delivered a swift headbutt to her entranced friend, staggering her. Sarah went for a clothesline, which Jessica caught with both arms, and used Sarah's momentum to spin her around and send her flying into Angela, knocking both down.

"Sarah, Angie, you can fight this!" she urged.

Jessica turned as she heard slow, condescending clapping coming from behind her.

"Bravo, Second Lieutenant, bravo," said the woman in the general's uniform as she approached with a smile plastered over her smug face. She was an older woman, hair white as snow with matching eyes. Or rather matching eye. The left eye was covered by a black eye patch, a deep crimson scar extending downwards from under it, with a smaller second scar crossing over the first on her cheek.

"General Stenson," Jessica growled, vivid images of the General's smirking face appearing in those twisted memories of her conditioning.

"So you're the ringleader of this little operation, hm? The failed sleeper, who not only let her target escape, but also allowed herself to fall under his sway, move in with him, and completely forget all about her mission for three months. You're such a disappointment. I had high hopes for you, given your abilities. But you're not even worthy of being my attack dog. Ladies, kill her."

"Kill...?" Sarah muttered as she got to her feet. "Kill... Jessica...?"

"Still resisting, hm? And what about you, Parker?"

"Can't... kill..." Angela struggled.

"Fine," the General sighed, pulling out a remote and pushing a button, causing it to emit the same sound that had been Jessica's trigger. Though it no longer affected her, Sarah and Angela immediately stood at attention like robots. "There, that's better. Kill her."

"Yes, Ma'am," the pair replied before moving in on the tired Jessica. Her friends were so deeply under the General's thrall, they were willing to obey and kill her. This stunned Jessica, giving her friends the chance to get in close and keep her restrained as Sarah pulled her fist back and threw it forward right into Jessica's face.

"Very good," the General congratulated. "Now, dispose of her and we'll get you two fully inducted into our operation."

Angela moved slowly over to Jessica's head and lifted her by the shoulders. Sarah, however, remained where she was, clutching her head in agony.

"Still resisting? Tch, fine. If you won't obey that, obey this: sleep."

Sarah immediately collapsed like a ragdoll as Angela continued to hesitantly obey, lifting up the limp form of her friend and dragging her to the edge of the cliff, before throwing her off into the dark water below. The fall was two metres at the most, and she wasn't likely to hit any rocks, but she wasn't likely to wake up before water filled her lungs.

Angela began to scream from the horror of what she had just done. General Stenson gave her a sleep command and she collapsed just as Sarah had. She then had the two dumped into a jeep and taken inside for 're-education'.

* * *

Jessica's body sank like a rock into the frigid depths. Her body would have gasped for air, had a hand not grabbed her and pulled her back toward the surface.

Jessica's eyes slowly opened some time later, her nose sore, possibly broken, from that punch from earlier. She turned her head, one of the few actions that didn't cause pain, to see she was lying beside a fire inside some cold, dark place.

"You're awake," said a deep, clearly modulated voice. She looked up to see a figure clad in black armour stood nearby. As her vision properly focused, she realised that was just a silhouette; the armour was actually blue. Despite the difference in colour, his identity was obvious.

"Captain Anime?" Jessica asked in confusion as she tried to sit up.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," the hero said, pushing Jessica back down gently. "We're safe here. Inside the cave near where you fell into the water, far from anyone else's gaze."

"What... happened?"

"I was hoping you might be able to tell me actually. I was on my way here after hearing some rumours about this place. I approached with this new aquatic armour that I'll probably never use again, when the suit's sensors picked you up sinking into the ocean. I dragged you up here and got a fire going to warm you up and then you woke up about ten minutes later."

"Thanks," Jessica replied, her mind swirling, unable to properly think of anything else to say.

"Don't mention it. Now, I assume an experienced soldier like yourself didn't come here to take this place down on your own."

Jessica's eyes shot up and she bolted upright. "Sar-OW!"

"I told you not to sit up," Cap said, pushing her down more firmly. "You've been through a lot and you're hurting. Keep a cool head, tell me what happened and we can try and do something about it."

"O-Okay," Jessica replied, blushing a little at how powerless and submissive she felt. "I came here with two others, a cop and another soldier."

"A cop?"

"She's the best in the force. And I trust her completely. You know her too. She's the one who's adamant about arresting you."

"Oh, the cyborg."

"Yeah. They both got caught and they're under their control. They were resisting though, so they're most likely not brainwashed yet. We can save them!"

"Okay, okay, just calm down. We'll save them. Tell me everything you know about the base and how your mission had gone until you got dumped in the ocean."

Jessica spent a few minutes detailing the base's layout and how the mission had gone. Although she couldn't see his face, Jessica could feel that the man was listening intently the entire time, and that helped put her mind at ease.

"Okay then," he said once she was finished. "I think we need to get that field down so your genie friend can get us out. What about the charges?"

"The remote's in my pack," Jessica replied.

Cap took the pack from nearby and pulled the control out. He scanned it with some device on his wrist before shaking his head. "We're not getting this dry any time soon. Thing's saturated."

"We'll have to try something else then."

"I can detonate it myself if I can get the right frequency. You didn't tell the others you'd planted the charge, right?"

"Right." Jessica slowly sat up, feeling less pained, though it could have just been the numbness from the cold.

"Then I can go find it and scan it, assuming they've not found the thing by themselves yet. What about your evidence?"

"The camera. It's on an SD card, so it should be fine even if the camera isn't."

Cap scanned the camera, finding that it was as far gone as the remote. He removed the SD card and inserted it into a port in his gauntlet. Unseen by Jessica, the pictures began to display on the heads up display inside the helmet.

"The pictures are okay," he finally said.

Jessica let out a deep sigh and began rubbing her legs by the fire to warm them up some more. It was now that she realised she was wearing the uniform of one of the guards. She'd have said something if not for the fact that her own clothes would have been completely soaked. These clothes were going to get wet anyway with the rain, but she decided to let it slide this time since he wasn't being weird about it and it was probably the best choice in this situation. "You think that'll be enough to get this place looked into?"

"Shut down and probably burned too," the hero replied.

"Good. All we need is to save the others and take out the generator then."

"I take it your friend needs us all in a group then?"

"Unfortunately, yes.

"I have... experience with this sort of thing.” The line ‘I've had extensive training -- the kind that's indistinguishable from the real thing’ played through his mind as he said this.

"Good. Then can I count on you to get that frequency while I go after the others?"

"You sure you're up for that? You seem pretty beat."

"Pain is nothing. I can deal with it."

Concerned, Jake crouched down and placed his hand on Jessica's shoulder. Jessica found herself feeling really good, almost sleepy, as his hand started to glow. "I want you to listen closely. Until our mission is complete, you will not feel any of this pain. Any new pain will be felt, but diminished. The pain you currently feel though, will go completely unnoticed. You will also not take any serious risks and you will properly think out your actions before you take them. I'm sure you do that already but I just want to be sure. Do you understand?"

"Yesss... Jake..."

"I-I'm not Jake..."

"Really... You feel just like him..."

"I-I'm sure it's just a coincidence."

"Yeah... Coincidence..." She fell back into his arms and lay there a while. Somehow, Jake didn't want to let her go, but he knew he must. He gently pushed her away and stood up. Once contact was broken, Jessica's mind cleared and she noticed she wasn’t in pain anymore. "Wow. I feel great. So you do know hypnosis then?"


"I suspected as much after the Black Cat gang leaders showed up in a trance."

"I didn't realise that was public knowledge."

"It's not. I was part of the team that found them after you made your 'anonymous call'."

"Huh. Guess you're just really intuitive."

"And pretty."

"And pretty."

"Hah! So you do think I'm pretty."

"I... Yes..."

"Aww, you're so cute when you're embarrassed. I've always wanted to ask, what do you think of Sarah?"

"What do I think?"

"I don't know what you think. That's why I'm asking you."


"Anyway, enough teasing, we have some friends to save. The enemy doesn't know you're here and most likely thinks I'm dead. We can't waste this advantage."


The two were soon at the secret hatch, ready to move in.

"Okay, I'll go get the girls, you get the frequency and we'll meet back here in ten minutes," Jessica explained.

"You sure you can get to them in that time?"

"Of course I can."



"You're not going to follow that up with a qualifier?"


"Okay then."

