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Of all of my original characters, which ones are your favourites and why? This can also include Twins' Tale characters and my HBL characters.


It was raining. She hated when it rained. Her side always hurt when it rained. Not to mention the problems it caused for her leg. She had only recently been discharged from the hospital and was still struggling to get back to her normal life. She was on her way back to her apartment with her groceries, rain pelting her umbrella, when a sudden gust of wind caused a sharp pain in her side and her sudden spasm made her leg give out, sending her careening towards the ground.

To her surprise, she didn't find herself face first on the concrete floor. Instead, she was leaning against the soft chest of a young woman. She tried to stand back up, but her leg wouldn't have it.

"Dammit, sorry," she cursed in frustration. "Fucking rain..."

"N-No, it's alright," the other woman replied, clearly taken by surprise by the sudden closeness of this total stranger. "Um... Do you need help, Miss?"

She hesitated a moment. She had always hated having to rely on people, even before the incident, and she really didn't want to impose but her leg had locked up and in this pouring rain, she just wanted to get home and take a hot shower.

"Y-Yes. Please."

The young woman leaned her against a nearby wall with her umbrella while she gathered up all the groceries the two had dropped. The young woman seemed to be around college age. She was black with lovely, shoulder-length black hair. Her jeans looked rather tight, though they caused little trouble as she gathered up the scattered items. Once everything was collected, some in the bags and some in the pockets of her red jacket, the young woman walked back over and offered her shoulder.

It was embarrassing to require so much help, but nothing could be done about it at this point. She wrapped her arm around her saviour and guided her towards her apartment, which fortunately was less than a block away.

"I'm Eve, by the way," the young woman said out of nowhere.

"Holly," was her response. "Holly West."

The walk home was a short and quiet one. After fumbling briefly with the keys, the door was opened and Eve helped Holly over to the couch so she could see to her leg. Eve seemed to have remained mostly dry so far, something Holly was rather jealous of, but she would have to worry about getting her furniture wet later. Right now, her leg was a big problem.

"Would you like me to put your groceries away for you?" Eve asked.

Holly was not fond of the idea of someone else going through her things, but she knew the girl was just trying to help, which she was grateful for. Plus, her damn leg needed sorting, so she nodded and asked for a towel before sending her on her way and taking her shoes off.

Holly caught sight of herself in a nearby mirror. Her bright orange hair was dark and flattened by the rain when it usually curved out at the back. Luckily, water could not dull her beautiful green eyes, which remained as brilliant as always. Her clothes on the other hand... She sighed as she realised just how wet her clothes were. She pulled off her jacket and tossed it aside, followed by her green shirt.

"I'm all done," Eve stated as she walked over with the towel.

"Thank you," Holly replied as she draped the towel over her shoulders, trying to sound as grateful as she knew she was, deep down. "Could you help me with my pants? I need to get a look at my leg."

"Sure." Eve gripped the legs of Holly's pants and pulled as her host lifted herself up to make it easier for her. As the pants slid past Holly's ankles, Eve let out a gasp.

Holly cringed. "I suppose I should have warned you first," she sighed, raising her left leg and resting across her right thigh. She peeled her saturated sock off the foot of her white plastic leg as if nothing was out of the ordinary. It was scaled properly to match her right leg, right down to the size of the toes and curve of the arch, but its white plasticy look made the fact that it was a prosthetic incredibly obvious. Seeing all the colour drain from Eve's face, Holly started to explain. "I lost my leg recently and got this thing installed. I think it's jammed up." She pulled the prosthetic loose to get a better look at it. Eve had to look away as the stump was exposed.

It had healed well enough, but it was understandable that most people would find it difficult to look at what was left of her original leg. From roughly halfway down her left thigh, the entire thing was gone. The emotional scarring had mostly healed by now, but Holly still had to get used to meeting people who had not spent the last six months helping her recover and seeing it every day.

"Sorry," Holly conceded. "I know this must be difficult. I should have told you first."

