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:icongear25: did this thing where if you comment, he features 3 of your works that he likes but you have to do the same.

I'm gonna do things differently. You don't have to do the same, but it would be nice to help people get more exposure. I'll also not be limiting it to 10 people. Just comment and I'll take a brief look at your stuff.

:iconmelee32:: Tickle RP: Zero Suit Samus (Metroid) by Melee32Furisode Chun by Melee32Casual Morrigan by Melee32

:iconlouiseugeniojr:: Rouge's Ghostly Tickling by LouisEugenioJRSonic Girls' Ticklish Beach Party by LouisEugenioJR…

:iconsilverkazeninja:: Step Back by SilverKazeNinjaA day in the life of Noel - Jealous by SilverKazeNinjaVeronica Hypnotized by SilverKazeNinja

The HaltThe Halt, a HypnoBishoujoLand fanfic by Godzillahomer
Jake, Sarah, Jen, Dawn, Diana, Mina, Yuta, Lucia, Fawn, Jessica, Katia Property of adv913
Washina Property of Neowhyachi
Part 1: Sarah Tranced
Another bank had been robbed and Sarah was on the heels of the thief.
“Dawn, I’ve got you now!” Sarah shouts as she chases Dawn down an alleyway.
“Oh, Sarah, you’re mistaken.  I’m the one who has you!” Dawn exclaimed, holding up a spiral orb into Sarah’s line of sight.
“…I must resist!” Sarah says, her gaze locking onto the orb.
“Why, just relax, it’ll be over soon, just relax…” Dawn says in a calming voice.
“M-must res-re-relax…” Sarah stutters as she tries and fails to resist going into a trance.  
“That’s right, Sarah.  Just relax and obey.  Relax and obey.” Dawn continues her induction.
“Relax…and obey…” Sarah sighs, her eyes cl
The Show Part 1The Show, a HypnoBishoujoLand fanfic by Godzillahomer
With aid from VideoGameMindControl
Disclaimer at end
Prologue: Ladies’ Night
It is the first day of spring in Yoto Town and at a certain household a group of women is nearly ready for a night out.  In the living room Jake, Mina, Yuta, Diana, and Katia are gathered.
The first downstairs is Dawn, dressed in a black tank top and a black skirt so short that a slight movement could give a flash of Dawn’s white underwear (not that she’d mind).   On her feet are her regular boots.  Next is Sarah, who is wearing a blue tank top, sneakers and a black skirt.  She is followed by Jessica, who is wearing a camouflaged tank top, combat boots and tight jeans.  Next to be down are Fawn and Lucia. Fawn is dressed in a green shirt that exposes her midriff, a black skirt and black boots.  Lucia is dressed in a baggy orange shirt with a kitten on it, white pants and black sandals.  Lastly, Washina co
The ReportThe Report, a HypnoBishoujoLand fanfic by Godzillahomer
Polish by VideoGameMindControl
Disclaimer at end
This fic takes place in the main canon, so Midori is around
A Day in the Life of a Normal Yoto High Student, written by Ako E. Zumi; Analyzed by Therapist George Z. Hammer

My name is Ako.  I recently moved to Yoto City with my parents and started attending Yoto High about two weeks ago.  Since around that time, I've been having these strange dreams and started seeing a therapist, Dr. Hammer.  My dreams happen on most days, though a missed day is not uncommon.  I usually see quite a few things in them, it’ll be in one situation and then jump to another.  To add to this, the end of term tests are on Friday!
Dr. Hammer suggested I start keeping a diary of my day to help figure out what's causing these weird dreams.  This is my tale of a ‘normal’ Monday at Yoto High last week.
I woke up this morning with no strange dreams.  A