"Trust me, okay? I'll go save Sarah and then you two can go back to being all lovey-dovey again."

"I... What?"

"See ya."

Jessica was down the ladder and out of sight before Jake could stop her.

"Geez, I knew she was a tease but not this much of a tease..."

* * *

Jessica found herself filled with a newfound energy. Whether it was from her sleep, the hypnosis or her newfound purpose, she couldn't tell. Regardless, she easily avoided the enemy sentries despite the raised alert status. She followed the tunnel leading directly to the conditioning room.

Luckily, her key card was undamaged from her little swim and she should be able to use it to open the door. After dispatching a couple of guards, she peered through the glass, just able to make out a person at the console. She quietly opened the door and entered the control room. She looked over the person's shoulder to the room on the left, where Sarah was currently sat in the chair, being prepped for readjustment. In the room on the right, Angela was being made to watch alongside the General.

Rage overtaking her, she slammed the guard's face into the control panel, knocking them out cold. She then shut down the lights in Sarah's room.

The General, taken by surprise, ordered the guard with her to keep Angela restrained while she ran out to the control panel. She found only the guard she'd station there, unconscious on the floor. She quickly turned the lights back on, only to see Jessica, standing over another unconscious guard and freeing Sarah. Two more guards entered the room on the General's orders, only to be quickly knocked out as Sarah regained her senses.

Shocked that Jessica had survived and knowing she had to fall back to a safer location, General Stenson turned and ran, calling for backup to cover her escape. Recovering fairly quickly, Sarah leapt through the reinforced glass, knocking the guard flat on his ass and knocking him out with a punch to the face.

She and Jessica untied Angela's bonds and snapped her out of her trance. "What... happened?" she asked groggily.

"They got you, but you're okay now," Jessica replied, reassuringly.

"They... got me...? Lucy! Is Lucy alright!?"

"Lucy? Lucy's here?"

"You mean her?" Sarah pointed to an entranced young woman in the corner, who Angela quickly scrambled towards and hugged tightly.

"Oh, Lucy. We're going to get you back to normal, I promise."

"How did you... survive?" Sarah asked Jess, concernedly.

"Oh, your boyfriend came and saved me," she replied jokingly. "Jealous?"

"W-What are you... Oooh!"

"We can talk about this later," Angela said, supporting Lucy with her shoulder.

"We need to go after that bitch and she'll no doubt have every soldier in the base after us."

"We just need to reach the rendezvous point. Captain Anime's meeting us there after he takes out the AMB."

"The AMB? You found it?"

"Right before your ambush, yeah. He's finishing the job now and we'll have Jen 'port us out when we meet up."

"Look sharp!" Sarah called. A group of soldiers entered the area and the two friends were quick. Within seconds, the five enemies were out cold from the pair's vicious onslaught.

"Come on, Angie!" Jess motioned for her to follow. "We'll cover you."

The trio moved quickly, fighting their way through a few dozen enemies on the way out. Realising there was no way they'd be able to get Lucy up a ladder any time soon, Jessica led the group through the tunnels, dealing with more enemies that she'd have liked, before reaching a set of stairs leading upwards. They led up to near the admin building's front gate. There was a side door near there they could use.

Once outside, most of the danger had passed. There seemed to be almost no guards in the area; a lucky break, though most definitely an omen. They moved quickly out the side door, only to be greeted by three more soldiers disembarking a jeep. Quickly stun gunning the trio, Jessica unloaded their unconscious bodies while Sarah helped Angela get Lucy in the back of the jeep.

Once all four were aboard, Jessica gunned it towards the prison area. They arrived just in time to see Captain Anime emerging from the hatch. He rushed over to the jeep as the girls were getting out.

"We're all set," he informed them.

"Good," Jessica replied. "Shut it down and I'll call Jen."

"You heard the lady, Homeshield," Jake said after turning of his helmet's external mic.

"Forwarding call to Miss Jen... and activating electric charge," the AI responded.

Nothing happened.

"Homeshield, what's going on?"

"The signal is being jammed."


"What's going on?" asked Jessica. "Jen says the field's still up."

"The signal's being jammed," he replied.

"By what?" asked Sarah.

"By me," exclaimed a voice over a loudspeaker.

The group looked in the direction the voice had come from: the ocean. The water suddenly flew into the air with great force as something emerged from the ice depths. Something huge, vaguely humanoid. It leapt right over them and landed between them and the base. It turned to face them, revealing itself to be a huge mecha, roughly the size of Lucky Lady, only this one resembled a sliver armour-clad valkyrie straight out of Norse mythology.

"Valorous Valkyrie?" Jessica uttered as the four looked up in awe as the moonlight reflected off of the mech's armour and massive sword, which it then drew.

"I've put too much into this operation to let you four punks ruin it," The General declared from inside the mech as she swung her sword downwards.

Cap shoved Sarah and Jessica out of its descent path just in time as it impacted the ground. It seemed to be stuck in the ground, allowing them time to recover.

"On your feet, soldier," Cap shouted as he helped Jessica back to her feet. "You too, Officer." The three quickly scramble into the jeep, which Angela drove back towards the base.

"What the hell do we do now!?" Cap asked, starting to panic as the mecha finished pulling its sword out of the ground and giving chase at an alarming speed.

"Calm down!" Sarah responded, slapping him in the face. "We need to get that generator offline. If we can't do it remotely, we'll have to do it in person."

"Is there an armoury nearby, Angie?" Jessica asked.

"There should be, just around here," Angela replied as she made a sharp turn around a corner.

"Good, keep her busy for me," Jessica said as she leapt from the jeep, rolled behind cover and waited for the mecha to pass over before sprinting towards the small building. The interior was deserted, though still stocked full of weapons. She took a couple of rifles, some grenades and some C4 for good measure, before sprinting back in the direction of the hatch.

* * *

"We need to find somewhere to keep Lucy safe," Angela stated, beginning to panic herself.

"Try the admin building," Sarah replied. "Find the conference room and barricade the door with the marble table. We'll keep her busy."

"You sure?"

"Of course. To protect and serve," Sarah smiled.

Angela smiled back. "Thanks."

Angela brought the jeep to a stop outside the side entrance and dismounted. Sarah helped her get Lucy out before handing Angela a stun gun and hopping into the driver's seat.

"Good luck," Angela said.

"Yeah, you too," Sarah replied before slamming her foot down and heading back towards the mecha.

* * *

Jessica made her way quickly back to the generator room. She planted the C4 first, hoping the remote's signal wasn't jammed too. She pulled back and pushed the button. Fortunately, the signal wasn't jammed and it did detonate as she hoped. When she returned, however, she found that only a small dent had been made. Not enough. She took the grenades and planted them at the base of the generator near the dent. She kept one and pulled the pin from her safe area before throwing it inside. The blast was much bigger and Jessica's coat caught fire. After discarding it (leaving her clad in just a black tank top) and stamping out the flames, she re-entered the room to find that the armour was still holding, though just barely, even if the walls and lights were not.

She took out one of the rifles and unloaded the entire magazine into it. The dent was getting deeper. She went through all four extra mags for the first rifle, then switched to the second, going through three of those before there was finally a hole large enough to stick the gun's barrel into. She screamed as she unloaded one last mag directly inside the device.

There was an audible power surge as the device shut down and its eerie blue light flickered and died.

Jessica immediately got back in contact with Jen as she sprinted back toward the hatch.

"Jen! It's down!"

"Finally! Are you all together?"

"Not yet. But, Jen, I need you to send me something."

* * *

The sky seemed to turn less blue starting directly above them and spreading outwards, leaving the night sky its natural black.

"The barrier's down!" Cap cheered.

"Let's find Jess and get back to Angela and Lucy," Sarah responded as she made a sharp turn to avoid the mecha's sword.

"You think this is over!?" The General screamed. "You think just because you shut down the generator, you're home free!? I'll kill you all before you can set one foot off this island!"

"It's funny because she thinks we're going to walk," quipped Cap, causing Sarah to roll her eyes.

As they headed back towards the prison area once again, a massive column of pink light fell from the sky right on top of the prison area. Once the light cleared, another massive silhouette was stood waiting. As it stepped forward, it revealed itself to be the SWAT-like form of Lucky Lady.

"Get away from them, you BITCH!"