"N-No, that's alright," Eve replied anxiously, trying to keep her gaze off the leg, though stealing the occasional quick glance.

"It's like a train wreck, I know. I had trouble looking away at first too."

"H-How did... Oh, that was insensitive. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. It's understandable you'd be curious and I guess I owe you an explanation after freaking you out like that. I'm a war correspondent- or was, I suppose. I was reporting on the conflict in the Middle East when a car bomb went off nearby. I remember this… hot, searing pain in my leg after the blast. I think I was in shock, because even as I was looking at what was left there, my brain just couldn't process it. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in a field hospital three days later."

Eve simply sat in silence, contemplating what she was hearing.

"Some shrapnel got me in the side too," she continued, feeling it best to not show Eve the scar just above the back of her left hip. "A few other scrapes and bruises too, and some burns in some place, so I stayed there for a few weeks before they shipped me back home to stay in a better-equipped hospital. I was there for about six months, just got out a couple weeks ago. That's when I got this baby." Holly patted the prosthetic on her lap.

Eve still said nothing, clearly overwhelmed by the images flashing through her mind. Holly decided to try talking about something a little less morbid.

"I tell you the weirdest thing about this whole thing: phantom pain, you heard of it?"

Eve shook her head.

"Well, basically, you still get feelings from the lost limb even after it's gone. Like this one itch I had on my foot, but I didn't have a foot to scratch."

"H-How... d-did you put up w-with it?" Eve asked uneasily. Clearly, Holly's plan had backfired.

"You just kinda... do, I guess. Not much can be done, so you learn to ignore it 'til it goes away. B-But enough about me. What about you?"


"Yes, you. What do you do?"

"Oh, I... like photography..."

"I delved a little into that back in college. What type of subjects do you go for?"

"Uh, trees, mountains... feet..."

"What was that last one?"

"Nothing!" Eve seemed to have let something slip under her breath but Holly hadn't quite heard what it was. "S-So, what's wrong with your leg?"

It took a moment for Holly to realise Eve was not insulting her, but rather asking why her leg had locked up. Holly looked the plastic replacement over and caught sight of the problem. "Looks like the metal in the damn joints has started rusting up. One of the nurses comes over regularly to see how I'm doing, so I'll just ask her about a replacement tomorrow."

"You seem really serene about the whole thing," Eve noted.

After a brief pause, Holly replied, "Why wouldn't I be? I have covered wars, you know. Sure, you see a lot of… horrific things in my line of work, you get right in there with the troops and take fire from enemy insurgents and you see friend and foe alike take bullets and shrapnel and fire and… explosives, and you… lose friends… or limbs… and you realise you'll never be whole again and people are freaked out by your…"

Holly covered her face with her hands and started sobbing uncontrollably. Ever since the bombing, she had maintained a strong front, trying not to think about it too much so that others wouldn't worry about her. No. That wasn't quite true. It was herself that she didn't want to worry because she didn't want to face the true extent of what she had lost in the blast. Not just her mobility, but a part of herself, a chance at a social life, or a relationship. But now that she had actually thought about it, all of these thoughts flooded her mind at once and utterly crushed her spirit.

Eve, meanwhile, was at a loss for words. "O-Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-"

Holly waved her off, not wanting to hear anything that might make it worse.

Eve held out her arms, but hesitated before moving closer and wrapping her arms around Holly, who made no move to resist. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I really didn't want to upset you."

Holly appreciated Eve's words but it did little to lift her spirits.

"D-Don't worry about what people might think about you because of your leg, Holly. You're really nice and people will see that. And if they can't see past the leg, then screw those guys, they don't deserve to be friends with someone as incredibly brave as you."

"But..." Holly gasped, struggling to breathe from the sobbing. "But it stands... out... so m-m-much... It's ug-ug-ugl-"

"No, Holly, no. It's not ugly. Your feet are beautiful, real or otherwise."