Barefoot BenefitsIt was a warm, summer afternoon. A young girl named Sally Pisen was lying on the ground, soaking up the sun and napping.
As she slept, happy feelings filled her body as she felt the warmth of the sun and the breeze blowing against her entire body. What really filled her with delight though were these sensations on her bare feet.
As each gust of wind blew against them and in-between her toes, she couldn't help but wiggle her toes in delight and slowly sway her feet side to side.
"Aw… that feels nice," Sally thought to herself. "It's always nice to come out here and just relax in the sunshine."
As another gust of wind blew against her soles, she smiled even wider and once again wiggled her toes.
"You know," thought Sally, "I just don't understand why so many people aren't barefoot. It is, after all, our natural state. Not only that, it's healthy. Going barefoot allows a more natural and less stressful manner of walking by reducing stress on knees, ankles, and enhances flexibility of
Barefoot Benefits Mother's Day SpecialWARNING!! The following story contains a massive amount of cuteness. GrandChampion254 Companies Inc. is not responsible for any cases of cuteness overload or its symptoms that you or anyone else contracts by reading this heartwarming story. If you or another family member have had a history with the condition or general inability to handle high levels of adorableness, consult your doctor before reading the story below.
Now, enjoy the story.
It was a warm spring morning. Sally’s mom, Natalie, was just getting out of bed and heading to the kitchen, attracted by the smell of freshly made waffles. As she entered the kitchen, she saw Sally setting plates on the table.
“Ah, there you are mom. Happy Mother’s Day!” said Sally.
“Aww… thanks honey! And thanks for making breakfast. I see you made my favorite,” replied Natalie.
“Yep,” replied Sally. “Waffles with strawberry slices and whipped cream and a glass of orange juice. Also, I ha
Tickle TrioDeep within the jungle lives a free-spirited jungle girl named Keeri. Every day, she and her three best friends: Treecko, Chimchar, and Snivy, would spend the day having fun and going on adventures, such as: swinging on vines, tree surfing, swimming, exploring the jungle, etc.
One morning though, Snivy, Treecko, and Chimchar decided to try a new activity they've been anxious to do.
Keeri was waking up from a good night's sleep. As she tried to sit up, she found herself bound down to the large branch of a tree.
She tried her best to struggle out, but it was no use.
"What's going on? Why am I tied down like this?" asked Keeri, still struggling.
Just a moment afterward, Treecko, Snivy, and Chimchar dropped down from the branch above and landed in front of her.
"Hey you guys, good timing! I could use a little help here," said Keeri before she attempted another struggle.
The three Pokémon just smiled at her slyly with Snivy giggling a little.
Keeri saw the looks on their faces and ceas

HBL Rabbit PunchAnother fine day at the Yoto outdoor shopping mall. On this nice day, for no particular reason, Dawn had decided to treat Jessica to a shopping spree; Jake had, of course, been shanghaied into coming along. Jessica was happy until halfway to the mall when she realized that Dawn’s idea of treating them was to have Jessica pay for both of their items. She prepared to turn around when Dawn flashed a hypnotic orb and Jessica drove the rest of the way in a trance, Dawn taking the opportunity to rest her head on Jake’s chest and have Jessica sing her praises. Jake was too apathetic from losing yet another weekend to summon the energy to do anything about it.
“Surprised you aren’t going to do anything to punish me for taking advantage of Jess,” said Dawn as she cuddled with Jake.
“You got back at her for robbing me of another weekend, so I will forget this was all your idea in the first place, and we can call it even.”
Dawn giggled and sat in Jake
HBL Eve of the DawnEve of the Dawn
The room was aglow with a blue light, a young woman walked across the short distance between the door and a fancily decorated couch. Slipping off her blue pumps, she lay gingerly across the couch. Her dull eyes closing as she sunk into a coerced sleep. Across the room, three young women, defined by their coal black skin and red eyes, watched with concern. As the young woman’s chest rose and fell in a labored manner, they knew she was in great discomfort and weakness.
One of the three spoke, “We need to do something to make her feel better. Anyone got a bright idea?”
A second chimed in, “She is weak from using the tome, no physical medicine will help her. The best we can do is offer her comfort. Perhaps if we could find someone skilled in massage or acupressure?”
The first to speak replied, “We used up way too much of our energy reserves sneaking into that house in spirit form. How can we hope to search the city in this condition?
Contactus Primus prolog part 1These millennia in darkness ware on my sanity. Sealed away in the core of a planet. I once held power but now I can only hate. Eternally hate those that bested me. Something I plan to do for all time.
In the beginning when this universe was young, when the gods were inexperienced, that is when I came. I am everything they are not. A force of absolute evil, a force from outside their vision of creation. My very presence in this universe is blight upon them. The four brothers who forged this universe, created it from primordial materials. They are light and darkness, order and chaos.
Darkness was the first to fall. I consumed him alive, alive and screaming. His brothers could only look on in terror. Their fear was more savory than the feast itself. Next came Chaos. Youngest and least experienced. He thought he could stand a chance against me. But he did not, he fell by my hands.
Order fled upon seeing two of his brothers die. All that was left was Light. The god of light against I, Typho


United Kingdom

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