Lucky Lady pulled out a large knife, roughly a third the size of Valorous Valkyrie's sword, but still large enough to crush a full grown man. Sarah drove the jeep out of the path of the two mechas and headed back towards the admin building the long way around.

The two titans clashed, Jessica using her knife for defence, blocking and deflecting the General's sword strikes. She managed to get a few quick, shallow slashes in, not dealing much damage but it was as much as she could do, facing the General's onslaught.

And opportunity arose then the General swung her sword, Jessica dodged, and the sword became lodged in the ground again. Jessica tackled the General to the ground, forcing the sword from her grasp, and began to repeatedly punch her in the face. The General blocked a few before striking Jessica in the face, knocking her off balance, before kicking her off and knocking her flat on her back. The General then leapt atop Jessica and began doing the same thing she had.

Jessica pulled out her knife again and stabbed the general in the chest, since most mecha were designed with the cockpit in the head, both so it could be ejected and because the torso tended to take the most damage during battles. The strike did its job, seeming to slow Valorous Valkyrie's systems down, allowing Jess to flip her over and follow up with several more stabs to the chest.

Like she had a deep-seated grudge against her opponent, Jessica rained down strike after strike to her enemy's chest until she stopped moving and the light faded from her eyes. She stopped long after the mech was dead and sat, panting for breath.

She'd won and she'd saved who knows how many innocents from this vile woman's brainwashing.

* * *

Inside the admin building, Angela was trying to keep the marble table against the door to keep the enemy soldiers out. She had no weapons to use if they managed to break in and not only would she be defenceless, but Lucy would be as well.

Then came the sudden sound of gunfire, hand-to-hand combat and silence from outside.

"It's okay to come out now, Angela," said Sarah from the other side of the door.

Feeling greatly relieved, Angela dragged the table away from the door and opened it to reveal Sarah and Captain Anime stood over a group of unconscious enemy soldiers. She quickly hugged Sarah tightly while Cap walked into the room and crouched down beside Lucy.

"She still not awake?" he asked.

"No," Angela replied in concern. "I don't know what to do."

"Leave it to me," Cap replied. He faced Lucy and had his visor become transparent. "Lucy, look at me. Look into my eyes." His eyes began to glow golden as they flowed with hypnotic energy. The young woman's glassy blue eyes turned golden as she stared blankly ahead. "I'm here to help you, Lucy. Right now, you're in a hypnotic trance, completely subservient to the will of an evil woman who wants to use you as a weapon. Right now, I'm hypnotizing you myself. These two trances are clashing inside your mind. What happens next is up to you. You can stay in this trance, obediently serving the General for the rest of your life, or you can resist her and enter my trance, from which I will awaken you so you can be reunited with your sister. which do you choose, Lucy?"

"Without any hesitation, a sleepy smile formed on the young woman's lips and she responded, "I choose you... Master..."

"That's very good, Lucy. Now, I want you to count backwards from ten, each number bringing you closer and closer to wakefulness and when you reach zero, you will be fully awake and free from the General's trance. Begin."

"Yes, Master." As she counted, Lucy's eyes became visibly more aware, regaining their life and becoming more open. When she reached zero, she shook her head weakly. "I'm... I'm awake."

"Yes. You're awake, Lucy. And look who's here to see you."

Lucy looked to her side to see her sister crouched down beside her. "Angie?"


The two sisters embraced and Jake stepped away to give them some time alone. He restored his visor to its reflective black and stood beside Sarah.

"How did you-?"

"I can use hypnosis."

"Who can't these days?"

"True. You still planning to arrest me?"

"Not today. I think you deserve a break after helping us out."

"Is something wrong? Your face is all red."

"Shut up!"


"...Thank you..."

"Oh, uh, no problem." Sarah couldn't see it, but Jake's face was bright red. He had to admit, Sarah was really cute when she was embarrassed.

A sudden buzzing sound could be heard from outside. It was odd and muffled from where they were. Sarah looked out the window she'd entered through earlier and looked back.


* * *

Soon, Jessica was reunited with the other four by the two mechas. General Stenson was handcuffed and being taken away by some MPs. A middle-aged man with prematurely white hair in a Colonel's insignia approached them. The women quickly saluted him.

"At ease," the man said. "I'm Colonel Raymond Adams. You're lucky Professor Mato is an old friend of mine or you'd be on trial for what you've done. Regardless of your intentions, to the outside world, this looks like a group of rogue soldiers attacked a friendly military installation."

Jake was about to say something, but Homeshield advised against it.

"So here's what's going to happen. The official story is that Professor Mato and I both grew suspicious of General Stenson's actions and what this site was being used for and sent you three to act on our behalf and secure evidence of what was going on. Once you provided the evidence, we launched a full assault against the installation and brought Lucky Lady, which Lt. Chabers piloted into battle against the hijacked Valorous Valkyrie, liberating the base in the process. You will each receive medals for your actions, Lt. Chabers will likely receive a promotion and Captain Anime was never here. That way, the military will look completely on top of things with a zero tolerance policy for corruption and our country will not look weak to foreign powers. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir," the four women replied.

"Y-Yeah," Cap replied, disappointed.

"Good. You've done our country a great disservice today. All four of you. Even if the world will never know what one of you did, you have my thanks."

Jake perked up a little at that.

"I will see you for debriefing at 0900 tomorrow morning. Dismissed." With one last salute, the Colonel left.

"Hey, cheer up," Jessica said as she turned to Cap.

"Was I that obvious? He's right though; the truth would make the military look a complete shambles and encourage our enemies to start something. But even so..."

Jessica looked thoughtful for a second. "Hey, you can open a slot in your helmet to expose your mouth right? For eating and stuff?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah, why?"

"Can I see it?"


As soon as he exposed his mouth, Jessica pulled him in close and kissed him. Angela and Lucy giggled as they watched, while Sarah stood dumbfounded with eyes so wide, they looked like they might jump out of their sockets. As for Jake, while he felt slightly emasculated being the submissive in the kiss, he also felt quite elated. Jessica was definitely one of the better kissers of all the girls, and her not being hypnotized made if even better.

She pulled away and opened her eyes, smiling. "Thanks for saving me. For saving all of us. Even if no one else ever knows what you did, you're my hero."

Jake blushed furiously.

Jessica turned back to Sarah and smirked before sticking her tongue out.

Catching on quickly, Lucy then went up and kissed him too, though not for as long and not as dominantly.

"You're my hero too," she said with a wink. Jessica, Angela and Lucy then stared as Sarah expectantly, the two sisters having already caught on to Jessica's plan.

Sarah blushed brightly and looked down at her feet. "Th...Thank you for... saving us..."

"N-No problem," the hero replied, his voice cracking too much from embarrassment to be recognisable as Jake.

"Come on, Sarah, kiss him!" Jessica egged her on.

"Yeah, kiss him," Lucy agreed.

"Do it," said Angela.

The three began chanting for Sarah to kiss him, both parties becoming more and more red. Eventually, she decided to accept it and moved closer. She pecked him on the lips and went to pull away.

"Uh-uh, that's not enough," said Jessica as she lightly pushed Sarah forward, leading to another kiss that left both the officer and the hero frozen in shock. As Sarah began to move, she noticed how nice the hero's lips felt against hers and she remembered the first time they'd kissed. As she remembered, she felt a compulsion come over her, not too dissimilar to entering a trance, and her eyes slowly closed. She moved closer and her lips parted, as did his. Their tongues met and Sarah found herself unable to pull away, her arms wrapping tightly around him, his own roaming across her back as both became more and more aroused.

"Wow, didn't expect that much," said Jessica, dumbfounded.

Suddenly, the two stopped and pulled away from each other quickly.

"You... You-you-you you're, uh... bye." Before anyone could react, Captain Anime had sprinted toward the edge of the island and leapt into the water below.

Jessica and her friends smiled at each other as Sarah stood there, face redder than Jessica's hair.

* * *

Former General Stenson was informed that she had received a phone call. She accepted it and was strangely relieved to hear the voice on the other end.

"I heard what happened, Hilda," said the voice.

"You told me Chabers still responded to the trigger," she responded. "And need I remind you it was you who sent her after the Mato boy, leading to this whole mess?"

"And it was you that failed to stop them in the best mecha this country can afford. Not only that, but your incompetence cost us every slave we've accumulated until now, and almost got me found out."