"I-I don't... What?" Holly looked up at Eve for the first time since the tears had started and even through the blurry water, she could see the embarrassment play across Eve's features. "M-My feet?"

After a long pause, Eve responded, "Yes. I like... your feet. B-Both of them..."

Holly looked down at her right foot laid flat on the floor and wiggled her toes. She couldn't understand what Eve meant by what she had said. Did she think Holly's foot looked nice for a foot? Was it that it was a part of Holly and Eve liked all of her? Or did Eve have a foot-?

"You l-like... feet?" she asked, slowly calming down now that her mind was focused on something else.

Eve bit her lip. "I do, yes."

"Like... a f-fetish?"


"A-And you like mine?"

"Yes. Both of them."

Somehow, surprising to Holly herself, she felt happy about this. The pained, sorrowful expression her face carried soon gave way to a slight smile. "I've never... had someone say that to me before."

"W-Well, it's true." Eve slowly pulled away from Holly and lowered herself to the floor before her. She took the prosthetic in her hands and gently reattached it to Holly's thigh. She then planted a small kiss on the ball of the artificial foot and smiled.

Holly couldn't help but smile wider in response. She even giggled.

Eve took both ankles in her hands and moved back onto the couch beside Holly, turning her body to face her from across the couch. Without a word, Eve began to massage Holly's right foot carefully, making sure to not discomfort her new friend in anyway.

Holly, although somewhat reluctant, remained nonetheless receptive to the idea and allowed it to continue.

"Holly, I want to show you how beautiful your feet are," Eve said in a very gentle tone. "But to do that, I'd like to try to hypnotize you. Is that alright?"

Hypnotize? The idea seemed hokey to Holly, but with the emotional rollercoaster she was on, she felt the urge to go with the flow and simply nodded her consent.

"Okay, then I'd like you to just lie back, close your eyes, relax and listen to my voice."

Somehow, hearing this sudden confidence in Eve, gave Holly confidence as well and she found herself feeling strangely excited at the prospect of being 'hypnotized'.

As Eve continued her induction, Holly began listening more and more intently to Eve's words, not even realising that all other sound was fading away. All she knew was that Eve was a damn good masseuse and her words were making her very sleepy. Eve counted down from three to one and snapped her fingers. Holly was out like a light.

Almost instantly, Holly awoke to the sound of snapping fingers. Had she fallen asleep or simply jolted awake suddenly just as she was about to?

"Okay, all done," Eve said cheerfully. It was strangely refreshing to hear the girl speak in a more confident and chirpy tone.

"Was I… Was I hypnotized?" Holly asked as she stretched unconsciously. She found the notion hard to believe, especially since she didn't remember any of it.

"Yes, you were," Eve replied with a wide smile on her face.

"I don't remember anything," Holly replied, sitting up from her relaxed, sunken lying position.

"Well, I did go over what I wanted to do with you while you were under and you agreed to forget to maximise the impact."

"Maximise the what?"

"Here." Eve moved to the floor beside a footrest that had been placed in front of the couch at some point beyond Holly's notice, motioning for Holly to reposition herself to the middle of the couch with her feet on the footrest. Upon doing so, Holly noticed the mirror had been moved to face her dead on, giving her a clear reflection of her soles. "Look here." Holly's eyes followed Eve's finger to a point on the top of her prosthetic foot. Eve checked to make sure Holly was looking and poked Holly's foot.

Holly jolted upright.

"I-I felt that. I felt that! Wh…What-?" The feeling was not from her right foot, nor did it seem to come from nowhere. In Holly's eyes, the exact spot where Eve had poked was the point of origin for the feeling. It was exact.

Eve smiled. She poked another part of Holly's foot, eliciting a small squeal. Then another and another as she poked a few other spots.

"H-How is…? Omigod, this is amazing!" Holly was filled with such childlike glee, the likes of which she had thought lost forever in the incident.