"It's always about you, isn't it, Michael? Never spare a thought to your own wife's entire military career going down the toilet because your evaluation of one of the sleepers was grossly inaccurate? Anyway, they say they've been given permission to perform a hypnotic interrogation on me tomorrow. If you don't want all your dirty little secrets getting out, I suggest you pull some strings and get me out of here."

"And that is why I contacted you now."

"Good, because I-"

"I'm staying as far away from this as possible. Having you for a wife right now is already a PR nightmare, even without any evidence at Slaves International linking back to me. Right now, the only link between SI and Stenson Enterprises... is you."

"So, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying... Slave Protocol: Activate."


"Number Zero, are you active?"

"Yes, Master. Number Zero is active and ready to obey."

"Good. I want you to forget any ties between your operation and myself. Believe you were embezzling funds from my company and acting completely without my knowledge. This entire operation, both the military side and the slavery side were entirely your own ideas and you kept all of it a secret from me. You were using me for my money all these years and planned to take over my company once you had sufficient power. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master. I acted completely on my own. You had no part in this."

"You will take the fall for all of this and serve your time in prison without any incidents. You will 'reform' from your experience and when... if you are released before you die, you will have been fully reformed and will come back to me for forgiveness. Is that clear."

"Yes, Master. I understand."

"Then, Slave Protocol: Deactivate." Stenson hung up the phone, leaving his thoroughly confused wife ready to deflect all of the blame away from himself. It was a shame he had to sacrifice his partner in slavery like this, though he had always been prepared for such a possibility. He could still work a PR machine and play himself off as the victim in all of this. The investors wouldn't be happy, but he had methods of changing their minds. Rebuilding Slaves International would take time. He'd likely keep the organisation very low key for a year or two, keeping on only those he felt would prove assets in the future... even Vice. He'd miss his secretary, Thirty-Six, but perhaps he'd learn to be more cautious after all this. He'd have to recall all the slaves too, refund all the money and doctor all the records. A tall order to be cleared in a day or two, but he still had plenty of slaves to perform these tasks... for now anyway.

Slaves International would rise again, more powerful than ever. And when it did, Jessica Chabers would be the first on Stenson's list.

* * *

Under hypnotic interrogation, Hilda revealed the location of her organisation, Slaves International, which was then raided by a unit lead by Jessica, Sarah and Angela. They were able to release all of the slaves currently held there. According to records they'd found onsite, all slaves previously sold off had been returned, though no explanation was given in the log. The assumption was that she had used them to gather intelligence or was recalling them to be a part of her army once the Camp Alpha victims were ready. Who the slaves had been sold had been erased from the records and the slaves themselves had been left at drop points to be collected by Stenson and all of them were recovered before they were found by less-than-lawful citizens.

The official story that reached the public was that General Hilda Stenson had been embezzling money from her husband's company and using it to build an army of sleeper agents with which to take over Nitenan on behalf of "the reds". She was now being held in a maximum security prison in the capital. The victims were receiving treatment from Professor Mato, with financial backing from Hilda's husband, Michael Stenson, who was using his company to help the victims readjust to life after their experiences.

At a meeting with the president, Colonel Adams was given a promotion for his actions, as well as a number of medals. Jessica was also promoted, from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant, and given a medal for valour. Sarah was given a medal and thanks, as well as a government-funded pay rise. Professor Mato was given greater funding for his contributions to the operation and the recovery of the victims.

The victims of Camp Alpha and Slaves International were sent to see Professor Mato at Angela's recommendation. He also brought a few of his associates aboard including his former assistant Barbara, to assist in the undoing of the brainwashing. Much like with the victims of A.S.I.D.E., each victim was put through a rigorous evaluation of suggestions and triggers before having each of them removed. He then arranged a luxury cruise for those affected to take some time off and recover, all expenses paid by Stenson Enterprises. He even extended an invitation to the A.S.I.D.E. victims to join them.

Before they left, Angela said good bye to Jessica and Sarah, and pulled Jake aside to ask him something. "Jake, I remember everything that happened while I was being controlled. Well, aside from the parts you suggested be suppressed."

"Yeah, can't imagine those memories will do anyone any good."

"Yeah. But I remember a strange voice in my head a few weeks ago. Telling me to obey."

Jake concluded she was referring to the alien, Freyka, who had used a device to amplify her telepathy.

"Then another voice told me to obey someone called Jake. That was you, right?"


"Thought so. Kinda funny, isn't it? While I was brainwashed by Stenson, I was brainwashed by Krymsyn. While brainwashed by Krymsyn, I was controlled by that voice. While I was controlled by that voice, I was controlled by you. I was under, like, four different levels of mind control all at once."

"You seem to be taking it quite well..."

"Meh. Things happen. And I'm fine now. Besides, I think being under your power gave me hope up until now. You just felt so warm and caring. Really, Jake, thank you for all your help." Angela briefly kissed Jake before winking at him and getting on the bus headed for the cruise liner.

Jake blushed, greatly annoying Katia and Yuta, who were quickly incapacitated by Dawn and Fawn.

"All's well that ends well, huh?" said Mina.

"Yeah, everyone was saved and the brainwashing’s all undone,” added Diana.

“And I just got a package in the mail,” said Jessica, opening the packaging.

Jessica was given a copy of the latest instalment of a collection of books on famous mechs and their pilots. This was the one that featured the Lucky Lady due to Jessica's extraordinary prowess with the machine. When the photographer had come to take pictures for it, Jessica had demanded that there be a group photo of the household in there somewhere, justifying it by saying that it was her family and friends that gave her the strength and determination to do what she did. Surprisingly, the photo took up an entire page next to the interview with Jessica.

"That's awesome, Jess," said Sarah as she placed an arm around her friend. "You deserve it after-"

A strange sound could be heard emanating from the lab, interrupting Sarah's sentence.

Jen started dancing, Sarah and Jessica began sensually kissing each other, Mina became a cat and Diana a dog chasing her, Lucia sang an obscene song, Fawn became a songbird, and Katia began genuinely praising everyone else's actions while Yuta followed behind her, agreeing with her every word.

Jake turned to Dawn to reprimand her, only to find her clucking and flapping her arms like a chicken.

Confused, his eyes fell on Jessica and the shiny silver pocket watch sticking out of her pocket.
HypnoBishoujoLand: War of Mind Part 2
And that's the end of the story. I hope you enjoyed it and wil check out the Behind the Scenes informaion down below.

I'd like to thank godzillahomer for his help with ideas and proofreading as usual.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Behind the Scenes
Jessica woke up early to go for a jog. It was a nice, warm day so she figured she could burn a few calories before she started her day. She dressed in a tight olive shirt that was designed to keep her breasts from bouncing too much, along with a pair of dark green shorts that showed off her shapely legs.

As she reached the front door and slipped her sneakers on, she heard a voice say her name. She turned to see Jake coming out of the kitchen.

"You're up early," she said with a smile.

"So are you," he replied. "Going for a run?"

"Yep. What about you? Had another long night of gaming?" Jess asked, noting how tired Jake looked.

"Uh... Yeah, yeah, pretty long night," Jake replied, glad that it was early so Jess might not notice his blatant lie. "Really, I just want to relax at this point."

"Let me get my watch and I can help you with that," Jess giggled.

"No thanks, you'll probably just put yourself under instead," Jake replied slyly.

"Hey, I'm not that bad," Jess replied, a little agitated.

"Really? When's the last time you put someone under without going under yourself?"


"Hey, if you want, I can give you some pointers."

"What's the catch?"

"No catch. Just a few tips for a friend."

"Mmm... Fine.”

“Great. I don’t actually have my pendant on me so we’re going to need a…”



"Are you looking at my tags?"



“Uh, yeah, those’ll do. Take them off and we’ll get started.”

Sighing, Jessica did as she was asked and held them up.

“Okay, set them swinging and start your induction.”

“Okay. Follow the tags with your eyes as they swing back and forth, back and forth…”

“Try being more specific in your suggestions. Like, I would say ‘Follow the tags with your eyes, Jess’. Like that.”

“Follow the tags with your eyes, Jake. Follow them as they swing back and forth, back and forth.”

“That’s better. Keep going.”

“Back and forth, back and… forth…”

“Hey.” Jake snapped his fingers before her eyes, refocusing her gaze on him. “Stop looking at the tags. That’s where you keep going wrong. You keep getting drawn to your induction tool and accepting your own suggestions.”

“But when I’m thinking about hypnosis, just giving in and falling into trance just sounds so wonderful…”

“...You’re incredibly submissive, aren’t you?”


“Okay, maybe some motivation. If you can successfully put me under without putting yourself under too, you can give me one command to follow. Any you like.”

“Any command?”

“Well… within reason.”

“Okay. Let’s do it. Just keep your eyes on the tags as they swings back and forth. Back and forth. Let your body relax as you focus on the shiny, pretty dog tags. Let everything else fade except for the tags and my voice. Listen to my voice as I guide you deeper into relaxation. Listen to my voice. Trust my voice. Obey my voice. Feel yourself become sleepy. Very sleepy. Feel yourself let go and sleep on three. One… eyelids so heavy. Two... feeling so (yawn) so sleepy... th...threeee..." Jessica's eyes closed as the intended subject had anticipated. While sleepy himself, without Jessica's voice to guide him down, he soon returned to his senses and found the entranced Jessica standing before him.

“Well, guess you could still use some practice.”

“Practice. Yes, Master.”

Feeling arouse at the sight of the hypnotized hottie before him, Jake’s old habits began to resurface. He checked to make sure no one was watching and leaned in to whisper her commands. "Good girl, Jess. Now, when you get back from your jog, you'll report directly to my room. You'll keep those sexy clothes on and return to your trance once you've closed the door behind you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master Jake."

"Good. Now, wake up and forget, you know the drill."

"Yes." Jessica awoke and said, "You're right, they do move around a lot." She quickly removed her tags and held them out to Jake. "Could you hold onto them until I get back?"

"Sure," Jake replied, taking them.

"Thanks. Okay, see you later."

"Yeah, can't wait."

"...You're weird. Bye."

It was only once Jess was gone that Jake realised what he'd done. Aw, crap. I'm supposed to be above this. Okay... when she gets back, I'll wake her up and send her on her way. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Jake returned to his room, determined to uphold his newfound virtues.

...That is, until she was stood before him, eyes glazed and sweat glistening off her gorgeous body.

"I suppose... a few minutes couldn't hurt. Okay, Jess, shoes off and get on the bed."

"Yes, Master," Jessica replied before kicking off her shoes and lying down on the bed.

Jake sat down on the bed beside her and smiled as he looked down at her mesmerised face. "Okay, Jess, ready to obey?"

"Yes, Master," Jess replied with a slight smile playing across her lips.

Jake noticed that Jessica wasn't wearing a bra under her top, as he could now see the outline of her hardening nipples.

"Jess? Are you... enjoying this?"

"Yes, Master. A good soldier must obey orders."

"Huh. Guess all that military training makes you perfect for obey orders, huh?"

"Yes, Master. Military training teaches one to obey."

"Well, you'll have no problem obeying this then: I want you to take off your top and..."

Jake stopped as he realised what he was doing.

There had been a time when he would have had one of the girls take off their tops, grope their breasts, make out with them, and think nothing of it. But his meeting with Pam and his discovery of Karl Summers' power abuse had opened his eyes. Despite this, he would sometimes lapse and almost go too far.

He moved off the bed and back away into his computer chair. Taking a minute to take in what he'd done, he watched Jessica as she continued to stare at the ceiling blankly.

"Are you going to finish your command, Master?" she asked, her hands ready to obey the first part.

"No," Jake replied. "Never mind that first part. Just wake up."

On command, Jessica awoke, looking around confusedly, until she saw Jake and everything became clear. She stood up, walked over to Jake and slapped him hard across the cheek.

"You haven't changed a bit, Jake," she growled, covering up her breasts until her arousal went down.

"I know," he replied weakly. "I'm sorry."

"You think sorry makes this okay?"

"No. No, I..." As Jake tried to find the words, a strange buzzing sound could be heard from downstairs, likely from one of Mato's inventions. Jess didn't seem to want to talk over the sound, buying Jake time to decide what to say. "I wish I didn't have these urges, but I do. All I can do is try to not give in to them... which I have trouble with. I didn't mean to hurt you, Jess, honestly. But seeing you here, all hypnotized and sexy... I just couldn't resist. And you seemed to be enjoying it, so a part of me thought it was okay. I know I'm an idiot, and I understand if you don't want to forgive me, but I just want you to know that I am sorry."

He waited a moment to allow Jessica to respond, but she said nothing.

"Jess?" He looked up to see her stood at rapt attention, eyes glazed and unseeing.

Jake jumped to his feet and waved a hand in front of her face. "Jess? Hello?

Suddenly, Jessica snapped a salute and robotically stated, "Lieutenant Jessica Chabers reporting for duty, Sir."

"Jess? What are you doing?"

"I am giving my report, Sir. Do you wish to hear it?"

"Uh... sure?"

"Yes, Sir. I was unable to capture or destroy Jake Mato as commanded."


"I was compromised and made to forget. My subconscious remembers and will continue to influence my waking self's actions subtly until he is detained. That is all, Sir."

Jake sat in silence for a moment, thinking over what had just been said. In the madness of Katia and Jessica moving in and all the chaos that had followed, Jake had forgotten that he'd first met the soldier when she was under orders to capture him. It hadn't occurred to him back then, but simply erasing Jessica's memory of her orders didn't actually erase those orders. It was kinda stupid now that he thought about it.

As he pondered what to do, the best idea seemed to be taking her to see the professor. While he wasn't the most trustworthy person, Mato presumably had vast knowledge relating to hypnosis and mind control, so that seemed like a good place to start.

"Jess, follow me to the lab," Jake commanded as he stood up from his chair and headed downstairs. Jessica obeyed and the two were soon in the lab, followed by the suspicious Sarah, Jen and Katia, all of whom had noticed the pair on their way down to the lab. Jake ignored their questions as the old man came into sight.

"Oh, Jake, how are you?" the old man asked politely. "Is Jessica here to volunteer for an experiment?"

"What? No. We were in my room, talking, when we heard a noise and she went into some kinda... soldier trance."

"Soldier trance?" Sarah asked as she stepped in front of her friend.

"You mean like a trance-like state where she can focus on her task?" asked Katia.

"No, I mean... Here. Jessica?"

Jessica snapped a quick salute and replied, "Yes, Sir? What are your orders?"

"It's like combining a soldier's obedience with a slave's. She just entered that state when some noise came from somewhere. Here, I think."

"I heard that noise too," noted Sarah.

"Yes, I was wondering what that was as well," said Katia.

"It woke me up from my damn nap," added Jen irritably.

"Oh, that was just me testing my Hypnosis-Powered Reactor," the old man stated. "With all the hypnosis around here, I thought a device that could convert the excess hypnotic energy into electricity could be useful."

"That's... actually a pretty good idea," admitted Jake.

"Of course it is. I'm a genius."

"But you can't use it as an excuse to hypnotize anyone."

"...O-Of course, I-"

"Can we focus please?" Sarah interrupted.

"Oh, sorry. So, does that sound have any hypnotic properties?"

"Hmm... It shouldn't have any such effect," Mato replied. "And for it to only affect Jessica must mean something."

"You think it's a trigger for her?" asked Sarah, growing more and more worried.

"That seems quite likely. I have a device that should prove most useful here. The professor produced a helmet from a nearby foot locker, which he then placed on Jessica's head. "This is my patented 'Trigger Sweeper'. It will scan Jessica's mind for all hypnotic triggers and display them on the monitor over here."

As he said this, the monitor began to display a list of information:

Trigger - Effect
*Strange whirring sound - Enter trance and obey like a good soldier
*"Mistress Dawn commands you" - Enter trance and obey Dawn
*"Isn't it getting hot in here?" - Feel hot and remove top
*"Play time, Jessie" - Enter trance and remove top
*Seeing Yuta's bare feet - Kiss and massage Yuta's feet
*"Time for an experiment" - Enter trance and obey Mato

"Looks like some of our housemates have been having fun," Sarah growled as she and the others glared at Jake.

"What? Dawn and Yuta did it too. And at least I'm trying to quit."

"Let's just get them removed," suggested Jen.

"Right," said Sarah, focusing on the task at hand. "How do we do that?"