"You think that's good? Check this out." Eve proceeded to take Holly's prosthetic in both hands and rub it gently. The feeling was simply incredible. It brought to mind the massage Eve had used earlier to put Holly to sleep in the first place. It was relaxing, hitting all the right points for Holly. She nestled herself in the couch and watched, happier than words could ever describe, as Eve's fingers ran along her foot on both sides. Eve was like an expert musician and Holly's foot was the instrument her fingers danced gracefully across to make beautiful music.

Holly sighed as she melted further into the couch, never taking her eyes off of this amazing feat. She knew it was a trick of some sort and that whatever Eve had done to her wouldn't last forever, which somehow made her appreciate it all the more.

After a while, Eve stopped massaging and Holly feared that her time was up. To her surprise, Eve instead began kissing her foot, which she also felt and it was heaven. Holly could tell that Eve had some experience with this sort of thing, given how amazing it made her feel. Holly honestly expected Eve to start sucking or licking her foot next, though it never came to that. Instead, she continued kissing sensually for a while before finishing off with a peck on top of the big toe and looking up at Holly.

Upon doing so, she seemed to become nervous again. "H-How was it?"

Holly kicked the footrest aside and embraced Eve tightly. Her answer was a simple two words: "Thank you."

Eve smiled happily at the thanks. "You're welcome, Holly."

Holly pulled back a little to ask, "But, how did you do it? It's so amazing that you could do that."

"Well, a magician never reveals her secrets," Eve replied with a smirk.

Eve had explained the full process to Holly while she was under, which Eve's trigger now allowed her to remember. She had used the massage to not only relax Holly into trance, but also to engrain the feeling of the massage into her subconscious, which she later had Holly recall for use as a map of sorts, applying the feel of her touch in each spot to the mirrored part of the prosthetic. However, as it was integral for Holly to know where Eve was touching, she'd had to give Holly the suggestion to not take her eyes off of her feet once Eve began.

"Wow," Holly uttered after processing all of that information. "That's… Wow."

"I'm glad I could make it work."

"Me too." Holly hugged Eve again.

"I-If you'd like, we could… try something similar at the beach… or the park."

Holly wiggled her toes unconsciously as she imagined feeling sand or grass beneath her feet again.

"I'd like that, Eve. Absolutely." Holly smiled widely for the first time since the incident, finally feeling like she was whole again.
Phantom Pleasure
I don't recall where exactly the idea for thiis story came from, but I'm glad it came to me. I wanted to tell a story that wasn't fetish-focused, but character-focused instead, with some inventive usage of hyypnosis. I hope I handled these themes well enough.

As usual, thanks to godzillahomer for his help proofreading and for coming up with the title. Other considered titles are:
*Even Footing
*Step By Step
*A Leg Up
*Phantom Worship
Of all of my original characters, which ones are your favourites and why? This can also include Twins' Tale characters and my HBL characters.
Does anyone remember an art thief by the name of Bobby Skaags? He's currently operating on and still up to his usual shit.…

Currently, there are two stories of mine that he's stolen:
You can even tell just by looking at his other stories and seeing the drastically different styles. I have reported these stories four times already and nothing has been done. I've asked him to remove them but he refuses. has done nothing about it. I'm going to keep reporting this until something is done about it, but I need help. I need other people to help me report him. We need to keep telling about this guy to show that his antics cannot be tolerated.
Debra Pearlman by VG-MC
Debra Pearlman
Name: Debra Pearlman
Race: Human
Occupation: College Student
HBL Debut: Campus Companionship
Quirks: She is gay

Debra was created to simply be Vanessa's roommate. I'm not sure how the idea to make her gay came about, but I think it gives her a lot of potential in future.
Lydia Luciana by VG-MC
Lydia Luciana
Name: Lydia Luciana
Race: Succubus
Occupation: Cafe Waitress
HBL Debut: Darkest Before The Dawn
Standard Succubus powers, magic
Quirks: N/A

Lydia was created to make up numbers in a scene in a HBL story. Her design was intended to be gothic. I think I chose her name because it was related to purple.

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