"Oh, the device will do that for you," the old man replied. "Simply press this button like so... and all the triggers will be removed. Then we can move on to implanted suggestions."

"Good. Will it take long? Or have any side effects?"

"It will be done shortly and with no side effects. Barbara agreed to test it before she and Yuta left. The device was her idea to begin with. After Yuta went online coincidentally..."

"I wonder why," Jen replied dryly, receiving nods of agreement from the other three.

In a matter of minutes, the device let off a ping noise like that of a microwave bell.

At this sound, Sarah began flapping her arms and clucking like a chicken, Jen got down on all fours and began meowing like a cat before curling up and falling asleep, and Katia raised her arms and began repeating, "I must obey my mistress."

"I think we'll need to look over a few others with the helmet thing, Professor," Jake commented with a sweat drop.


Jake woke the girls up as Mato loaded up the list of commands and suggestions in Jessica's head. Sarah stopped vowing to get back at Dawn long enough to see what was onscreen.

*Always obey the General without question.
*Obedience is pleasure.
*Obedience is life.
*Report to Camp Alpha for debrief after successful mission completion.
*Capture or terminate Jake Mato.

The fifth one caught their attention. Everyone turned to Jake, hoping for some kind of explanation.

"Ah. The day we first met, she was trying to arrest me. I tried to tell Fawn, but... I never did for some reason. Anyway, she kept at it until the day I met Katia."

"I remember," the princess interrupted. "She was trying to interrupt my declaration of love."

"Yeah... that. I hypnotized her to get her to leave me alone."

"Strange, I do not recall that," Katia noted. "Oh. You hypnotized me too." Katia's tone wasn't angry or surprised; more... disappointed.

"Yeah. I'm sorry about that. You were just so pushy and I-"

"That is all water under the bridge. But Jessica seems to have been through a lot. She should be our priority for now."

The others stared in amazement.

"Wow, Katia. That's surprisingly selfless of you."

"Of course, Beloved. I should garner up some good will if she is to provide security for our wedding."

"Ah. That's the reason."

"Can we focus please?" Sarah asked. "What then, Jake?"

"Well, like I said, I hypnotized her, erased her memory of her orders and sent her on her way."

"And no funny business?"

"I didn't have time for- I mean, uh..."

"We're going to have a talk about your attitude towards women, Jake."

"Look, I didn't do anything to her. But someone else did to get to me and I want to know why."

"Let's just ask her," said Fawn as she and the others appeared at the stairs.

"You really think that'll work?" Jake asked.

"Doubt it," replied Sarah. "They'd have all kinds of failsafe suggestions in place in case-"

"Jessica? What can you tell us about the one who gave you your orders?" Yuta asked casually.

"The General gave me my orders during re-education at Camp Alpha," Jessica replied. "I was put through a rigorous brainwashing process to make me into the perfect soldier. I must obey the General's orders, even if my memory of my orders is erased."

"She said that her subconscious remembers her orders and is influencing her waking self to make her try to take me in," Jake explained. "Dunno if it's not working or if she's resisting somehow."

"Regardless, until we remove those suggestions and undo the brainwashing, all of us could be in danger," said Diana.

"The suggestions are simple enough," said Mato as he pressed the erasure button again. "But the brainwashing itself may take some time. If she agrees to it, I can put her through a number of sessions to undo it."

"Only if I can be with her," said Sarah.

"Of course."

A few minutes later, the bell to let them know the process was complete went off again. Sarah became a chicken, Jen became a cat, Katia became a hypno zombie, Yuta stripped down to her underwear, Diana began barking like a dog, Mina began cackling like a wicked witch, Fawn performed a number of popular dances, Lucia performed a very provocative striptease, and Dawn simply stood stock still, clearly not hypnotized.

"Daaaaaaaawn," Jake chided before the succubus bowed and fled the scene.

Jake awoke the girls and convinced Sarah not to pursue Dawn until Jessica was okay.

With Sarah's go ahead, Mato removed the helmet from Jessica, who simply sat in a trance. He snapped his fingers and she awoke.

"Ugh... Why do I feel like crap?" She held a hand up to her throbbing skull before being hugged tightly by Sarah. "Huh? Wha-?"

"You're okay," Sarah said in a tiny voice. "I'm so glad."

"Sarah? What's going-?"

Jessica's eyes met Jake's.



Jessica’s eyes immediately began welling up with tears as her orders and her actions played through her mind. “I… I can’t… I tried…”

Jake placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled reassuringly. She quickly wrapped her arms tightly around him and bawled for some time.

* * *

Jake, Jessica and Sarah were soon out at a nearby ice cream parlour. The others had wanted to come too, but Sarah had said that Jessica needed some space and asked Jake to come along too.

Despite her insistence that she pay, Jessica was treated by Jake and Sarah to a huge bowl of her favourite strawberry ice cream. Sarah bought herself some mint and Jake bought himself some vanilla.

"Feeling better?" Jake asked.

"A little," Jessica replied uneasily. "But why are you treating me like this? After what I-?"

"I keep telling you, it wasn't your fault. We both know you had no choice. Besides, this worked out in the end, right? I'm still alive and free, and you live with us."


"It's okay, Jess," Sarah interrupted, placing a comforting hand on her friend's. "We all know you couldn't help it. Stop blaming yourself and try to enjoy yourself."


"Jess. Jake forgives you. You don't need to apologise or feel bad about what happened, right, Jake? Jake?"

"Huh?" Jake looked back at the two after staring off somewhere behind them. "Oh, yeah. You're forgiven, Jess. I'll be back in a sec, I just saw someone I... know."

Jake stood up and headed off in the direction he'd been staring, the other two watching as he left. He walked up to a young woman with very short blue hair and soft brown eyes.

"Um, excuse me, are you... Mary?"

"Huh? Yes, I am. Do I... know you?"

Mary was a cashier in a swimwear store he'd met shortly after he'd met Sarah. Jake had taken the hypnotized Sarah and Jen inside to model swimsuits. He'd naturally hypnotized Mary as well.

"Uh, yeah, I came into your store once with a few friends."

"Oh. That must have been some time ago then."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't work there anymore."

"How come?"

"I... can't say..."

Jake's eyes flashed golden briefly, putting Mary in a slightly more suggestible state. "Come on, you can tell me," Jake suggested, his mind running wild as he began to realise what might have happened.

"S-Sure... I... I was fired a couple months ago."

"What!? What for?"

"I was accused of... stealing from the register."

Jake's stomach sank. Back then, he'd been much more frivolous and abusive of his powers and had commanded Mary to hand over half the day's pay and alter the records to show that she'd only made half of what she had, having been inspired by a hypno-themed story he'd once read.

"They said the day's take didn't match the stock and that the security footage had been altered. They said I'd either stolen the money or the stock and they fired me." Mary's eyes were filling with tears and Jake felt that his might too.

"So... where do you work now?"

"I don't... No place I've applied for trusts me enough to hire me. And now I can't even pay my rent."

Tears rolling down his cheeks, Jake embraced the young woman. "I'm so sorry," he said, barely above a whisper. "I'll make this right, I promise."

"Huh? What do you...?"

Jake quickly pulled away and brought up a number on his phone.

"Old man? I need a favour."

Sarah watched in amazement as Jessica finished her fourth bowl of ice cream, this time Jen's favourite, rocky road.

"I'm amazed you can eat so much," Sarah said in disbelief.

“I have an extra stomach for sweets,” Jess replied happily.

“That’s biologically impossible,” Sarah replied, shaking her head.

"Say... Could you actually get another stomach?"

"I don't follow."

"Like... Could you get a second stomach designed to break down sweets through cybernetic augmentation?"

"I... have no idea."

"I should patent that. I'd make a fortune."

"Sure you would, and I'm the Queen of Albion," Sarah replied, shovelling another spoonful of ice cream into Jessica's mouth playfully.

Jessica swallowed the ice cream and took out the spoon. "What do you wish of me, Your Majesty?"

"Weeell... For starters, you can-"

"You lookin' for a fight?"

Sarah and Jess looked over to see Jake being confronted by a rather large, muscular man. Evidently, Jake had just bumped into him.

"What? No, I'm sorry!" Jake apologised.

"Oh, okay then," the man replied and walked away.

Jake sighed in relief and continued his discussion on the phone.

"Wasn't that that criminal they call 'Jumbo Jones'?" Jess asked as the man disappeared from sight.

"Suspected criminal," Sarah replied, taking a sip of her drink. "No actual evidence yet."

"Eh, you'll get it eventually."

"I'm not exactly going to walk into his criminal hideout by chance, Jess."

"You never kno~ow..."

"Thank you so much for this," Mary said as she took Jake's hand in hers. "But you really didn't have to do this for me."

"Well..." Jake replied, blushing slightly. "I'm just trying to make up for the bad things I've done."

"Why? Did you hurt someone?"

"More people than I realised."

"Then... why not apologise?"


"Just tell them you're sorry and hope they forgive you. I do."

"You... what?"

"I forgive you. I know you seem familiar and with everything you've said and done, you clearly think it's your fault I got fired. If it is or it isn't, I forgive you."


Mary kissed Jake on the cheek and pulled away. "Well, I'd best go get ready for the new job. See you around..." Mary rapped on her head with her knuckles and stuck her tongue out. "I just realised I don't know your name yet."

"Oh, it's Jake."

"Jake, huh? Nice name. See you around, Jake!"

"Yeah, see you."

As Jake watched Mary leave, he felt good. Better than his powers ever had. He returned to the other two and sat down.

"You look happy," Jess teased. "You get that girl's number?"

"Actually, she gave me something way more valuable," he replied.

"Something more valuable than a girl's number?" Sarah teased. "I didn't think anything mattered to you more than pretty girls."

"I didn't think you had a sense of humour," Jake retorted.

"Hey, that's not nice."

"I didn't either."


"So go on, Jake," Jessica said, changing the subject. "What did she give you that was so important?"

"A life lesson."

The two women exchanged looks incredulously.


"Yes, really. I may be a stupid teenager, Sarah, but I can learn lessons. And after what happened with Karl-" Sarah unconsciously ran her hand through her hair. "-I realised where I was going and I didn't like it. I apologised to Jen, but I never did to you two. Or the others."

"Apologise for what?"

"For... everything really. All the times I've messed with your heads and made you do or think things against your will... And I know that my stupid hormones will make me do it again and there's no way I can ever really make up for any of it."

"Jake..." Jessica placed a hand on his. "Look, I don't like having my head messed with, and I'm sure the others don't either. Well, maybe Yuta, but that's something else. The point is, even if I don't like it, you messing with our heads brought us all together. If not for you mind-whammying Jen, she wouldn't have moved in. If she hadn't moved in, you wouldn't have met Sarah. If Sarah hadn't moved in, she wouldn't have asked me to move in, and none of us would be friends. Despite all the mind control, the time I've spent with you guys have been some of the best of my life."


"And you. You're growing up right before our eyes. You've realised your mistakes and you're trying to make it right. And even your mistakes work out. If you hadn't put me under this morning, we'd have no idea about my reprogramming and we wouldn't have this chance to put a stop to it. We can all see it and we all stick around - at least partially - to help you mature into the fine young man we know you can be. Just... keep at it and one day, you'll control yourself better than you control us."


"Well, that and I think we've all developed Stockholm Syndrome by this point."

Jake and Sarah giggled before all three of them began to laugh heartily.

* * *

"Glad you could make it, Angie," Jess said as she hugged her friend.

"Hey, anything for you, Jessie," Angela replied as the pair made their way up to Jessica's room, which had been set up as the infiltration team's briefing room, filled with maps and crates of equipment. Wanting to prevent any kind of leak, and also keep the team small and stealthy, Jessica had asked her old military buddy Angela to help her and Sarah. Angela had jumped at the chance, especially after her own experiences of being brainwashed.

"Just us three, eh?" Angela commented as they entered the room. "How you doing, Sarah?"

"I'm fine," she replied stoically. "What about you?"

"You know what they say, you can't keep a good soldier down."

"Hoo-rah!" Jess replied enthusiastically, causing Sarah to sweatdrop.

Angela laid out a map of Camp Alpha across a table in the centre of the room. "Okay, this isn't going to be easy; the camp was designed to be impenetrable, but there is one key location where security is more lax. Here." She placed her finger on a small cliff edge in the north-eastern part of the map. "We can infiltrate the island here. The prisoners are likely being held in the prison area here." She pointed to a small fenced-off area a little farther west. "The actual brainwashing area is likely underground, probably in the old admin building. There's a few places not many people know about, so we can probably use those to get around unseen. There's the air ducts, of course, as well as a few crawlspaces and a secret hatch under the watchtower overlooking the prison area. There's also the standard issue Anti-Magic Barrier, preventing your genie friend from getting us in."

"Hmm... the vents and crawlspaces, how big are they?" Jessica asked.

"Too tight for you, I think," Angela replied. "With my bust, I'll have no problem. Not sure about Sarah though."

"I should be fine," the officer replied. "If all else fails, I can just do things the old-fashioned way."

"Good. So what's the plan, Jessie?"

"We infiltrate the base from this blind spot of yours. Then we split up. I'll head for the prison area, see what intel I can gather from the prisoners, maybe get some of them to help us. Then I'll take the hatch underground and make my way to the conditioning area, where I'll take some photos for evidence. Angie, you were stationed there before you were taken by Krymsyn, right?"

"That's right."

"Think you can pass yourself off as one of the troops?"

"Should be able to. But using radios onsite would be a bad move. They'd pick up our signal immediately."

"Which is why I had the professor build us some untraceable communicators," Sarah explained, producing the three earpieces.

"Great. With this, I can guide you both from the control tower near the admin building."

"And what about me?" asked Sarah.

"You'll be shutting down the anti-magic field to allow Jen to warp us out, and also sabotaging the enemy's vehicles to keep them from using them if it all goes south," Jessica explained.

"Then she'll want to take out the enemy AA guns in case we need aerial evac," Angela noted. "I can mark them on a digital map and upload it to your earblades."

"That would be great," Sarah nodded. "We can use electric charges so we don't kill anyone since they might be under mind control and we're not on duty. But what vehicles do they have? Choppers, jeeps, tanks?"

"There should be two choppers on the heliport near the admin building. Four jeeps, two always patrolling the perimeter, one stored near the heliport and one by the warehouses. There's also a tank and an APC inside the admin building's gate. But this is all from four months ago. Any changes since then, I don't know of. I'll search for records in the control tower just in case."

"Sounds good. What's our plan for exfil if the field isn't down when it all goes FUBAR?"

"Depends on the number of prisoners," Jessica replied. "We'll take one of the choppers if there's a lot. If not, we'll extract via the boat we arrived on. Any other questions?"

"How strong is the barrier's generator?" Sarah asked. "Can't imagine it's very flimsy."

"The armour's thicker than a tank's," Angela replied. "But the electric charges you're using should do fine."


"Any other questions?" Jessica asked again.



"Good. Remember, the troops are likely also brainwashed and not there of their own will. Use non-lethal methods unless absolutely necessary. It's all up to us three. No one else can help us here. Make sure to get a good night's sleep. We'll need our energy for tomorrow night. Be ready to leave at 1300 hours."



Little did the trio know, they were being watched from the security feeds down in Mato's lab.

* * *

As Jessica finished prepping her gear before bed, she found a pair of arms wrapping around her from behind. She hadn't heard anyone enter so her first instinct was to throw Dawn to the floor. But somehow, she felt really relaxed from Dawn wrapping her arms round her like this. She soon found herself slipping into a relaxing trance as Dawn lowered her feet to the floor and stood in front of the entranced soldier.

"That was too easy, Jessie Baby," Dawn said, stroking Jessica's chin with her finger. "If you're not prepared, you'll lose more than your will tomorrow. You need to be more alert if you expect to come back alive."

"Yesss... Alert..." Jessica droned.

Dawn smiled. "You've been through enough, girl. I'm not going to drain you or command you. You can just sleep here and have a nice dream until your mission tomorrow. So sleep for me."

"Yes, Mistress Dawn," Jessica replied as her head slumped and she began lightly snoring.

Dawn slowly lowered the soldier girl onto the bed and tucked her in. She kissed Jessica on the forehead and headed for the door. She turned off the light and looked back. "And be sure to bring my Sarah back unharmed," she whispered before closing the door, leaving Jessica to dream peacefully.

* * *

By 1700 hours, the trio had finished their ascent up the rock face from the boat. They'd avoided the enemy radar and were now overlooking the camp. The camp was lit up, primarily from search lights, and the three found themselves somewhat intimidated by the base before them.

Jessica broke the tension by placing a hand on each of her partners' shoulders. "On the plus side, we won't bump into anyone while we're down there." The other two chuckled, their muscles relaxing, and smiled. They pulled on their black balaclavas and Sarah pulled on a helmet designed to make her cyborg features look like headgear.

Just down the hill from their position was a fence with a gate and a watch tower. That was their infiltration point. Sarah, clad in dark blue body armour, quickly snuck around the tower and incapacitated the female guard up top. The other two quickly approached as Sarah stripped the guard of her uniform for Angela to wear. It was a fairly warm night, so the trio felt comfortable tying the guard up and leaving her in just her underwear with a blanket.

With that done, Angela used the guard's keys to unlock the gate, allowing the trio access to the base. Watches synchronised, the trio agreed to meet back up at 1900 hours and went their separate ways.

* * *

Sarah stayed low, avoiding quite a few patrols as she ventured toward the warehouse area at the centre of the base. She knocked out only those she couldn't otherwise sneak past, making sure to hide them or make it look like some kind of accident, before reaching one of the jeeps. She planted a small electric charge on the bottom of the vehicle, set to go off when she pressed the button on the detonator and send a powerful electrical surge through the jeep, frying all of the electric systems.

That done, she quickly moved out of sight as a trio of guards came to use the jeep on their patrol. Waiting for them to leave before moving on, Sarah quickly brought up the map through her earblades and found a nearby AA gun marked by Angela. She decided that was a good target and set off.

Given the rocky terrain, the AA guns had to be placed on metal stands to keep them straight, leaving ample room underneath for Sarah to sneak under and plant the device. Unfortunately, a pair of guards stopped nearby to have a chat, leaving Sarah to wait until they were done before she could move. She was tempted to take them out, but wasn't sure she could pull off two fast and accurate shots from this angle, leaving her only the option to wait it out.

* * *

Angela was happy to see that the guard patrols were largely unchanged, making it easy for her to blend in with the old patrols and avoid the new ones. The control tower was soon in sight, looming over the heliport with an ever-watching searchlight. avoiding the light, Angela made her way to one of the two doors into the main base and found the ladder to the walkway leading to the tower.

She wouldn't be able to incapacitate the guard on station due to the regular updates they would have to provide. She needed a plan to take the guard’s place, and the perfect opportunity soon presented itself.

Another soldier was heading towards the ladder to the walkway. Angela concluded that it was time for a shift change. Moving quickly but quietly, Angela moved in behind the guard just before they started climbing, and grabbed her from behind, choking her unconscious.

After hiding the body, Angela climbed up the ladder with the other guard's tags. She saw the guard on duty waiting for her as she approached the short ladder from the walkway to the control room.

"What time do you call this, Mendez?" he demanded.

"I'm sorry," Angela replied, quickening her pace. "I think there was something bad in the food they served us in mess."

The man's expression loosened up somewhat. "Fine, just... just make sure you don't have to go during your shift."

"I think I'm okay now," Angela replied, glad the man seemed to understand.

Once he was gone, she entered the small room and found files strewn about all over the desk. Noticing the security camera, she feigned a sigh and began searching the files under the pretence of tidying up.

* * *

Jessica crept around a corner leading to a downward slope, at the bottom of which lay the prison area. With the nearby guard tower taken care of, the only people likely to see her as she approached were those in the actual prison area.

It was at the edge of a cliff, surrounded by a chain link fence. It was pretty makeshift, more like a series of zoo exhibits than a real prison, all the resources likely having been siphoned into the conditioning room down below.

Jess made it to the tall grass around the fence, giving her a good hiding spot with her dark green fatigues. She could see roughly six prisoners inside, all quiet, almost placid. fearing that they might have already been brainwashed and might jeopardise the mission, Jessica reluctantly decided it was best to leave them until the real rescue operation began once the evidence was provided.

She snuck around, avoiding a pair of guards along the way, and reached the wooden watchtower. She snuck under it and found some very thick bushes. She touched them and realised that the leaves were synthetic. Pulling on them, a door of leaves opened up, exposing the secret hatch. Smiling, Jessica opened the hatch and closed the 'door' behind her before climbing down the ladder into the underground.

* * *

After ten minutes - now twenty minutes after infiltration - Sarah was finally able to move on to the next target once the guards had finally shut their big stupid traps and gone their separate ways. She reached the next AA gun fairly quickly and planted the device, leaving only four more to go, the last of which was near the heliport, making the choppers her next targets.

As she made her way over to the next gun, she had to duck into some bushes to avoid another patrol. She could tell that this patrol was covering this area and would make things difficult. Trying to think of a solution, she noticed a tin can perched on a wooden crate not far from her position in the opposite direction. She picked up a nearby stone and tossed it. Her earblade-assisted throw hit dead on, knocking the can off the crate and onto the floor, alerting the guards. As they headed over to investigate, Sarah hurried to plant the next two devices.

By the time she was done, the guards had chalked it up to the wind and returned to their patrol, Sarah was already long gone.

* * *

Angela found a few interesting files, which she reported to the other two. One was the updated patrols and equipment counts. The number of guards had gone up a little, but Angela didn't recognise any of the names. It looked like the older guards had been either phased out or turned into enemy agents. There would likely be transfer records in the admin building. There was apparently also another tank, another jeep and something classified somewhere underground, possibly the conditioning equipment.

There was also, a list of prisoners currently being held with information on when they were scheduled for conditioning and what stage of the process they were up to. It seemed Phase 1 was the breaking down of the subject's will to make them compliant for Phase 2, where the basic programming was installed, before moving on to Phase 3 for the more intricate programming to make the subject a capable sleeper agent.

As she went down the list, one name in particular stood out to her:

Lucy Parker - Phase 2.


* * *

Jessica ducked behind what seemed to be a large power generator as a guard walked past. She quietly planted one of the electric charges she was carrying to the bottom of the generator just in case they needed some cover during exfiltration.

That done, she continued onward, finding the sheer size of the whole underground area to be somewhat intimidating. No area she passed through looked the same, but she wasn't going in circles at least.

She rounded a corner near some ascending stairs and found another pair of generators. With so much power, she assumed that she must be getting closer to her goal, especially since this area gave her a strange sense of déjà vu.

Using the generators as cover to avoid the now more heavily-armed guards, Jessica crept through the area until she saw a door with a small window she could peer through. From her position, she could just about see some kind of computer equipment inside, though the specifics were beyond her sight. What she could see, however, was that the door required a key card to unlock, something she severely lacked.

Making sure there were no guards close enough to hear her, Jessica sent out a whispered call to Angela. "Jack, this is King, do you read? ...Jack? Jack!"

"Who's there?" came a voice from her side.


* * *

Angela sprinted through the base, being sure to avoid the patrol paths she'd memorised from the files in the control tower, until she reached the prison area. Quickly dispatching the guards with her stun pistol, she kicked the gate open and scanned the area for the cell she was looking for.

Finding one with a female prisoner with a blue ponytail and rushing over, she took out her suppressed handgun and shot the lock off the door. She crouched down and shone a light on the blindfolded prisoner's face, confirming that she was indeed Lucy.

"Lucy," Angela whispered tearily after removing her balaclava.

Lucy's faced up towards Angela, who wept happily as she embraced her.

"I thought..." Angela choked. "I thought I'd lost you. That you'd ended up like I was with A.S.I.D.E. I'm so glad you're alright."

"Angie," Lucy muttered.

"Oh, right, the blindfold." Angela reached behind Lucy's head and loosened the fabric, letting it drop down around her shoulders.

Lucy's blue eyes opened, revealing themselves to be glassy and lifeless.

"L-Lucy?" Angela whispered, a sharp chill running up her spine.

"Agent Angela: Activate," Lucy uttered.
HypnoBishoujoLand: War of Mind Part 1
After an accidental trance brings old suggestions to the surface, Jessica uncovers a deep conspiracy that threatens the security of the entire country.

Yet another story that was supposed to be short but ended up fairly long, and also yet another that needed to be completed before I could finish my current main project. Oy vey.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Behind the Scenes

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